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The hawk’s eye sees Mother Earth from the height of the stars: a sweeping panoramic view in 360 degrees. Occasionally, her spirit shares a part of that view with us in visions and dreams. Here, that visionary spirit rests in a hand-scalloped bezel, embraced front and back by a constellation of guiding stars formed up in a sacred […]

Wings’s newest work is a piece of layered complexity, in terms both material and metaphorical. With a nod to our indigenous cousins to the west, the Diné silversmiths and their famed naja necklaces, he honors the water that is life in the desert and the being that is light in the darkness in the form of […]

Feminine, nurturing, and incredibly powerful, hearts sustain sustain the body and spirit with love. Here, the heart motif is rendered in verdant green turquoise with a shimmery golden matrix, bezel-set, trimmed in twisted silver, and accented with a tiny, fiery piece of coral, then suspended from a chain of hand-strung antique silver beads.   Coupled […]

The Corn Maidens are female kachinas, as enigmatic and mysterious as any archetypal Woman. In this personification of the Corn Maiden, a jet-black cabochon of liquid onyx, resting in a hand-cut tablita headdress of sterling silver, embodies another aspect of the Spirit of the Sacred Feminine. She hangs suspended from a strand of polished onyx beads accented […]

The Corn Maidens personify the blessings of summer, bringing gifts of rain, and food, and with them, abundance. To honor her nurturing power and essential mystery, the Maiden here is made manifest in a green version of the Skystone with a golden-brown matrix, the colors of the lush summer grass and rich soil still found […]

The latest entry in Wings’s signature series, The Mona Lisa on the Rio Grande, connects earth and sky in a single piece. This personifier of the Corn Maiden, a spirit whose qualities spring from the soil that nurtures and feeds The People, is clad in the regalia of the sky. Her tablita, or ceremonial headdress, […]

Tiny veins and capillaries carry swirling red currents of lifeblood through the chambers of a blue-green Skystone heart. The cabochon is set in a scalloped bezel and trimmed with twisted silver; on the reverse, a sterling silver overlay in the shape of a healing hand rests against the heart of the setting. The pendant hangs suspended from […]

A ribbon of rain drizzles into a little earthen jar in the shape of a traditional clay olla. It’s the freshest water possible, a gift from the sky to sustain the people. Here, it’s manifest in a piece of ribbon turquoise, a brilliant sky-blue river across a teardrop of earth-toned host rock. Hand-stamped flowing designs evoking traditional […]

Sometimes, a piece of art transcends its intended purpose, becoming so much more than its basic function and the sum of its parts that it qualifies as a masterwork, a perfect melding of symbol and spirit. So it is with this necklace, a manifestation of Dragonfly: water spirit, protector, symbol of love, messenger of the […]

The forces of Nature are all around us, within us ready to share their power. Sometimes, though, we need a reminder. Keep that knowledge close to your heart with this staurolite pendant, formed naturally and given up by the local earth, now resting gently in a sterling silver bezel custom-made to hold this particular stone.  The hand-made […]

Wings has extended his signature series of Pueblo pins into more complex pieces modeled on the Pueblo’s iconic architecture.  For the first time, the traditional pine ladder that allows the People every day to emerge, renewed, into the light takes its place as a separate structural element, rendered as a necklace in solid sterling silver.  As with […]

Sometimes, the old ways allow you to catch and hold a tiny piece of sky.  So it is with this vintage-style necklace. Against a backdrop of a round silver sky, sunrise symbols ring a hand overlay holding conjoined stars in the palm.  On the reverse (shown below), a central Morning Star is tilted to the ordinal […]

The sky is full of wheels and hoops, manifested here in vintage-style ingot work.  Sometimes they stand still, at least for a moment. Here, the spokes of the Morning Star appear at the center, surrounded by the halo of the rising Sun.  Sometimes, as on the reverse (shown below) they appear to turn, sixteen spokes whirling […]

Capture and keep Taos Pueblo’s mysterious golden light when you wear this oval pendant of rutilated quartz. The sterling silver bezel’s reverse bears a hand-cut ajouré diamond that resembles a Morning Star, allowing the stone’s glow to shine through to the skin. Reverse shown below. Sterling silver; rutilated quartz $325 + shipping, handling, and insurance SOLD

Pollination A delicately-patterned skimmer spreads his paired wings, an overlay atop this old-style sterling silver ingot pendant. To his left, a single water drop is solidified in a cobalt blue bit of lapis lazuli; to his right, the tiny blossom he pollinates industriously. The vintage-style medallion hangs from a strand of cobalt-blue lapis beads cut […]

Hand-cut and hand-stamped, Buffalo travels with you through your day, suspended from a multi-strand necklace of old-fashioned multi-colored trade-style beads. A double-terminated ajouré heartline wends its way across his strong body; hand-stamped traditional symbols accent his horns, beard, fetlocks, and tail. Sterling silver; beads $225 + shipping, handling, and insurance SOLD

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