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Autumn here is a season of sharp angles in low light, scribing the earth with shadows beneath an unbroken blue. With this necklace, Wings calls together a cascade of golden light and darkling shadow and all the blues of the fall sky. It’s the sky shades that create the focal portion of the strand, two […]

Adobe rose is the color of the micaceous clay that forms earth and pottery and village walls here, the color of the autumn sun at dawn and dusk. Wings strings together all the colors of the clay in full flower with this strand of beads like in all the reds of the season. At the […]

Beneath the brilliant flames of the sun, the spirit of the earth is dancing for the fire. With this necklace, Wings gives our mother form and shape and motion as she spirals from a radiant cascade of molten gems. The work begins with the pendant, two separate pieces to form head and body, stones bezel-set […]

Dragonfly is a messenger of the spirits, a manifestation of summer’s water song and fire dance. Wings summons the strength found in such fragile wings to carry the message safely through the season’s storm and light. The dragonfly pendant is cut freehand of a single piece of solid fourteen-gauge sterling silver and stamped similarly freehand, […]

In the dark of winter, in the depths of drought, our world needs a messenger of hope. Wings summons one in the shape of the small medicine spirits of summer, this one wrought in silver and stone, here to share the promise of warmer winds and a world reborn. It’s Dragonfly, in the shapes and […]

From the heart of the earth our whole world grows. Wings pays tribute to this evolutionary process with this necklace, a cross that is not a cross, but the embodiment of elemental forces and nurturing spirits. The pendant’s form is a very old design, one that circumvented colonial insistence on Christianity by appearing to adopt […]

The Butterfly Maiden holds the light in her wings. In these ever-shorter days and lengthening dark, Wings summons her shape and gifts into being with this powerfully inspirited necklace. The pendant is cut freehand of solid sterling silver, forming the outline of her body wrought in stones arrayed to the Four Sacred Directions. Her body […]

The wings of the sun carry warmth and light to our whole world. Wings brings them to fluttering life with this necklace wrought freehand in the shape of that pollinating messenger of the spirits, Butterfly. Coaxed from sterling silver, her scalloped wings flare wide and graceful, veined with flowing arterial patterns scored freehand amid tiny […]

Dragonflies are messengers of love and joy, small spirits dancing on the light. Wings pays tribute to their outsized power and ethereal beauty, and to the old ways of silversmithing, with this necklace-and-earrings set wrought vintage-style in sterling silver ingot. The necklace, shown in close-up below, is crafted of ingot silver, molten, poured, and hammered […]

The light of a high-desert autumn sets the land aflame amid the chill dance of Fall: early frost and sunset fire. Wings calls to the circle leaf and flame, frost and light, with this extraordinary necklace, a medicine shield manifest in the shades of season and time, wrought as a tribute to the winds and […]

The most vibrant spirits of the warm winds dance all season long. This is the best of the high-country Summer: wildflower meadow under a midday sky, an emerald earth and a turquoise expanse alive in the silver light. With this necklace, Wings calls the flowers to dance once more, from the earliest days of spring […]

The days just past winter’s end hang on still to the cold, but they embrace a new warmth and light. At Red Willow, this is Spring: at dawn, first thaw, all crackling ice and pale light and hope from all directions, with the waters and the first new green. With this necklace, Wings summons the […]

This is the season of winter snow at midnight, shimmering ice against the darkest of blues. With a masterwork that evokes the beauty of these coldest, darkest hours, Wings launches the first in an extraordinary new collection to come, one to honor the four seasons, a series of four necklaces flowering in the shades and […]

When the winds come from the Four Directions to meet at the center of all that is, they summon the spirit of the whirlwind to dance in the vortex of the storm. Wings summons all of the spirits in this work, a large, heavy talismanic medallion of solid sterling silver, hammered by hand and lightly […]

Wisdom rests within the embrace of the stars and the sacred directions. Wings summons them both to the center of the sky in this revival of one of his older styles, a traditional Southwest-style cross cut freehand and wrought in heavy fourteen-gauge sterling silver. In echoes of older works, he extends the upper spoke of […]

The gifts of this indigenous earth are jewels beyond price, symbols of a love ancient and eternal. Wings honors the love, the gifts, and the example set for us with this necklace, wrought in the oldest of gems wrapped in the embrace of precious metal in the shade of the light. The work is built […]

From the heart of the light, the rainbow flows and falls. Wings summons the shades of the spectrum together in this radiant heart-shaped hoop of love and light and life renewed. It all begins with the pendant, comprising an extraordinary total of seventeen gems, including an exceptional cabochon heart-shaped of Hachita turquoise in rich greens […]

Earth Mother/Mother Earth, two spirits in one: The latter births the former, the former emerges from the very being of the latter. Wings summons this most elemental spirit of the Sacred Feminine into being in this necklace, one to hang beneath the throat and over the heart. She is wrought, freehand, out of sterling silver, […]

A single sunlit dewdrop summons the new buds to open in first flower. In this wildflower season, Wings brings sun and dew to the newest petals in this necklace wrought in shades of rose and gold and sterling silver. It begins with the pendant, a stunning giant teardrop of mookaite, a perfect bud of dusty […]

The flames of night illuminate the dream world. With this necklace, Wings summons layers of flames from silver and stone, the dark of the night and its  moonlight, too. the pendant is formed of four separate layers: two settings, one set of bezels, and one set of cabochons in graduated sizes. The setting layers are […]

Our peoples call it by various names: the path, going well through life, the Good Red Road — different means of describing the way of the hoop. It’s the way of our ancestors, given to us by the spirits, a sacred path that, if walked carefully, with a good heart and a strong spirit, will […]

The Dawn Horse and the Night Bird are spirits of air and sky, medicine beings here to guide us and protect us on the path throughout our days. Wings summons both spirits onto a miniature medicine shield: a big, bold, beautiful necklace that is wearable art and protective amulet simultaneously. The shield is cut freehand […]

The Light Horse rides the rays of sun, moon, and stars, illuminating the path of a darkened earth. Wings summons a miniature version from the skies to share his colorful radiance with this world. This wholly Indian horse is cut freehand from sterling silver, with articulated ears, muzzle, hooves, and tail, and a small slider-style bail […]

The Indian horse is a brother, fellow warrior, hunter, companion, and friend. Wings honors its brave spirit, and those of all the Indian horses who have claimed us, with this one-of-a-kind necklace manifest in the wild pony’s iconic form and shape. Drawn and saw-cut wholly freehand out of solid sterling silver, its luxuriant mane flows […]

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