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“Dawn Horse Carries the Morning Star” Flask. $2,500. SOLD.

Lapis Horsehair Flask Front 1 Resized

Spirit animals can carry us places we would never be able to go on our own, and bring to us the spirits that inhabit other realms. When they do, it’s powerful medicine. Native peoples have carried medicine in hand-made flasks since the dawn of time, and this flask, authentic in every detail, invokes the spirits of the dawn itself. A Morning Star, the light that guides our spirits from the dark into the light of the new day, is overlaid on the center of either side, leading a sunburst of sacred hoops opened into sixteen rays. Concentric circles of hand-stamped traditional patterns ring the center; at the edge, the symbols form a kiva steps design evoking the sacred space whence life and spirit emanate. The outermost edge of the flask is overlaid with a slender strand of sterling silver wire. The removable cap is edged in matched thunderhead patterns set at the top with a cobalt-blue cabochon of lapis lazuli, rings with patterned wire in the form and texture of raised sterling silver beads. On the reverse, at the base of the cap, a tiny malachite cabochon the color of the earth’s green is bezel-set; a loop is attached at the cap’s back, with two more loops at either side. The Dawn Horse’s own tail, the color of the night sky, trails behind via a silver squash blossom from one loop; from the other, a solid and silky sterling silver link chain to hold the flask securely. Flask stands 3-1/8″ high by 2.5″ across; horsehair tassel hangs 3″ (including squash blossom); chain length 23.5″ (dimensions approximate). Other views shown below.

Sterling silver; lapis lazuli; malachite; horsehair
$2,500 + shipping, handling, and insurance

 Close-up of front:

Lapis Horsehair Flask Front 2 Resized


Reverse, showing malachite cabochon, horsehair tassel at left, and loops:

Lapis Horsehair Flask Reverse 2 Resized


Close-up of reverse:

Lapis Horsehair Flask Reverse 1 Resized







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