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The Four Winds are here today: circling, shifting, changing position and direction, speed and intensity with all the mocking, mischievous caprice of their Trickster namesakes. We have been granted precious little rain today, but the skies have shifted from cornflower to lapis to violet to iron with remarkable alacrity, and the gale surrounds us seemingly […]

I said yesterday that we are told to dream of sunlight and warmer winds, of new days and new life. And in our way, dreaming is hardly confined to the night hours, especially for those for whom it is a calling. But as the popular hip-hop musical says, we dream in the dark, for the […]

This week is projected to be the first truly hot one of the season, with highs forecast for the nineties by week’s end and no promise of rain. For us, that happens to be a good thing this week, given certain tasks that need doing, but they will be completed beneath an unrelenting sun and […]

One of Taos Pueblo’s masters in the visual arts, Frank Rain Leaf, honors his people’s images and identity with pencil portraits of them in their finest traditional dress. Here, it’s a traditional Pueblo man wearing his finest regalia, evoked from pencil and paper in incredibly fine detail. This man wears his hair the old way, in […]

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