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Eagle carries the medicine of earth and sky upon his great wings, feathers tipped with rain and full of the gifts of soil, seas, and sky. With this pendant, Wings honors the grate raptor who also lends us his feathers to send our prayers between that same earth and sky, and the greens and blues […]

It is the gravity of stars that move them through darkest skies and deepest space, holding the cosmos in place over time on an ephochal scale. With this classic pendant, a naja-like crescent reconceived for entire galaxies, Wings honors the stars, the forces that animate and move them, and the flowering fall of light the […]

In a sky filled with ancient lights, it is the sun that is our nearest star, the radiant orb that keeps our world alive. With this vintage-style pendant, Wings honors this animating force in both its identities: as central sun and older star, wrought in an old traditional style that pays tribute to the work […]

In the heart of the rainy season, the last of the storm falls gently from a fiery sunset sky. With this pendant, Wings calls the crimson skies of dusk down to one last dance with raindrops illuminated by the day’s final rays of light. At top sits an extraordinary rectangle of apple coral placed on […]

The monsoonal rains of summer animate new ripples, waves, and the splash and spray of drops from the sacred lake. With this pendant, Wings honors the cobalt blues of lake and sky and the fine droplets that rise from its storm-textured surface. The oval focal cabochon is formed of genuine Afghanistan royal lapis lazuli of […]

The peaks and waters of a rich green earth rest in the sky’s embrace. With this pendant, Wings calls to the dance the mountain and the seas, the medicine of petaled flowers and the blues of sky and storm. The work is built around a single spectacular focal cabochon of deep green chrysocolla, an unusual […]

In the desert, the greatest of gifts is sky medicine, bright blue to channel the light and webbed with clouds that hold the silvered rain. With this pendant, Wings pays tribute to the finest of blue desert skies even as he honors the blessings of the First Medicine. This simple, spare, elegant work is built […]

Dawn breaks through the the twilit-blue boughs of pine and fire, cedar and spruce, to dappling the mountains in the first forest light. With this pendant, Wings summons the blues of a boreal dawn to dance with the golden rutile of pine cones glowing in the newest sun. The focal cabochon, beautifully asymmetrical, is formed […]

In this dry alpine world, earth and sky daily deliver the dance of a desert sun, warm and radiant in all the shades of fire. With this pendant, Wings gives figurative form to the space where they meet to dance with the animating spirit of the light. The entire backing of the pendant is a single […]

An ancient spiral draws earth and sky, the four winds and the sacred directions, at once into its embrace. Wings summons the spirits of the vortex and their cosmic, timeless power into the spiral of this vintage-style pendant wrought of deer antler. The point is polished lightly, the spiral scorework carved entirely freehand in the […]

The earth’s green rebirth arrives on summer wings. With this pendant, Wings honors seasonal shift and spirit alike in the form of the very embodiment of summer transformation, the butterfly. Cut freehand from medium-gauge sterling silver, her body and wings are hand-milled in a shimmery leafy pattern. Her body is accented with three small round […]

The Water Bird is a spirit guide, sacred in the rites of the Tipi Way — a being known also as a Peyote Bird, for its role in the ceremonies of the Native American Church, also called the Red Road and the Peyote Way. It is one the symbols that speaks most deeply to Wings’s […]

In Native cultures, the cross is traditionally a symbol of the Four Sacred Directions, one that has been adopted and adapted in the face of invasion and colonization in ways that secure the future even as they honor the past. Wings reconceives the traditional Southwestern-style Native cross with this big bold pendant. Hand-cut of heavy […]

Like the first Warrior Woman, made for Wings’s mother in recognition of her great courage and strength, this one honors women’s power, with one small difference — this one is a pendant, rather than a pin. She bears symbols of healing and harmony: matched thunderhead symbols on her traditional dress, joined together to point toward […]

A double-terminated lightning bolt of a heartline zigzags across Buffalo’s body, a reminder of his power and strength. Ajouré silverwork marks this hand-cut piece, with hand-stamped symbols and a hammered effect giving shape to his horns, beard, coat, and tail. Sterling silver $125 + shipping, handling, and insurance SOLD

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