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The Beaded Hoop Collection

Summer here is traditionally the season when the rain finally falls, a cloudburst waterfall from a lowering thunderhead sky. With this necklace in the final entry in his signature series, The Elementals, Wings gathers the clouds to summon a torrent of rain, occasional hail, and a few bits of turquoise sky peering around the blue-black […]

Summer is the season of meteor showers, of the mystical flames of falling stars that pull the green glow of foxfire from the earth and aurora from distant skies as they arc through the night. With this necklace from his newest collection of extraordinary bead jewelry, Wings calls down the refracting green fire from the […]

This is the land of that rarest of gifts of the storm, when dual rainbows manifest not within but facing each other, conjoined in spectral inversions of shimmering color and light. With this necklace at the center of this newest collection in miniature, Wings summons both arcs to meld their medicine into a single brilliant […]

In this place, the summer earth is where the blue corn grows, stalks tall and ears a mix of cornflower and ivory, gold and violet. With this necklace, Wings honors the rich red-brown soil that births it, the green stalks and leaves that hold it gently, and the brilliant kernels that will become food, offerings, […]

Spring is the season of the thaw: From last snow, first rain falls. With this necklace, Wings calls the water into a great descending hoop that transmutes the one into the other. The strand. is anchored by tiny sterling silver doughnut rondels alternating with paired icy selenite rounds. The beads flow downward in a gradiant […]

Spring is the season of the adobe sun here, a giant orb of golden light limned in fiery amber, copper, and crimson by dust of the same clay that creates the ancient village walls and by traces of smoke carried on the winds. Wings honors these moments of beauty in the face of trickster weather […]

In a good year, the spring air is fresh with the scent of flowers and awash in golden light, pollen and sun conspiring to deliver this land an atmospheric gift of life. With this necklace, Wings braids together the golden dust of pollen with the glow of a radiant sun setting blue skies alight.  The […]

As earth and air warm and the snow recedes to show what lies beneath, it reveals a gift of new color: from the thaw, first green, the medicine of grass and leaf. With this necklace, Wings traces a flowing arc between the cold light of the last snows to the richest greens of spring. At […]

Even in a season of drought, hoarfrost on red willows arrives with every dawn, the water’s most consistence manifestation in winter. With this fourth and final necklace in his limited signature series, The Winter Elementals:  Water, Wings honors the gift of the First Medicine in its crystalline form and its habit of beading the year-round […]

Snowfire is a phenomenon of the coldest winter twilight, when the departing storm’s snowfall is set aflame in the fading sunset light. With this necklace, Wings calls a snow-spangled sunset fire down to earth to create one final blaze before night. At the center sits a single puffy doughnut rondel of perfectly translucent smoky quartz, […]

Whether dawn or dusk, the winter air and sky combine to birth an otherworldly alpine twilight. Wings draws down all the colors of the cold and quiet hours into a gradient of violet blues that appear only at this time of year. At the center, a single round orb of white quartz rutilated with needles […]

Winter blankets the sleeping ground, thawing here and there long enough to let the rich dark earth show through the snow. With the first necklace in his latest small seasonal series, Wings summons the imagery of earth and snow and a world at healing rest into the circle of the beaded hoop. At the center, […]

Adobe rose is the color of the micaceous clay that forms earth and pottery and village walls here, the color of the autumn sun at dawn and dusk. Wings strings together all the colors of the clay in full flower with this strand of beads like in all the reds of the season. At the […]

Autumn here is a season of sharp angles in low light, scribing the earth with shadows beneath an unbroken blue. With this necklace, Wings calls together a cascade of golden light and darkling shadow and all the blues of the fall sky. It’s the sky shades that create the focal portion of the strand, two […]

One of the first signs that fall has fully arrived is the turning of the leaves, aspens ablaze in a cascade of golden fire down the sides of the mountains. Wings evokes the aspen line and the whirling sparks of loose leaves on the wind with this necklace strung in all the jeweled shades of […]

Autumn here is an arid affair, air so dry and clear it burns lungs and steals breath. One of the few, and first, manifestations of water here in fall comes with a hard frost, on the first night the the mercury plunges below freezing. With this necklace, Wings summons a shimmering cascade of frosty dew, […]

Sheltering warmth and a welcoming glow are found in the embers of a winter’s fire. With this necklace strung with shimmering stones and shells and scarlet wood, Wings summons the embers at all stages of the fire into the circle to share their warmth and light. At the center of the strand are four large […]

Early winter delivers a dusting of pure evergreen beauty, snow on red cedar: alive with blue berries; fragrant as firewood. Wings summons this indigenous juniper’s bark, wood, fruit, and frosty adornment into a graceful hoop with this necklace manifest in all tis medicine tree’s shapes and shades. At the venter, a graduated trio of hand-carved […]

On the threshold between winter and spring, iridescent clouds coalesce in the shades of an early storm. With this luminous gemstone bead necklace, Wings summons the colors of the light into a flowing graduated arc, as bright and colorful as any rainbow. At the center, three chunky nuggets of glowing gold-lip mother-of-pearl shell flank a […]

The first thaw is a dance of snow and sun, of a warming earth and a newborn green. Wings brings together all the colors of this threshold season in this necklace, a cascade of soft color and gentle light. The focal point of the strand consists of eight glossy, chunky nuggets of translucent yellow quartz, […]

Autumn in this place is a whirlwind of color, changing seasons linking green grass and brown earth with the red fire of turning leaves and the icy rime of early snow. Wings gathers them all in a single strand of elemental shapes and shades and spirits. The center of the necklace features graduated wood focal […]

The night frost falls on leaves of gold and red, icy beads shimmering beneath the darkened sky. Wings strings the night and the leaves and first frost of autumn together in an elemental cascade of fire and ice. At the very center of the strand sits a wood oval barrel bead of highly polished genuine […]

The suns of autumn are pure fire and crystalline light. Wings assembles them in this necklace, arranged in gracefully graduated rays of color and size and shape. At the center sits a single spectacular barrel bead of faceted smoky quartz, flanked by solitary sunstones in shimmering pale orange. Each flows upward into a quartet of […]

In the rainy season, clear skies and white clouds conspire to create the storm. Wings calls together clouds and sky and a land aflame, bound together in this necklace in the shades of the desert Southwest. The strand is strung on sterling silver bead wire and held by sterling silver findings. At the center sits […]

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