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The Silverwork

We seek truth through prayer, through petitioning the spirits in the sacred fire of ceremony. Wings honors the fire, its purpose and effects, in this spiraling coil of flame. Manifest in the colors of the fire itself, it begins, small and red, with tiny freeform nuggets of angelskin branch coral that extend into larger freeform […]

We find truth in medicine, from the plants and the animals and more ephemeral spirits. Wings pays tribute to the power of traditional medicine to heal the body and restore harmony to the spirit by way of this coiling, curing circle of color. It begins at either end with the first medicine, water, that which […]

Truth may be found in the sacred hoop, infinite and eternal, journey and existence alike. Wings calls the wisdom of its experience into being with this coil, a winding hoop of symbolic color and traditional beauty. It begins with the darker shades at either end, represented in some traditions as black and in others as […]

The ancestors, the clans, and the gifts of the spirits are all sources of the truth of our existence. With this coil, Wings pays homage to these building blocks of not only our cultures and lifeways but our very selves, wrought in a continuous circle of ancient materials woven with the reds of identity and […]

Our peoples call it by various names: the path, going well through life, the Good Red Road — different means of describing the way of the hoop. It’s the way of our ancestors, given to us by the spirits, a sacred path that, if walked carefully, with a good heart and a strong spirit, will […]

When you can’t think of the perfect gift for that special someone, let your loved one choose from a wide array of spirit-filled silverwork with an NDN Silver gift certificate.  It can be applied to works in existing inventory, or toward a special commission. May be purchased in any amount from $5o and up; whole […]

A sunlit cedar welcomes the winter light. Wings pays tribute to sun and season, tree and earth on which it stands, with this little pin cut freehand from sterling silver. The flared and scalloped trunk stands sturdy and firm, while the tips of the branches reach upward slightly, as though to meet the sun. The […]

A star-spangled spruce stands firmly rooted in the blue glow of a winter’s night. Wings coaxes tree, stars, and shades of a winter’s dusk into showing themselves with this small shimmering pin. The tree is cut freehand of sterling silver, with dancing boughs and a scalloped trunk. Radiant five-pointed stars, hand-stamped, spangle the branches, all […]

An icicled juniper shines with tinsel made of snow and light. Wings honors the shades of winter green and the power of the light with this tiny tree, cut freehand of sterling silver with upturned boughs and and flared trunk. The small but steady rays of the winter sun garland its branches as the scattered […]

A snow-wreathed fir stands strong in the blue of a winter’s twilight. Wings summons the spirits of tree and storm in this diminutive pin, a tree for the holidays adance beneath the falling flakes. Cut freehand from sterling silver, the little fir’s boughs are garlanded with chased symbols of a sun setting beneath the clouds. […]

Into the winter dawn and its fiery carnelian glow descends a tiny reindeer, ready for rest after a long night’s journey across a frozen earth and sky. Wings calls the a tiny member of the hoof clan into being to continue his ancestor’s tradition of giving via worldwide flight on a winter’s night. Like his […]

From a winter’s dusk a small reindeer rises, amid the garnet shades of twilight, to begin his flight across snow and sky. Rudolph’s tiny descendant continues his ancestor’s tradition of long flight in the dark of night, all in a most giving of spirits. Wings gives life to the newest reindeer, one whose red nose […]

We live by the light in a darkening world. Sometimes, it’s illumination of an answer to a prayer; at others, it’s the bolt of lightning that brightens our path in the storm. Wings summons light and bearer alike with this powerful necklace, one in which Eagle, the messenger of the spirits, transcends his usual heights […]

The spirits honor hard work and a life well lived in the old way by answering prayers for a prospering world. Wings evokes one of these spirits of prosperity in silver and stone by way of his own signature style: a hand-split cuff in the cold shape of Serpent, he who bears good fortune. This […]

The Butterfly Maiden holds the light in her wings. In these ever-shorter days and lengthening dark, Wings summons her shape and gifts into being with this powerfully inspirited necklace. The pendant is cut freehand of solid sterling silver, forming the outline of her body wrought in stones arrayed to the Four Sacred Directions. Her body […]

The silver-spangled blue of the cosmos and the lush green velvet of a fertile earth are the tools of the Creation Spirit, the One who combines the dust of the universe and the breath of life to create a world living in the light. Wings summons the likeness of its force and being into a […]

Our winter Earth stands snow-spangled and strong in an evergreen light. With these earrings, Wings pays tribute to the wintry warriors of the steepest slopes, now covered in snow and decorated for holidays every day. These sparkling drops are cut freehand from hand-milled silver in a vertical repeating pattern that looks for all the world […]

Here, the light is a living thing, a spirit being all its own: one that dances through our days as a child of Father Sun, aided by the powers of the elements and the four directions. Wings gives life to this spirit being in an extraordinary figurative piece wrought in sterling silver and ethereal labradorite. The […]

At Taos Pueblo, the turquoise sky fans out overhead like a heavenly shell, stretching to the corners of the world above above an arc of silver light. Wings captures its ethereal beauty and celestial dance in a masterwork that evokes the very old, classic, traditional style if his ancestors, reimagined for a new day. The cuff begins […]

Some of our fiercest battles are fought in and over dreams. Wings invokes the dream warrior and and the warrior’s art in this old traditional-style bow guard. It begins with a solitary concha from one of his old belts, a piece that has spent decades in his private collection: multiple layers of solid, heavy sterling silver […]

Spirit animals can carry us places we would never be able to go on our own, and bring to us the spirits that inhabit other realms. When they do, it’s powerful medicine. Native peoples have carried medicine in hand-made flasks since the dawn of time, and this flask, authentic in every detail, invokes the spirits […]

He is an elder among elders, a dancer, a long-haired spirit being. This figurative piece combines multiple natural elements with an inspiriting sense of motion to create a single dynamic, unifying form. Head and upper body are hand-crafted of sterling silver bearing images of power: His head bears the forces of the sacred directions; his […]

We live in the ethereal beauty of a stardust world, an earth formed of cosmic medicine to journey along a path made of light. Wings summons into being our world in miniature, by way of a dual-strand cuff formed of heavy-gauge sterling silver triangle wire and a phenomenally outsized cabochon of natural Pilot Mountain turquoise. […]

From the heart of the earth our whole world grows. Wings pays tribute to this evolutionary process with this necklace, a cross that is not a cross, but the embodiment of elemental forces and nurturing spirits. The pendant’s form is a very old design, one that circumvented colonial insistence on Christianity by appearing to adopt […]

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