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The Standing Stones Collection

The earth for which this place is known is micaceous, a rich autumnal red clay naturally infused with flecks of pure magical light. Wings strings together all the fall colors of rich red earth and light with these earrings of stacked and fiery jewels. Each dangling drop consists of a graduated series of rounds , […]

One of the rare gifts of autumn in this place is the green glow of guiding stars, those of morning and evening shimmering against a flawlessly clear gradient that runs from indigo to jade to gold. Wings recreates the gradient, and the stars that shimmer and dance within it, with these extraordinary jewels stacked into […]

Fall mountain nights, crisp and clear and cold, were made for a bonfire beneath a harvest moon. With these earrings, Wings brings moons and flames and the bright shades of pumpkins and Indian corn into an alignment connecting the autumn earth and sky. Focal beads at the top are red-orange fire agate, like a blood […]

In this place, the first snow is also the first real water of the season, and very nearly always a feature of the middle of autumn: sudden, heavy, and gone just as rapidly. Wings draws down the snow from a mid-fall sky with these earrings formed of layers of stacked jewels strung on lightweight sterling silver […]

A winter’s fire requires the best kindling, dry and pitchy, rich and ready to burn. With these gorgeous gemstone bead earrings, Wings evokes these slender strands of local wood, resinous, beautifully fragrant, and ready to burst into flame. At the center of each sits a pale and beautifully marbled orb of fossilized coral, manifest in […]

Winter evergreens are ornamented by juniper berries, bright blue jewels of beauty and medicine. Wings honors them and the trees that bear their powerful fruits with these earrings, dangling strands of beads strung on sterling silver wire. Each drop is centered by a large round ocean jasper focal bead in glossy marbled shades of dark […]

A warming world is renewed in the light from a nearer sun. With these gemstone bead earrings, Wings gathers a lengthening golden light amid the greens and grays and blues of earth and storm and sky. Each drop is centered around a bold and chunky focal bead of luminous gold-lip mother-of-pearl shell, long bright bricks […]

At winter’s end, a new sun caries the world into spring. Wings summons the pale fold light and the nascent green of the threshold season, drawn together in these earrings’ jeweled cascade. At their centers of each dangling drop, a pair of large focal beads of glowing yellow quartz, each rendered into a highly polished […]

Fall at Red Willow is turning leaves, light and fire. Wings creates a cascade of autumn shades with these earrings, graduated spheres alternating with flame-red carnelian rondels. Each drop is strung on sterling silver wire and hangs from sterling silver earring wires, anchored at either end by tiny round bloodstone beds in rich evergreen webbed […]

The cold of autumn nights brings an early frost to leaves of red and gold. Wings captures the shapes and shades of an October night with these earrings in black and gold adorned with a dusting of ice. Each dangling drop is strung on sterling silver wire and hangs from sterling silver earring wires. At […]

The fading blues of night meet the golden fire of the sun in the radiant collision that is first light. With these earrings, Wings joins the blues of the indigo hours and the pale grays of dawn to the bright pale gold of an ascendant sun. Each graduated drop is strung on sterling silver wire […]

Earth and time are ruled by the fire of distant suns. Wings joins the fires of the warmer months to the cooler spheres of winter with these earrings, a graduated series of glowing orbs. Each drop is strung on sterling silver wire and hangs from sterling silver earring wires, and is anchored at the top […]

One of the greatest gifts of high-desert skies is the shimmering braid of stardust and twilight. Wings summons the luminescent glow to dance with the dark in these earrings, a long cascade of in the shades of early night. Each is strung on sterling silver wire and hangs from sterling silver earring wires, anchored at […]

We belong to the Earth, born of its womb, the land a part of our blood and bones and DNA. Wings creates a pair of cascading strands to honor that relationship with these earrings, wrought in shades of earth and fire and that which holds our very selves together, brought from a land that holds […]

Heaven’s earth is warm and glowing, a welcoming destination for the desert’s summer rains. Wings draws the two together in a pair of elongated drops, stones of sand and sky joined together. Earrings are strung on sterling silver wire and hang suspended from sterling silver earring wires. Each is anchored at top and bottom by […]

Dream worlds orbit in the lands of night, afloat on the dust of the cosmos, wrapped in a shawl made of stars. Wings calls the elemental spirits of visionary worlds onto this side of the veil with these earrings, strung on sturdy sterling silver wire and suspended from sterling silver earring wires. Each is built […]

At the foot of the high-desert peaks, summer skies are a mysteriously beautiful blend of sun and storm. Wings calls the storm, and the clear skies too, with these dangling earrings strung on sterling silver wire. Each drop hangs suspended from delicate sterling silver earring wires, and each orbits around a central sphere of pure, […]

Leaves and light are the breath of life, lush green combining with red flame in photosynthesis to produce the oxygen by which the world survives. Wings weds spheres of crimson fire and cool verdant shades in this cascading tribute to that which keeps us all alive. Each drop is strung on sterling silver and hangs […]

A high desert dawn lights the world with a gentle glow. Wings evokes turquoise skies and soft golden sun with these earrings, a cascade of spheres in the shades of the sunrise. Each drop is strung on sturdy sterling silver wire and is anchored by sterling silver earrings wires.  The focal point is formed of […]

Summer is the phoenix of the year, born in ash and fire to renew the world once more. Wings summons a wholly Indigenous Firebird from the heat of the flames with these earrings, beads stacked, glossy, molten, and matte, and strung on sterling silver wire. At the center of each drop is a large rounded […]

The moon of midsummer is the Berry Moon, when the wild strawberry vines and the raspberry patch fruit in sweet abundance. Wings brings berries and moonlight together in a spectacular cascade of summer reds and whites with these earrings, stacked beads strung on sterling silver wire and dangling from sterling silver earring wires. Each drop […]

The night skies are alive with the spirits of deep space, planets and stars aswirl in a blue nova of creation and cosmic motion. Wings brings together skies, stars, and galaxies in these bead earrings, each dangling drop strung on sterling silver wire and hanging from sterling silver earring wires. At the center of each […]

In the darkest hours of a summer’s night, the Aurora Borealis flows and glows across the night sky. Wings evokes their cosmic cascade with these earrings, each a series of graduated orbs meeting at the center in a single large sphere of iridescent Labradorite, alive with the blues and greens that flow from either end. […]

The power of the dusken light bookends the day, holding our whole world close and sheltered in the moments before sunrise and at twilight. With these earrings, Wings summons their shimmer into spherical strands of being. Each drop comprises seven beads strung on sterling silver wire and hangs from silver earring wires. At the middle […]

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