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“Cosmologies” Cuff Bracelet. $1,500. SOLD.

We live by, in, of, and through our cosmologies: our origin stories, the biggest of bangs, where stardust and dreams collide and medicine is born. With this cuff bracelet full of not merely worlds but galaxies, whole and entire, Wings honors the stuff of which the universe is created and the form and shape it all gives to our lives. The cuff itself is a wide expanse of heavy sixteen-gauge sterling silver, a bit longer than the standard size and covered from end to end in finely detailed stampwork set between arcing bands scored freehand with his own hand-made stamps. The hammer that created each impression is impossibly heavy, solid iron and steel, wielded freehand hundreds of times to produce a dazzling array of designs and textures, suns and moons, planets and stars, the icy tails of comets and the storms of deepest space, spiral galaxies and whorls of light all brought together in a universe in miniature, all the explosive dust of creation given form and shape by the Creator spirits. The band is slightly more than 6″ long by 1-5/8″ across at the center, tapering and rounded slightly at the ends. Views of each side’s unique stampwork, the ends of the band, and the front shown below.

Sterling silver
$1,500 + shipping, handling, and insurance

Side 1:


Underside/ends of band/inner band:


Side 2:


Front view:








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