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Cholla Keychain. $25.

Cholla Keychains
Keep your keys close at hand, secure on one of these unique little keychains by Anespah Bernal Marcus (Taos Pueblo). Made from lengths of cholla cactus, harvested locally, each is thoroughly defanged and smoothed. She then wraps them securely at both ends in tanned leather thongs. One end is attached to the ring with a loop; at the other, a bead channels the thongs into a pair of  tassels. Some have a tiny nugget of turquoise embedded in an opening in the cholla. Length, bead color, and nugget availability vary. Lengths range between 3″ and 4″ long, not including tassels (dimensions approximate).

Cholla cactus, leather, plastic beads, turquoise, metal ring
$25 each + shipping, handling, and insurance








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