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Our world orbits around a rolling sun, giver of warmth and breath and light. With this ring, Wings honors the old traditional symbolism, and reminds us that it makes sight, perception, respiration all possible, for us, and for our animal and plant relatives too. The focal is formed of a single thick round plate of […]

This is the land of the evergreen, of the mountain river and alpine lake. With this ring, Wings honors them all, in shape and shade and spirit. The focal is a genuine oval of extraordinary green chrysocolla, the shades ranging from seafoam and jade to moss and emerald, its matrix full of deep brown-black inclusions […]

We live in a land filled with watersheds large and small, from the Great River to a lake of particularly apt name, all places where the eagles gather. With this ring, Wings pays tribute to the lands and lakes and other waters and to the great raptors that call them home. The focal stone is […]

As thunderheads build at the horizon, we keep our eye on the storm at the edge of the sky: a phenomenon as capable of destruction as it is of powerful healing. With this ring built around an extraordinary old freeform Skystone, Wings evokes this medicine in all its intensely blue beauty and power. The focal […]

Year-round, the air is filled with the silver shimmer of sunlight on the Big River, ripple and wave and crest, eddy and flow and fall, all gleaming in the high-desert light. Wings captures its shimmer and shine in this hammered silver ring, a classic wide band wrought in a perfect hoop, raised lightly at either […]

Winds eddy and whirl in a love spiral: beneath the clouds and between earth and sky, a dance of romance and deeper feeling still. With this ring, Wings summons them all to the circle, all prepared to dance for the First Medicine, the rain. The band is wrought in a wrap style: Each end of […]

Our world is just orbicular enough to stay balanced on its axis, and in an infinite universe, we live beneath freeform skies. Wings brings them down to earth with this new ring, a solitaire both bold and bright. The wide band is cut freehand in his signature scalloped design, then hammered by hand with scored […]

In some traditions, the people reckon their world by the four corners of the sky. Here, Wings has captured the image of such a world in microcosm: the hoop of the world holding up a perfect turquoise square of Southwest sky. The band is formed of two elegant strands of solid sterling silver triangle wire, soldered seamlessly […]

A ring around the sun is a rare phenomenon, a sign of smoke, a change in the weather, or radiant rainbow light. Wings honors them all with this heavy-gauge, solid sterling silver ring. The simple wide band is cut freehand and filed smooth, deeply stamped in alternating patterns: central suns as traditional eight-pointed stars in […]

We begin each new year by embracing the light, whose return brings us a world renewed. Wings honors both the light and its embrace with this new finger cuff, a ring designed to hold one in silvery reflected and refracted light. It’s a simple sterling silver band, hammered by hand to catch the light, its […]

The foundation of traditional cultures exists in the stories and lessons found in ancient symbols and patterns.  Stories writ small carry large symbolism, like the thunderhead:  A sign of rain, water in the desert, it can represent fertility, abundance, prosperity, harmony, well-being, and a host of other virtues and blessings, all entwined and interconnected.  It can also represent […]

The Water Bird joins with our prayers in a transformative essence rising on the smoke of ceremony. With this new spiral ring, Wings summons these spirits of transfiguration to reenact these ancient steps in spare and beautiful form. First is the coiling spiral of the band, Water Serpent scaled with the image of the Spirit […]

Cobalt clouds and silver stars conspire at the work of weaving the blanket of night. With this ring, Wings evokes the deepening blues of the dark hours and the trailing bands of stardust whose warp and weft hold together the web of the sky. The band is formed of a solid and substantial gauge of […]

This is a land of braided skies, of a blue expanse bound up with the medicine of cloud and storm and light. Wings sets the clouds atop the light with this ring, a band of bands and braids set with lacy lines of pale blue. The bezel sits atop a wide band of heavy sterling […]

The sun is no more square than the stone, but both make it possible to believe in a world with four corners. Wings summons angles at the square of the sun and the spirit of this ancient light in this ring, a sharply angular, yet high-domed rectangle of blood-red carnelian set upon a band of […]

We know better than most that love is red: the color of the blood in our veins, of the fire in our hearts, of the warmth of the sun. With this ring set with a pair of tiny red suns, Wings pays tribute to the hearts, the fire, and the love. The band is a […]

Our world is warmed and illuminated beneath the sun’s red eye, a distant orb of starfire that sustains the whole planet. With this self-adjustable ring, Wings distills the sun’s scarlet blaze into paired garnet cabochons, sparking and sparkling in the light. They sit at either end of a band formed of sterling silver half-round wire, […]

Desert flowers bloom in the light of sunrise and moonglow. With this latest entry in his informal series of self-adjusting two-stone rings, Wings honors the gifts of the orbs that light and warm our world, allowing wildflowers to grow even at our alpine elevations. The band is formed of a wide, solid strand of sterling […]

At home on Mother Earth, we are blessed to live in a world braided with light. With this ring, Wings weaves strands of earth and water and sky with ribbons of pure silver sunlight, never long distant and proof against the dark. This piece begins with an extraordinary high-grade cabochon of freeform boulder turquoise — […]

The land flowers in the embrace of petals of sky. Wings sets a very old and delicate Skystone, a single hairline fracture across its perfect clear blue, into the petals of a scalloped bezel, atop the flowering vine of a sterling silver band. This stone, old, natural, and from his private collection, was labeled Dry […]

Feathered clouds hold up the summer sky. Wings captures their magic in this new solitaire, a classic design in silver and Skystone. The wide sterling silver band is hand-milled in a subtle pattern reminiscent of the long feather-shaped clouds that arrive on warmer winds to dance beneath the heavens’ brilliant blue. At the top, a […]

In summer, the whole world blooms beneath a flowering light. Wings summons silvered blossoms into being year-round with this finger cuff, a self-adjusting ring that rests gently on the finger even as it reaches upward to touch the light. Anticlastic shaping provides graceful curves at either edge and an underside as smooth as silk. Before […]

Our world is illuminated at each end of the stars, a fiery red sun from dawn to end of day and an icy moon to light the dusk and dark of night. With this ring, Wings pays tribute to all the celestial spirits that keep our world warm and aglow, from the nearer guiding lights […]

In desert habitats, the greatest of gifts is rain on the medicine, crystalline drops from stormy blue skies that allow the Earth and her children to survive and thrive. With this ring, Wings honors the rain, the medicine, and the hoop of life that they together sustain, wrought in a shimmering crescent of silver and […]

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