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Indigenous cultures rest on a foundation of stories: stories of mud and straw brick; stories of how we came to be upon this land and what our task is here. Sometimes it’s a story of life’s journey, and how to travel it well. Here, life’s sacred hoop takes form as a slender silver band, chased with […]

In the interstices between worlds, the spirits and elemental forces afford us an occasional glimpse but do not admit us entry, lest we be consumed by their power. Yet Spirit catalyzes fire and ice, as in this solitaire, where earth and flame join to create a stone named for water frozen by the winter air. Conjoined lodge symbols trace the […]

The foundation of traditional cultures exists in the stories and lessons found in ancient symbols and patterns.  Stories writ small carry large symbolism, like the thunderhead:  A sign of rain, water in the desert, it can represent fertility, abundance, prosperity, harmony, well-being, and a host of other virtues and blessings, all entwined and interconnected.  It can also represent […]

Wings tries to capture the stories that form the base of our cultures in the ancient symbols and patterns that give shape to his silverwork.  The great lessons of the spirits, writ small on a slender silver band, bring the universal to the individual. In traditional cultures, Serpent plays many roles:  sometimes a bringer of prosperity; […]

The circle is a symbol of life: individual, familial, cultural. It represents the sacred path that we have been given, one with no beginning and no end. that hoop of being that connects us to our ancestors and to our children’s children, even unto the seventh generation: a sign of The Infinite. And so it […]

The pale yellow of the dawn sky on a perfectly clear Pueblo day shines from the surface of this anticlastic ring. Traditional symbols are hand-stamped down the center of the band; its sides slope gently skyward.  The finger-cuff design makes it easily and fully adjustable. Brass $105 + shipping, handling, and insurance SOLD All content, including […]

Capture the golden glow of the noonday sun and keep it always at hand with this simple brass ring. Traditional symbols accent the center of the clean, elegant band; a Florentine finish creates a warm, diffuse glow.  The finger-cuff design keeps it easily adjustable for any finger. Brass $95 + shipping, handling, and insurance All […]

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