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A sunlit cedar welcomes the winter light. Wings pays tribute to sun and season, tree and earth on which it stands, with this little pin cut freehand from sterling silver. The flared and scalloped trunk stands sturdy and firm, while the tips of the branches reach upward slightly, as though to meet the sun. The […]

A star-spangled spruce stands firmly rooted in the blue glow of a winter’s night. Wings coaxes tree, stars, and shades of a winter’s dusk into showing themselves with this small shimmering pin. The tree is cut freehand of sterling silver, with dancing boughs and a scalloped trunk. Radiant five-pointed stars, hand-stamped, spangle the branches, all […]

An icicled juniper shines with tinsel made of snow and light. Wings honors the shades of winter green and the power of the light with this tiny tree, cut freehand of sterling silver with upturned boughs and and flared trunk. The small but steady rays of the winter sun garland its branches as the scattered […]

A snow-wreathed fir stands strong in the blue of a winter’s twilight. Wings summons the spirits of tree and storm in this diminutive pin, a tree for the holidays adance beneath the falling flakes. Cut freehand from sterling silver, the little fir’s boughs are garlanded with chased symbols of a sun setting beneath the clouds. […]

Into the winter dawn and its fiery carnelian glow descends a tiny reindeer, ready for rest after a long night’s journey across a frozen earth and sky. Wings calls the a tiny member of the hoof clan into being to continue his ancestor’s tradition of giving via worldwide flight on a winter’s night. Like his […]

From a winter’s dusk a small reindeer rises, amid the garnet shades of twilight, to begin his flight across snow and sky. Rudolph’s tiny descendant continues his ancestor’s tradition of long flight in the dark of night, all in a most giving of spirits. Wings gives life to the newest reindeer, one whose red nose […]

Summer departs and autumn arrives on sunny wings. The small fierce spirits of this threshold season infuse this work by Wings, a tiny silver hummingbird who carries the sun itself. The wingéd one is cut freehand out of sterling silver, with wings outstretched in full hover and dagger-like beak at the ready. A triangular point […]

Hummingbirds are tiny messengers of the spirits, tasked with spreading nectar upon the winds, pollinating sky in the summer light. Wings summons one of these small emissaries into being with his newest pin, one that assumes Hummingbird’s form and shape. Cut freehand from sterling silver, caught in hovering flight, her wings are scalloped with sunrise […]

Grandmother Turtle saved the First People by creating for them a world on her back. Now, it is our turn to protect her with a shield for Mother Earth. Wings summons both into being in the form of a pin — big, bold, earthy, and strong. The turtle is cut, freehand, out of a single […]

In the desert, the earth thrives in a flowering dark. So, too, do the warriors, women who blossom and grow in strength and power even in the darkest night or fiercest storm. With this latest entry in his signature Warrior Woman, created in memory of his mother and in honor of women’s courage and power, […]

The strongest warriors know their place in this world, feet planted firmly on earth beneath a centering sky. With the latest entry in his signature Warrior Woman series, created in memory of his mother and to honor the strength and power of women, Wings pays tribute to those traits that mark women as warriors: an […]

Our world is made of earth and water, fire and air, and of such ethereal materials as moondust and starlight. So, too, are our women, warriors all, emerging from the strength of the soil and the spirits of the skies. Wings pays tribute to the elemental force and ephemeral light of their beings with the latest […]

The butterfly’s song is sung mostly out of reach of human hearing, but it shapes our world all the same. With the latest in his signature Warrior Woman series, Wings honors those whose song goes too often unnoticed and unheard, but whose work renews the world and all our lives. As always, she holds a moon […]

The whole world blossoms beneath a flowering sky. With the latest addition to his signature Warrior Woman series, created to honor the power and strength of women, Wings captures the beauty and wonder of skies that open upon a fertile earth. Her traditional dress bears symbols of the winds and the sacred directions, opening like […]

The Warrior Woman is Wings’s most closely held signature series, each created in memory of his mother, in honor of all women. Here, she wears traditional dress adorned with four Eyes of Spirit, symbols of wisdom and guidance, visions and dreams, each Eye fashioned by means of paired lodge symbols conjoined at the open end. […]

In some traditions, the Sky Woman walks the path of the stars. Here, Wings pays tribute to spirits of her kind by way of the latest entry in his signature Warrior Woman series, created in memory of his mother, and in honor of women. Hand-stamping creates her regalia, a necklace of stardust beads and a […]

In memory of Wings’s mother; created to honor women. The Warrior Woman is as elemental as the seasons, the sacred directions, the very winds themselves. Here her great heart rests atop traditional dress marked by symbols of those very directions, Eyes of Spirit at the center of each, while patterns emblematic of the spring winds […]

The first Warrior Woman pin was conceived nearly two decades ago, a gift for Wings’s mother to honor her courage and strength. Since then, every pin has been individually designed, each unique, but all to honor her memory and the strength of women. The latest in Wings’s signature series continues that tradition, invoking the imagery of a powerful female spirit […]

The first Warrior Woman was conceived and created as a gift for Wings’s mother, to honor her courage and strength. Every subsequent pin in this signature series is made in her memory, and in honor of the strength and power of all women. Here, she epitomizes the archetype of Harmony, of Balance: In her left […]

Wings created the first in his signature series of pins, the Warrior Woman, as a gift for his mother fifteen years ago, to honor her courage, strength, and heart in her battle with diabetes. Every subsequent pin, each unique, is made in her memory, and in honor of women’s strength and power.  Here, she reflects the abundant, nurturing […]

Wings created the first in his signature series of pins, the Warrior Woman, as a gift for his mother in honor of her great courage and strength. Although she is now with Spirit, he continues to create others in her memory, each unique, and each to honor the strength and bravery of women.  In this pin, she manifests […]

For more than a decade, Wings has paid tribute to the mud and vigas that make the village’s ancient homes with his signature series of Pueblo pins in the style of the Pueblo’s iconic architecture. Each pin is unique, yet each features the adobe walls and open windows, the hand-made pine vigas and traditional ladders, all manifested in […]

In late spring, the dawn mist dances around the doors and ladders of the old village. Here, in the form of a mysterious blue opal cabochon, it floats into an open window of the famed North House, rendered in sterling silver.  Doors and windows are hand-cut; hand-stamping creates traditional vigas and pine ladders. Sterling silver; blue […]

The soft hue of the dawn sky washes over the Pueblo by way of a tiny rose quartz cabochon. Hand-cut of sterling silver, the pin’s stampwork includes the traditional doors and windows, the pine vigas (support beams), and the iconic pine entry ladder. Sterling silver; rose quartz $225 + shipping, handling, and insurance SOLD All content, […]

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