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“Daybreak” Cuff Bracelet. $425. SOLD.

Daybreak Cuff Bracelet 2

It is the Dawn Star who brings the day. Wings pays tribute to her power and gift with this slender cuff bracelet. the focal point is a sizeable hand-made bead of sterling silver ingot, a three-dimensional spheroid that evokes the shape of the sky and is centered by a rising Morning Star created by separate hand-stamped patterns. The star is flanked by two round cabochons of delicately spiderwebbed turquoise in robin’s-egg blue, the color of the dawn. The band is edged on either side by a descending chased pattern of crescent moons, reflecting her withdrawal to make way for the bright blue light of daybreak. Down the center of the band on either side, a repeating motif of Eyes of Spirit reminds us that, day, night, or the threshold spaces between, guidance and wisdom are always there. Another view shown below.

Sterling silver; turquoise
$425 + shipping, handling, and insurance



Daybreak Cuff Bracelet 1









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