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To experience a Red Willow sunrise is to live through a moment of magic, utterly ephemeral and yet somehow timeless. Wings honors the beauty of the dawn in this place with these earrings wrought in an old traditional Native style. Each drop is crafted as a single concha, stamped across the front with the rays […]

Dragonflies are messengers of love and joy, small spirits dancing on the light. Wings pays tribute to their outsized power and ethereal beauty, and to the old ways of silversmithing, with this necklace-and-earrings set wrought vintage-style in sterling silver ingot. The earrings, shown in close-up below, are crafted of ingot silver, molten, poured, and hammered by […]

In the starlit hours of dusk and dawn, the storm brings the magic of indigo rain. Such mysterious precipitation finds expression in Wings’s earrings, bold sterling silver teardrops centered by a matched pair of freeform cabochons of sparkling lapis lazuli, each held fast in the embrace of a saw-toothed bezel. The stones are flat and smooth as the surface of […]

Even as time ticks steadily onward, a timeless earth reckons our days by the light. With these earrings, Wings pays tribute to the passage of time, and to earth’s transcendence of it. The pair is built around matched triangular cabochons of warm green turquoise in a soft, fertile shade, each stone marbled with beautiful earthy […]

At the edges of the sky, we enter a world of cosmic dreams. Wings summons their spirit with these earrings, spare and simple drops full of symbolism and substance. A matched pair of Kingman turquoise cabochons, a perfect sky blue with only the barest hints of pale matrix, are turned 90 degrees to form a diamond […]

Sometimes the most profound love is expressed through tears. Wings honors the love of water, for us and by us, with these new earrings in the form of large silver teardrops. Each drop is polished to a mirror sheen, single small hoops hand-drilled through the narrow end to hold sterling silver wires. At the center of […]

Each year, a new world is born, as timeless as the first dawn when earth and sky, air and waters first came together to form turtle Island. In this new year, Wings pays tribute to the dawn of that world, and to every new world born thereafter, with a pair of earrings formed of elemental sky. A […]

Even when the days are short and the shadows long, earth and sky still flower into petals of light. Wings honors the blooms of the indigo hours, the subtle and essential glow of dawn and dusk, with his newest earrings, a traditional blossom design that shimmers in the shades of shadow and storm. They begin with […]

Like sun and stars, the moon is a mediating light, one that intercedes on our behalf between earth and sky, between the seasons, between the shadows and the dark. Wings pays tribute to the centrality of her power with his latest earrings, a pair hand-wrought in a traditional blossom design. The sterling silver settings are hand-cut, […]

The old stories teach that the First People emerged into this world, the world at the center of the light. It is, in part, an evergreen world, with peaks that remain green even beneath the deepest snows. Wings pays tribute both the lush fertile colors of the earth and to the light in which they […]

From the heart of the sun shines the autumn light, a fiery expression of the world’s love. Wings honors love and light alike with his newest work, a pair of flame-colored earrings that glow like the season’s own sun. Each earring is anchored at the top with a round amber cabochon, blazing with fall color. […]

In this place, the autumn skies are iconic, a mystical marvel comprising a turquoise palette lit by mysterious golden light. Wings honors their ethereal seasonal beauty with his latest earrings, combining citrine’ delicate inner light at the top with two spectacular, slightly free-form ovals of sky-blue turquoise shot through with patches of ivory host rock […]

In our traditional way, we walk in the path of a directed light. Wings pays tribute to the road, and to the light that shines upon it, with his newest earrings, a pair crafted simply from old stones and silver. It begins with a pair of very old high-grade red-webbed turquoise stones from his private […]

The way of love is not a straight line, but a path around the hoop marked by sharp turns and detours and backtracks, by conscious efforts at conflict resolution and forgiveness, at peacemaking and the offering of an open heart. Wings honors the path, and the goal, with these new hoop earrings, bold crescents of […]

A pair of triangle-wire tributaries unfurl into flowing silver rivers with these new hoop earrings by Wings. Each is formed of a slender, delicate length of solid sterling silver, molded into a pyramidal apex. The angled sides are hand-stamped with traditional patterns: one, a small solid orb, full moon and sacred hoop and running water […]

Life is born in the rain, between water and sky. Wings and his people have always known that water is life, that the rain is a gift, that the lake is a sacred space, and he honors all three in the traditional design of these new earrings. They take the form of mirrored lodges, sacred […]

They say the hottest fire is the one that burns blue. Here, a pair of brilliant tongues of flame, indigo teardrops like rain from the farthest reaches of the sky, explode into fiery amber orbs, small suns emerging from the blue. Each earring begins with a high-domed lapis lazuli cabochon, cut into smooth, elegant drops […]

The spirits of soil and sky work together in harmony to create earth light, the rich transcendent greens of trees and grass and medicine plants that sustain life, glowing in ethereal shades of emerald and jade and peridot. Wings celebrates this gift of abundance with these concha earrings, perfect round orbs lightly domed, repoussé-fashion. Each […]

Illumination is the gift of the sunlight, and so is life itself. Wings summons the spirit of Father Sun with these concha earrings, each hand-domed repoussé-fashion, and the stamped with a traditional feather pattern like a pair of fans to be used at morning prayer, conjoined to form the rays of the sun itself. At […]

The storm light may be veiled in deep dark blue, but it remains able to pierce the stormclouds’ opacity nonetheless. Wings pays tribute to its transcendent power with these concha earrings, indigo jewels that feather and flower into silvery light. Each concha is hand-stamped in the traditional repeating eagle-feather pattern that form celestial rays; at the center, tiny lapis […]

Magic happens at twilight. It’s when sun and clouds birth purple light: a mystical illumination for the darkening hours, a promise of hope for a new day. Wings honors the new year with a series of concha earrings bearing feathers and bright jewels, tributes to the light of this new world, beginning with the amethyst […]

In our way, every dance is a dance of the heart. With these earrings, Wings summons a pair of dancers to the circle, shimmering silver beings holding fast to a bit of icy-pale rose quartz, a stone that some say represents matters of the heart. He repeats the motif on the drops themselves, each adorned […]

The power of visions and dreams casts a light that illuminates their world, and ours. Wings captures this image in these extraordinary earrings, dancing spirits of visionary realms. Each is anchored by an onyx cabochon, each a square liquid pool rotated a quarter-turn to become an Eye of Spirit, able to see clearly even in the darkest […]

The Fire Road is a crossroads, one that leads the flames from the Sacred Directions inward to the center of the vortex. Wings captures its path in this pair of concha earrings, small round medallions with a shimmering Florentine finish, each domed lightly by hand, repoussé-fashion. Arcing sunrise symbols edge each drop, forming an embrasure […]

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