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The Silverwork

Time travels around a hoop of daylight medicine. Wings brings together all the hours of the light in a healing circle with this beautifully luminous bead necklace. The strand is anchored at either end by a glowing sun in the form of a fiery amber barrel bead, the light of dawn and dusk moving toward […]

From the protective shelter of seed and shell the small spirits of summer grow. Wings gathers shelter and spirits together in these dancing drops, strung on sterling silver wire beneath sterling silver earring wires. Each earring is anchored at either end by a pair of tiny silver-colored African metal beads and four small pen-shell heishi […]

Summer brings us the gifts of sand and sea, of coral reefs and mollusk shells in a cascade of fire and light. Wings weds coral and shell, sand and sea, fire and light all at once in these dangling bead drops, each strung on sterling silver wire and anchored by sterling silver earring wires. At […]

A high-desert summer day delivers the gift of the sky in pebbles of rain. Wings stacks pebbles and raindrops atop each other in a pair of towering strands, each strung on sterling silver wire and anchored by sterling silver earring wires. Each earring consists of ten turquoise beads arrayed in a roughly graduated pattern: the […]

From smallest seeds grow the leaves and petals of summer. Wings combines seeds and blades and blossoms alike in this small stream of pink and green. Each drop is strung on sterling silver wire and anchored by sterling silver earring wires. At the top is a length of four brilliant peridot chips, tiny nuggets like […]

The summer spirits of earth and water blossom like pearls in flower. Wings evokes spirits, shell, petals, and soft warm light with this bead necklace. Strung on sterling silver bead chain ending in sterling silver findings and cones, each end is anchored by the four diminutive silver-colored African metal beads followed by the tiniest of […]

Warm-weather spirits drift to us on summer seas. Wings summons the shades of the season with this strand full of fiery red coral and cool pale mother-of-pearl. The strand, strung on sterling silver bead chain, is anchored at either end by sterling silver findings and cones that lead to a quartet of small round beads […]

The summer rains fall in a river of sky. With this second entry in his new collection of bead necklaces, Wings brings together season and weather in a cascade of Skystones. The entire strand is strung with turquoise in beads of varying shapes and graduated sizes, each end anchored with tiny bright freeform nuggets still […]

The petals of summer paint a warming world bright and new. Wings evokes the greening world and the gentle pink of the summer wildflowers with this bead necklace, a graduated collection of orbs and nuggets in shades of rose and jade. The strand is anchored at either end by tiny chips of brilliantly translucent peridot, […]

The high mountain desert in summer is a land of earth, fire, water, sky, a place of starkly beautiful extremes and fertile abundance. Wings gives form and shape to all four elemental powers with these old-style earrings formed of faceted fire and vintage Skystone. Each cascade gemstone beads is strung on sterling silver wires, anchored […]

Our world thrives in the warming glow of a cosmic fire. Wings creates a small glowing galaxy of these earrings, each formed of a gradient of beads strung on sterling silver wires. At top and bottom, each is anchored by a tiny round orb of red tiger’s eye, leading inward from either end to larger […]

Summer is the season of sunlit skies, of warm golden light and bright turquoise webbed with rain. Wings honors sun and sky, rain and light with these earrings, a cascade of beautifully webbed turquoise interspersed with bright gold-colored shimmer. Each earring is strung on sterling silver wire and anchored with tiny round antique brass beads. […]

Our world moves by the force of planetary dreams, an orbit of cosmic visions and celestial promise. Wings weds spheres and visionary movement with these earrings, a cascade of reflective, refractive beads and luminescent drops. Each is strung on sterling silver wire, anchored at the bottom with a faceted mookaite bead in shades of pale […]

Summer dances beneath a thunderhead sky. Wings sets the clouds swaying with these dangling drops, each consisting of nine gemstone orbs per earring strung on sterling silver wires. Each earring is centered by a small round bead of cobalt lapis lazuli, aswirl with its own cloud-like matrix and flanked on either side by a larger […]

In the dark hours, high desert skies shimmer with the glow of a thousand distant night suns. Wings evokes sun and light and shadow of night with these earrings, a cascade of fiery orbs interspersed with lengths of deep glossy black. Each earring is strung on sterling silver wire, with tiny sunny round beads of […]

Dream medicine heals the spirit, illuminating our worldly path by means of a link to the forces of other worlds. Wings evokes healing powers and visionary experiences with this cuff, wrought of heavy-gauge sterling silver triangle wire. On each angled side of the band’s surface, graceful, flowing lines link bearpaw prints, traditional symbols of protection […]

Our high-desert world flowers in blues and greens under a prairie a sky. Wings evokes sky and prairie and desert sage in these gemstone bead earrings. Each earring is formed of sterling silver wire, hung from silver earring wires via delicate jump rings. At the center of each drop sits a slightly-freeform rectangular barrel bead […]

The new moons of summer birth a season of warmth and light. With these earrings, Wings brings together the moon’s faces, dark and light, distant and exceedingly close. Each strand of gemstone beads is strung on sterling silver wire, suspended from silver earring wires by tiny jump rings. At the center of each sits the […]

Summer days are born amid sunrise shadows, soft clouds slowly parting to reveal the warmth of the light. Wings traces the journey of sun and shadow at dawn with these earrings, gemstone beads strung in all the shades of the morning light. Each earring is strung on sterling silver wire, a tiny deep garnet sun […]

Summer at Red Willow is a time of red earth and rain, rich shimmering soil beneath blue skies and white clouds that give way to monsoonal storms. Wings summons warm earth, turquoise skies, and the gift of the rain simultaneously into being with these gemstone bead earrings. Each dangling drop is strung on sterling silver […]

Summer brings us closer to the sun. Wings honors the Earth’s annual migration with these gemstone bead earrings, small vibrant worlds orbiting a golden center stone spreading warmth and light. Each set of beads is strung on sterling silver wire, top and bottom mirrored solar systems around a large freeform bead of polished citrine. Extending […]

Keep the luminous green magic of a summer’s meadow close to hand with this new cuff by Wings. Wrought of solid, heavy-gauge sterling silver triangle wire, the band ends in softly rounded corners for comfort. Long, graceful stems that flow like water trail along each side of the cuff’s upper band, interspersed with hand-stamped blossom […]

The flames of night illuminate the dream world. With this necklace, Wings summons layers of flames from silver and stone, the dark of the night and its  moonlight, too. the pendant is formed of four separate layers: two settings, one set of bezels, and one set of cabochons in graduated sizes. The setting layers are […]

Late at night, in the world of dreams, you can feel the warmth of the Phoenix’s fire and the brush of the feathers of the Spirit Bird. With this cuff, Wings summons this otherworldly spirit and its powers of renewal into wearable form. The wide sterling silver band is hand-milled in a repeating pattern of […]

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