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“Creation Spirit” Necklace. $1,800. SOLD.

The silver-spangled blue of the cosmos and the lush green velvet of a fertile earth are the tools of the Creation Spirit, the One who combines the dust of the universe and the breath of life to create a world living in the light. Wings summons the likeness of its force and being into a powerful necklace that hints at worlds of which we can only dream. The latest in his signature series, The Mona Lisa On the Rio Grande, this entry features the characteristic tablita headdress above a jeweled face that hints at mysteries beyond our comprehension. The tablita, cut freehand of hand-milled sterling silver in a repeating pattern of spangled lines, holds in its embrace a phenomenon of a jewel, a gigantic cabochon of stunning spiderwebbed variscite, most likely from Utah’s Snowville District, manifest in the midnight blues of the cosmos aswirl with brilliant earthy emerald greens to create an impression of hidden depths. The matrix is nearly pure ivory, with tiny points of copper light here and there throughout its bold and complex webbing. A small arcing space in the shape of a crescent moon separates the top of the stone, set into a scalloped bezel and trimmed with twisted silver, from the setting. On the reverse, the back of the bezel opens in the shape of a heart pointed downwards, toward the wearer’s own heart, allowing the blues and greens and matrices to touch the skin and catch the light, while a cluster of tiny butterflies dance around the tablita‘s edge. The pendant hangs from a lightly flared hand-made sterling silver bail, stamped from and back with vintage-style lodge symbols and a Morning Star at its apex; the entire piece is suspended from a brilliantly polished sterling silver chain. The pendant is 3″ long, including the bail, and 2-1/16″ wide; the bail itself is 5/8″ long by 5/8″ across at the widest point; the variscite cabochon is 1-3/4″ long by 1-1/4″ across at the widest point; chain is 20″ long (dimensions approximate). Close-up views of the pendant, front and reverse, are shown below.

Sterling silver; deep midnight blue, emerald green, and ivory variscite (most likely from Utah’s Snowville District)
$1,800 + shipping, handling, and insurance


Close-up of pendant, front:


Close-up of pendant, reverse:






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