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To grow and thrive, flowers instinctively turn their faces toward the warm radiance of the sun’s gaze. Wings has captured the same dynamic here with a pair of earrings that remind us similarly to seek out warmth and light. Each big, bold drop begins with a sterling silver concha in the shape of a perfect flat hoop, […]

Sometimes we need protection from the winds that seem to buffet us from all directions. Sometimes, great gifts and blessings arrive on those same winds. Wings captures the dichotomous nature of our journey around the hoop with these earrings, jet-black onyx and silver polished so highly it’s nearly white, that embody the power of the […]

Grandmother Turtle holds on her back our world in all its elemental glory. The plates of her shell are our earth and waters, mapping the land and the changing of the seasons. Wings captures those transformational moments in these earrings, sterling silver settings embodying the spirit of our Grandmother who gave our ancestors, the First […]

The trees sleep in winter, but of what are their dreams are made? Perhaps of warmer winds and longer light and cobalt skies that will allow them to dance in full flower once again. Wings gives their dreams form and shape with these beautiful teardrops: hand-cut sterling silver medallions, each with an ajouré Tree of […]

One is Dawn and one is Dusk, these indigo spirits who walk the thresholds of day and night, carrying with them the wisdom of worlds unseen. Wings calls them into being in the shape and shades of their time: faces deepest indigo, in the visionary form of Spirit’s Eye; robes touched with the silvery light of […]

By winter’s end, our dreams are filled with the signs and symbols of spring, of lengthened light and warmth and green. Wings captures this feeling of wistful hope given form and shape and life with these elegant earrings. Each is anchored by a square cabochon of brilliant lime jade, turned at an angle to assume a diamond’s […]

In some traditions, the spirits live in lodges in the sky, so distant that the lights from their fires are perceived by us here below as constellations of stars. Here, whole universes are formed from a pair of small, lightly scalloped conchas. On each domed silver shell, eight small lodges sit in a circle, each tipi […]

For peoples whose last half-millennium has been marked by invasion and colonization from without, by the colonizers’ breaking of every single treaty entered, by the need to be willing to stand as warriors just to ensure survival, peace is a precious thing indeed. Here, Wings has summoned its spirit by way of the contemporary symbol, instantly […]

Father Sun’s gaze is chatoyant warmth and golden fire, captured in a pair of earrings that embody this powerful spirit’s own eyes. Two solid, substantial sterling silver conchas lightly domed, repoussé-fashion. Each is stamped with concentric rings of traditional symbols: the sun’s coronal flare spiraling clockwise, extending into sunrise symbols. Beyond the small signs of the […]

In the high desert, golden light blends with turquoise skies to turn twilight a momentary green. Here, that color is captured in the soft teal shade of two round spiderweb turquoise cabochons shot through with inky black matrices. They open onto a pair of truly extraordinary cabochons of exceptionally high-grade Kingman spiderweb blue turquoise, the web […]

The color of the desert storm at sunset, of the clear mountain lake that catches the rain, the stones in these flowering drops manifest in shades of deepest indigo. Scalloped bezels edged in twisted silver hold two mysterious cabochons of cobalt blue lapis lazuli flecked with hints of midnight, rounded teardrops in the shape of the […]

Just in time for the first blood moon in more than thirty years, Wings offers a pair of dancing spirits in the form of earrings. Fiery blood-red orbs rise above the four corners of the turquoise sky; below, a fringe of silvery moondust dances in twin trails down to earth. The settings are made entirely […]

In our world, Father Sun is red. Wings captures his image in its purest form, two perfect garnet spheres of deepest scarlet placed at the center of a silvery sky. The earrings themselves are perfect circles of solid silver, lightly domed, repoussé-fashion, into traditional conchas. On the convex side, each garnet opens into concentric orbits […]

The iconic peace symbol emerges with an indigenous twist in these bold yet simple earrings. Each earring is a bead unto itself, albeit of extraordinary size, each composed of two paper-thin slices of robin’s-egg blue turquoise touched here and there by an earthy host-rock matrix. Each slice of turquoise has been placed, veneer-fashion, upon a sturdy […]

Bold wings of sterling silver unite in the center, then gather and stretch to their full length in flight. Each triangle, hand-cut of exceptionally fine-gauge sterling silver, is smoothly shaped to create elegant rounded edges and buffed to a mirror finish. The gentle flanges are conjoined by means of a sterling silver hinge at the center, allowing the […]

To be born, new life requires the work of other animating spirits: those whose task it is to fertilize, pollinate, nurture, midwife other new spirits into being. So it is with the plants that feed the air and the bodies of other creatures, procreation dependent upon the help of wingéd beings to transfer pollen where needed […]

In summer, the water spirits dance across the surface of the sacred lake, emissaries of life and love and Spirit’s abundance delivered to the people on shimmering sunlit wings. Here, Wings pays tribute to Dragonfly’s powerful message and shining beauty by way of a pair of matched earrings in sterling silver. Each is crafted of solid slender triangle […]

Air meets earth and fire births water in these elemental earrings that bring the blessing of the rain. A pair of extraordinarily high-grade boulder turquoise cabochons reproduce in miniature the very soil from which they come, all the while reflecting the earth-toned clouds of the storm-ridden sky. Electric bolts of pale blue turquoise strike the […]

Two stunning high-grade boulder turquoise cabochons capture the strong, stark beauty of Taos Pueblo’s canyon country, deep boxed valleys of sandstone and slate bisected by the waters that feed the land itself. Like their real-life counterparts, these rivers reflect the color of the sky itself; during the summer rains, they run high and hard and […]

Hummingbirds are fierce little spirits: quick, assertive, and very tactical; beings who dart and hover and buzz like colorful bees; messengers, of love, of other spirits, of powerful medicine. Wings has caught a mated pair in mid-hover, coaxed from and captured in sterling silver with the delicate freehand work of a tiny jeweler’s saw, hand-stamped […]

The black of night fades to rich russet brown and then the dawn’s red skies in these earrings that capture the heart and soul of the new day in a morning fire spirit. Heart-shaped red agate cabochons, awash in intense gradient hues, glow translucent and flash in the light. Each stone nestles comfortably in a […]

The wingéd ones embody the very essence of summer, of the joy in and freedom of  play upon the warm winds. Here, two spirits close to our hearts, Crane and Dragonfly, dance amidst the flowers upon the silvery summer light. Two slender sterling silver slabs form the body of these earrings, lightweight rectangular dangling drops […]

Tiny silver shells form little bits of stardust falling from the sky. These earrings are a perfect example of the synthesis of indigenous cultures made possible by the ancient trade route that built up along the Pueblo: Traditional Pueblo conchas are joined together to find expression in an old Comanche style worn by generations of Native […]

Very old, intensely-hued cabochons of deep-red natural coral hang from delicate sterling silver wires, their flame-like color feeding into the warm coppery-gold matrix in the Skystones below. The asymmetrical turquoise stones, slightly free-form in shape, are a soft robin’s-egg blue with just a hint of soft summery green, each aswirl with cloud–like wisps of white host-rock matrix […]

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