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“Cosmic Dreams” Earrings. $425. SOLD.

Cosmic Dreams Earrings

At the edges of the sky, we enter a world of cosmic dreams. Wings summons their spirit with these earrings, spare and simple drops full of symbolism and substance. A matched pair of Kingman turquoise cabochons, a perfect sky blue with only the barest hints of pale matrix, are turned 90 degrees to form a diamond shape, the sign of the Eye of Spirit and the signifier of visions and dreams. Each domed and beveled stone is set into a low-profile bezel soldered securely onto perfect round backs that extend beyond the points of the diamonds, creating an image of celestial dreams embraced by the silvery light of the cosmos itself. Sterling silver wires are held by hand-made jump rings at the top of each drop. Earrings are 3/4″ across; cabochons are 1/4″ square (dimensions approximate).

Sterling silver; Kingman turquoise
$425 + shipping, handling, and insurance









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