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Summer here is traditionally the season when the rain finally falls, a cloudburst waterfall from a lowering thunderhead sky. With this necklace in the final entry in his signature series, The Elementals, Wings gathers the clouds to summon a torrent of rain, occasional hail, and a few bits of turquoise sky peering around the blue-black […]

Summer is the season of meteor showers, of the mystical flames of falling stars that pull the green glow of foxfire from the earth and aurora from distant skies as they arc through the night. With this necklace from his newest collection of extraordinary bead jewelry, Wings calls down the refracting green fire from the […]

This is the land of that rarest of gifts of the storm, when dual rainbows manifest not within but facing each other, conjoined in spectral inversions of shimmering color and light. With this necklace at the center of this newest collection in miniature, Wings summons both arcs to meld their medicine into a single brilliant […]

In this place, the summer earth is where the blue corn grows, stalks tall and ears a mix of cornflower and ivory, gold and violet. With this necklace, Wings honors the rich red-brown soil that births it, the green stalks and leaves that hold it gently, and the brilliant kernels that will become food, offerings, […]

Spring is the season of the thaw: From last snow, first rain falls. With this necklace, Wings calls the water into a great descending hoop that transmutes the one into the other. The strand. is anchored by tiny sterling silver doughnut rondels alternating with paired icy selenite rounds. The beads flow downward in a gradiant […]

Spring is the season of the adobe sun here, a giant orb of golden light limned in fiery amber, copper, and crimson by dust of the same clay that creates the ancient village walls and by traces of smoke carried on the winds. Wings honors these moments of beauty in the face of trickster weather […]

In a good year, the spring air is fresh with the scent of flowers and awash in golden light, pollen and sun conspiring to deliver this land an atmospheric gift of life. With this necklace, Wings braids together the golden dust of pollen with the glow of a radiant sun setting blue skies alight.  The […]

As earth and air warm and the snow recedes to show what lies beneath, it reveals a gift of new color: from the thaw, first green, the medicine of grass and leaf. With this necklace, Wings traces a flowing arc between the cold light of the last snows to the richest greens of spring. At […]

Some call Aurora the Roman goddess of the dawn; others have given her name to the phenomenon that marks the northern skies, those of the shadow spirits and the lights that dance in the night. Wings has found Aurora’s heart and placed it at the center of this extraordinary necklace, built around a lapidary masterpiece […]

The gifts of this indigenous earth are jewels beyond price, symbols of a love ancient and eternal. Wings honors the love, the gifts, and the example set for us with this necklace, wrought in the oldest of gems wrapped in the embrace of precious metal in the shade of the light. The work is built […]

At the center of the dawn is the dewdrop heart, the pulse of the new day crowned with water and adance in the light of the rising sun. Wings calls the water, the sun, and the heart to the circle with this necklace, a dancing heart carved from the sky and webbed with golden light. […]

It’s the Eye of Spirit on the Thunderbird’s wings, the storm that falls from the light. With this pendant cascading from a strand of jewels in violet blues and translucent white, Wings summons all the power of storm and clouds and veiled sun into a single spirit-infused tribute to the medicine of water and light. […]

When the winds come from the Four Directions to meet at the center of all that is, they summon the spirit of the whirlwind to dance in the vortex of the storm. Wings summons all of the spirits in this work, a large, heavy talismanic medallion of solid sterling silver, hammered by hand and lightly […]

Wisdom rests within the embrace of the stars and the sacred directions. Wings summons them both to the center of the sky in this revival of one of his older styles, a traditional Southwest-style cross cut freehand and wrought in heavy fourteen-gauge sterling silver. In echoes of older works, he extends the upper spoke of […]

Algonquin Woodland peoples know the ancient story of how the First People were saved by the gift of Grandmother Turtle’s shell, which is how this land mass came to be called Turtle Island. Wings honors not just her gift but her very being and spirit with this necklace, featuring articulated head, legs, tail, and beautifully […]

From the heart of the earth our whole world grows. Wings pays tribute to this evolutionary process with this necklace, a cross that is not a cross, but the embodiment of elemental forces and nurturing spirits. The pendant’s form is a very old design, one that circumvented colonial insistence on Christianity by appearing to adopt […]

Our peoples call it by various names: the path, going well through life, the Good Red Road — different means of describing the way of the hoop. It’s the way of our ancestors, given to us by the spirits, a sacred path that, if walked carefully, with a good heart and a strong spirit, will […]

The Butterfly Maiden holds the light in her wings. In these ever-shorter days and lengthening dark, Wings summons her shape and gifts into being with this powerfully inspirited necklace. The pendant is cut freehand of solid sterling silver, forming the outline of her body wrought in stones arrayed to the Four Sacred Directions. Her body […]

The wings of the sun carry warmth and light to our whole world. Wings brings them to fluttering life with this necklace wrought freehand in the shape of that pollinating messenger of the spirits, Butterfly. Coaxed from sterling silver, her scalloped wings flare wide and graceful, veined with flowing arterial patterns scored freehand amid tiny […]

Even in a season of drought, hoarfrost on red willows arrives with every dawn, the water’s most consistence manifestation in winter. With this fourth and final necklace in his limited signature series, The Winter Elementals:  Water, Wings honors the gift of the First Medicine in its crystalline form and its habit of beading the year-round […]

Snowfire is a phenomenon of the coldest winter twilight, when the departing storm’s snowfall is set aflame in the fading sunset light. With this necklace, Wings calls a snow-spangled sunset fire down to earth to create one final blaze before night. At the center sits a single puffy doughnut rondel of perfectly translucent smoky quartz, […]

Whether dawn or dusk, the winter air and sky combine to birth an otherworldly alpine twilight. Wings draws down all the colors of the cold and quiet hours into a gradient of violet blues that appear only at this time of year. At the center, a single round orb of white quartz rutilated with needles […]

Winter blankets the sleeping ground, thawing here and there long enough to let the rich dark earth show through the snow. With the first necklace in his latest small seasonal series, Wings summons the imagery of earth and snow and a world at healing rest into the circle of the beaded hoop. At the center, […]

A single sunlit dewdrop summons the new buds to open in first flower. In this wildflower season, Wings brings sun and dew to the newest petals in this necklace wrought in shades of rose and gold and sterling silver. It begins with the pendant, a stunning giant teardrop of mookaite, a perfect bud of dusty […]

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