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The spirits of soil and sky work together in harmony to create earth light, the rich transcendent greens of trees and grass and medicine plants that sustain life, glowing in ethereal shades of emerald and jade and peridot. Wings celebrates this gift of abundance with these concha earrings, perfect round orbs lightly domed, repoussé-fashion. Each […]

Illumination is the gift of the sunlight, and so is life itself. Wings summons the spirit of Father Sun with these concha earrings, each hand-domed repoussé-fashion, and the stamped with a traditional feather pattern like a pair of fans to be used at morning prayer, conjoined to form the rays of the sun itself. At […]

The storm light may be veiled in deep dark blue, but it remains able to pierce the stormclouds’ opacity nonetheless. Wings pays tribute to its transcendent power with these concha earrings, indigo jewels that feather and flower into silvery light. Each concha is hand-stamped in the traditional repeating eagle-feather pattern that form celestial rays; at the center, tiny lapis […]

Magic happens at twilight. It’s when sun and clouds birth purple light: a mystical illumination for the darkening hours, a promise of hope for a new day. Wings honors the new year with a series of concha earrings bearing feathers and bright jewels, tributes to the light of this new world, beginning with the amethyst […]

In our way, every dance is a dance of the heart. With these earrings, Wings summons a pair of dancers to the circle, shimmering silver beings holding fast to a bit of icy-pale rose quartz, a stone that some say represents matters of the heart. He repeats the motif on the drops themselves, each adorned […]

The power of visions and dreams casts a light that illuminates their world, and ours. Wings captures this image in these extraordinary earrings, dancing spirits of visionary realms. Each is anchored by an onyx cabochon, each a square liquid pool rotated a quarter-turn to become an Eye of Spirit, able to see clearly even in the darkest […]

The Fire Road is a crossroads, one that leads the flames from the Sacred Directions inward to the center of the vortex. Wings captures its path in this pair of concha earrings, small round medallions with a shimmering Florentine finish, each domed lightly by hand, repoussé-fashion. Arcing sunrise symbols edge each drop, forming an embrasure […]

Small round sterling silver conchas capture the spirits of flame and motion and light. Each begins with a perfect round medallion of lightweight sterling silver, hand-domed, repoussé-fashion, and suspended from sterling silver wires. On the front, Wings has created a fire wheel on the surface with detailed freehand stampwork: a wheel of rising suns rings the […]

Our world is ancient, an orbiting land mass not quite a sphere that spins through a cosmos older than time. And yet, our world is also what we make it, one new and renewed and renewable every day: one that our task is to make new again for future generations. Wings reimagines both the task […]

In a land of dry earth, the world dreams of water. The people of this place know this dream better than most, and Wings’s new earrings envision both world and water into being. A pair of matched freeform cabochons of ribbon turquoise, earthy brown traced with sky-blue streams and set into simple scalloped bezels, form […]

In some traditions, Spirit dreams the world into existence, molding it by way of mystery, medicine, and the very dust of creation. Wings captures those early moments of our world with these earrings, a pair of freeform ovals of natural American turquoise in pale robin’s-egg blue aswirl in the golden brown dust of the earth […]

There are times when survival requires resistance, requires a return to the old ways, requires faith and prayer and visions and dreams. With this pair of earrings, Wings has reconceived his eagle-feather series in new ways: a change of color, an addition of precious gems, greater labor in design and execution . . . and […]

Spirits move and travel where they will, especially those who embody elemental forces. So its with water, which combines with gravity to flow, its progress altered and directed only by its fellow elemental spirit, earth. Wings gives form and expression to the way of the water with these earrings, simple traditional drops built around a spectacular […]

In our cultures, we wear our medicine, in symbol and in fact. Here, Wings has captured the beauty of an significant form of medicine, and the tradition to which it is dedicated, in this powerful pair of earrings. They are anchored by a pair of free-form natural Kingman turquoise cabochons of extraordinary color and depth: blues and greens […]

The rains nurture body and spirit, our own and Mother Earth’s alike, encouraging life and the sacred to flower into being. Wings honors this elemental gift with these earrings in sterling silver, set with Skystones and ringed with  powerful traditional symbols. Each earring is a round disc, lightly domed in repoussé fashion. At the centers are a […]

Silver conchas link sky and sea, opening their world into a beautiful protective shell. Each earring is coaxed from a single oval concha of traditional shape and size, polished to a mirror-like sheen. A repoussé heart rests atop the arc of each drop, in the embrace of the sunrise. Within the arc, brilliant blue Skystones criss-crossed with […]

Wings has reconceived an old traditional style in a way that links earth and water and sky: conchas (shells) adorned by their own shell accents. Two oval medallions in the shape of old-fashioned conchas form the body of the earrings. Hand-stamped traditional symbols arc across the top of each to form a sunrise, at the […]

Sometimes Spirit sends our most vivid dreams in the moments just before the sunrise, visions of power to guide us around the hoop from dark of night to the light of a new day. With these earrings, Wings makes visible those links between night and day, earth and sky, by way of a Tree of Life: a guardian, a soldier, […]

Father Sun rises amid feathers and smoke, beginning the arc of his daily journey across the bridge of our prayers. Wings summons the spirit of process and path alike in this pair of earrings that pay tribute to renewing light of the dawn. Two round sterling silver conchas are cut freehand in a blossom pattern that […]

In traditional cultures, an eclipse — whether of the sun or of the moon — is an event of great symbolism and power. In some, they are omens of great and beneficial change; in others, warnings of dark days ahead. In all cultures, their practical effect is the same: to veil the light that shines […]

To grow and thrive, flowers instinctively turn their faces toward the warm radiance of the sun’s gaze. Wings has captured the same dynamic here with a pair of earrings that remind us similarly to seek out warmth and light. Each big, bold drop begins with a sterling silver concha in the shape of a perfect flat hoop, […]

Sometimes we need protection from the winds that seem to buffet us from all directions. Sometimes, great gifts and blessings arrive on those same winds. Wings captures the dichotomous nature of our journey around the hoop with these earrings, jet-black onyx and silver polished so highly it’s nearly white, that embody the power of the […]

Grandmother Turtle holds on her back our world in all its elemental glory. The plates of her shell are our earth and waters, mapping the land and the changing of the seasons. Wings captures those transformational moments in these earrings, sterling silver settings embodying the spirit of our Grandmother who gave our ancestors, the First […]

The trees sleep in winter, but of what are their dreams are made? Perhaps of warmer winds and longer light and cobalt skies that will allow them to dance in full flower once again. Wings gives their dreams form and shape with these beautiful teardrops: hand-cut sterling silver medallions, each with an ajouré Tree of […]

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