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“Cloud Web” Cuff Bracelet. $825. SOLD.

Cloud Web Cuff Bracelet Top View

As in Grandmother Spider’s web, medicine is found in the sheltering sky: protection, healing, the holding of life itself by the webwork of clouds that carry the rain. Wings honors the power of sky and stormcloud, rain and web alike in this simple, elegant cuff. The band is formed of solid sterling silver triangle wire of a sizeable gauge, each angled side stamped in a chased pattern of pregnant thunderclouds, while its center ridge is stamped with a minute repeating water design. At either end, the triangle shape is hammered by hand into a spoon-like oval disc, flat and open and gently sloped and set at either side with a single old oval cabochon of spiderweb turquoise in a perfect robin’s egg blue. The turquoise matrix crackles like lightning across the egg-shaped sky, delicate inky traces of stormclouds and spiderwebs; each stone nestles in the embrace of a saw-toothed bezel. Above each cabochon rests a tiny hand-made starburst concha of sterling silver ingot, opening like a flower beneath the spring rains. Other views shown below.

Sterling silver; old blue spiderweb turquoise (likely from the Royston district)
$825 + shipping, handling, and insurance

Underside, showing first cabochon:

Cloud Web Cuff Bracelet Cab 1 View


Underside, showing second cabochon:

Cloud Web Cuff Bracelet Cab 2 View







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