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The Light Eagle appears between the clouds, silver feathers shimmering into being momentarily, then vanishing once more to the Spirit World. Wings captures and preserves a single feather with this necklace, one to keep close to the heart. The eagle feather is cut freehand from sterling silver, the barbs separated by ajouré cutwork using a […]

The Dawn Horse and the Night Bird are spirits of air and sky, medicine beings here to guide us and protect us on the path throughout our days. Wings summons both spirits onto a miniature medicine shield: a big, bold, beautiful necklace that is wearable art and protective amulet simultaneously. The shield is cut freehand […]

In the languages of the Algonquin peoples, Miskwaki means “Red Earth.” Our last horse, a red-paint Indian pony, is named Miskwaki, a tribute to my language, his color, and his red earth spirit that matches the coppery soil of this land. Wings honors the strong fierce spirit of this horse, a red and white fire […]

A sunlit heart is warm even on the coldest days. Wings adds a little fire to the winter with a necklace in sizzling reds and golds. The focal point is a heart-shaped cabochon of brilliant apple coral of. truly phenomenal size, a mysterious whorl of flame-hued scarlet, crimson, amber, gold, and bronzed, all aswirl in a […]

Dragonflies are messengers of love and joy, small spirits dancing on the light. Wings pays tribute to their outsized power and ethereal beauty, and to the old ways of silversmithing, with this necklace-and-earrings set wrought vintage-style in sterling silver ingot. The necklace, shown in close-up below, is crafted of ingot silver, molten, poured, and hammered […]

Wings’s newest work is a piece of layered complexity, in terms both material and metaphorical. With a nod to our indigenous cousins to the west, the Diné silversmiths and their famed naja necklaces, he honors the water that is life in the desert and the being that is light in the darkness in the form of […]

A broken arrow may signify peace, or merely a change in direction, but it still retains its power to protect. Wings has turned the motif into medicine, a talisman for warriors of all sorts. It begins with a solid vertical medallion of thick sterling silver ingot, cast into a freehand form. Pointing upwards through the […]

The roads of time are neither simple nor straight, but they all meet at intersections of history and spirit. Wings honors their existence, and their patterns, with this contemporary tribute to ancient beings. The pendant’s cabochon is a slab of fossilized mammoth tooth, thousands of years old, its pale natural color warmed by the earth in […]

From the heart of the earth our whole world grows. Wings pays tribute to this evolutionary process with this necklace, a cross that is not a cross, but the embodiment of elemental forces and nurturing spirits. The pendant’s form is a very old design, one that circumvented colonial insistence on Christianity by appearing to adopt […]

Here, the light is a living thing, a spirit being all its own: one that dances through our days as a child of Father Sun, aided by the powers of the elements and the four directions. Wings gives life to this spirit being in an extraordinary figurative piece wrought in sterling silver and ethereal labradorite. The […]

Wings has reimagined the Corn Maidens in a whole new yet wholly traditional way: No metaphorical Mona Lisa, this; this is Maiden as the very embodiment of the Indian Corn that sustains our peoples. A large single ear of a corn is hand-cut from sterling silver and set with fifteen tiny jeweled kernels in an […]

When the winds come from the Four Directions to meet at the center of all that is, they summon the spirit of the whirlwind to dance in the vortex of the storm. Wings summons all of the spirits in this work, a large, heavy talismanic medallion of solid sterling silver, hammered by hand and lightly […]

The Night Eagle soars the skies from dusk to dawn, occasionally leaving behind a feather to bless the morning. Here, that feather manifests in a stunning specimen of Botswana agate, nested bands of color on a spectrum from black to gray to darkest brown to warm pale beige and white, all filtering starlight through their […]

The standard-bearer of Wings’s Firebird series. The Firebird is a spirit being, a wingéd one in red and black who emerges from the flames to fly between the worlds. Wings has captured her essence in this magnificent piece, a necklace in a feathery shape that takes visual and tactile flight. The wing-like pendant, a spectacular […]

Second in Wings’s Firebird series: this one, evoking the colorful feathers of the red-winged blackbird native to this land. A single wing of brilliantly polished rosarita, bezel-set and trimmed in twisted silver, opens into “feathers” of two small sterling silver spacer beads flanked by a pair of larger ones. The pendant hangs from a strand of beads […]

Third in Wings’s Firebird series: this one, embodying the identity and appearance of the red-tailed hawk who presides over the air currents. A single large, flawlessly red triangle of rosarita fans out in the shape of the tailfeathers that give the hawk her name. Bezel-set and trimmed with twisted silver, it hangs suspended, via a hand-made bail […]

Sometimes we all need a spirit scout to help find us find our way in healing and harmony. An Indian paint horse races across the vaulted night sky, scouting a path among the stars. Horse and stars alike are sterling silver overlays within a constellation of cabochons the color of the night sky, one placed at the each of the […]

The hawk’s eye sees Mother Earth from the height of the stars: a sweeping panoramic view in 360 degrees. Occasionally, her spirit shares a part of that view with us in visions and dreams. Here, that visionary spirit rests in a hand-scalloped bezel, embraced front and back by a constellation of guiding stars formed up in a sacred […]

Bodies of water are often sacred to indigenous peoples, who recognize that water is life. They are also often associated with distinctly female spirits. The latest entry in Wings’s signature series The Mona Lisa On the Rio Grande brings these two motifs together in one stunning piece in the form of a traditional Pueblo maiden. […]

Tiny veins and capillaries carry swirling red currents of lifeblood through the chambers of a blue-green Skystone heart. The cabochon is set in a scalloped bezel and trimmed with twisted silver; on the reverse, a sterling silver overlay in the shape of a healing hand rests against the heart of the setting. The pendant hangs suspended from […]

A ribbon of rain drizzles into a little earthen jar in the shape of a traditional clay olla. It’s the freshest water possible, a gift from the sky to sustain the people. Here, it’s manifest in a piece of ribbon turquoise, a brilliant sky-blue river across a teardrop of earth-toned host rock. Hand-stamped flowing designs evoking traditional […]

Earth, Air, Fire, Water. All four elements come together in this one piece to create a single spirit being, something vastly more powerful than the sum of their parts. The sterling silver setting includes “hands” of hand-made sunburst overlays. The head is Air and Water: a freeform cabochon of a textured blue Skystone, shot through […]

Sometimes, a piece of art transcends its intended purpose, becoming so much more than its basic function and the sum of its parts that it qualifies as a masterwork, a perfect melding of symbol and spirit. So it is with this necklace, a manifestation of Dragonfly: water spirit, protector, symbol of love, messenger of the […]

The forces of Nature are all around us, within us ready to share their power. Sometimes, though, we need a reminder. Keep that knowledge close to your heart with this staurolite pendant, formed naturally and given up by the local earth, now resting gently in a sterling silver bezel custom-made to hold this particular stone.  The hand-made […]

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