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The Beaded Hoop Collection

The desert’s sky is purest turquoise, fallen to a richly marbled earth as hardened rain. Wings blends the magic of Skystone and sandstone in this necklace of glowing browns and blues. Strung on sterling silver bead chain with sterling silver findings, the strand is anchored at either end by tiny round orbs of impression jasper, […]

Both a life well-lived and proper stewardship of the world we are given depend upon holding and adhering to a cosmic vision, a view that sees the earth, and us, whole and in context. Wings evokes the imagery of the deep sky and the world of dreams with this necklace strung entirely on sterling silver […]

This land is a world born of lava and smoke. Wings pays tribute to the basaltic landscape, the glassy obsidian, and the fiery sun that makes it all possible with this bold choker-length necklace strung entirely on sterling silver beads chain. At the center sit found large barrel beads of basaltic lava rock, flanked and […]

The dust of ancient stars reaches our world in the blue velvet skies of night. Wings honors night, color, journey, and light with this necklace, a strand of intensely-hued chips and nuggets around a galaxy-like focal bead. The necklace is strung on sterling silver bead chain and anchored at either by a segment of tiny […]

Summer is the season of jade grass and turquoise skies by day, of the electric blue-green fire of the Aurora Borealis in the dark hours. Wings summons these flowing fiery spirits of the summer night skies with this cascade of glowing graduated spheres strung on sterling silver bead chain. Each end is anchored with tiny […]

Time travels around a hoop of daylight medicine. Wings brings together all the hours of the light in a healing circle with this beautifully luminous bead necklace. The strand is anchored at either end by a glowing sun in the form of a fiery amber barrel bead, the light of dawn and dusk moving toward […]

The summer spirits of earth and water blossom like pearls in flower. Wings evokes spirits, shell, petals, and soft warm light with this bead necklace. Strung on sterling silver bead chain ending in sterling silver findings and cones, each end is anchored by the four diminutive silver-colored African metal beads followed by the tiniest of […]

Warm-weather spirits drift to us on summer seas. Wings summons the shades of the season with this strand full of fiery red coral and cool pale mother-of-pearl. The strand, strung on sterling silver bead chain, is anchored at either end by sterling silver findings and cones that lead to a quartet of small round beads […]

The summer rains fall in a river of sky. With this second entry in his new collection of bead necklaces, Wings brings together season and weather in a cascade of Skystones. The entire strand is strung with turquoise in beads of varying shapes and graduated sizes, each end anchored with tiny bright freeform nuggets still […]

The petals of summer paint a warming world bright and new. Wings evokes the greening world and the gentle pink of the summer wildflowers with this bead necklace, a graduated collection of orbs and nuggets in shades of rose and jade. The strand is anchored at either end by tiny chips of brilliantly translucent peridot, […]

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