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The spirits of summer arrive on wings of wind and light. Wings summons silvery butterflies into being with these earrings, each a repoussé representation of the traditional butterfly concha. Each drop consists of a trio of flared “wings” turned sideways, with paired flared segments of head and body at the center. Tiny round loops rise […]

In the darkest hours of the night, the cosmos illuminates our path with the icy blue-white glow of starlight. Wings summons the spirits of the stars themselves in this sixth entry in the revival of his signature series of earrings that honor the light, Stars appearing in their most ancient traditional form, animated by the cold […]

This is a place of extremes, of harsh weather and harder winds that create a mysterious phenomenon of dust light, our world illuminated in shades of earthy silhouette behind a veil of sand and smoke. Wings’s fourth entry in his signature series, revisited, of earrings that honor the light evokes the hazy shimmer of such […]

The spirits have granted us the gift of firelight, a glow to illuminate our surroundings even as it warms body and soul alike. The fourth in this, Wings’s signature series of earrings that honor the light, honors the blessings of the fourth element, fire, in traditional form around a less common jeweled spirit. Each drop is […]

Our days are born in the fiery golden glow of the dawn light, warm and timeless as flowing amber. In the third entry in this revival of his signature series of earrings that honor the light, Wings pays tribute to the illuminating fire of the sunrise by way of an old traditional style wrought in […]

Sunset here is as red as the willows, dusk light as translucent as flame. In the second of his newest entries in his signature series of earrings that honor the light, Wings summons the scarlet glow of the late-day sky in this traditionally-designed pair accented with twilight fire. Each drop is a perfectly circle domed […]

In the high-altitude desert air of Red Willow, daylight is the color of silver and Skystone, pure clear turquoise with a radiant glow. Wings resumes his signature series of earrings that honor the light with this small, elegant pair wrought in traditional materials and style. Each drop is a perfectly circle domed from beneath, repoussé-fashion, […]

The Water Bird is a figure simultaneously sacred and a part of our lives, one whose spirit has long appeared in Wings’s personal tradition and one that he has long infused into his work. These representations of this powerful wingéd being seem to belong wholly to the winter season, feathered spirits able to transcend the snow […]

Our winter Earth stands snow-spangled and strong in an evergreen light. With these earrings, Wings pays tribute to the wintry warriors of the steepest slopes, now covered in snow and decorated for holidays every day. These sparkling drops are cut freehand from hand-milled silver in a vertical repeating pattern that looks for all the world […]

The translucent blues of the winter light are a gift, a bit of mystery and magic in the deep cold dark of the season. Wings draws the light down to earth with these earrings, focused around a matched pair of stunning Labradorite teardrops banded with clear shades of cobalt and indigo. Each stone rests in […]

In the cold season, the night fire is warmth and life. With these earrings, Wings coaxes it from the very earth itself in shades of crimson and jet, backlit by shimmering silver light. Each drop is built around a wedge-shaped cabochon of Red Creek jasper in bold dusky reds shot through with bold bands of […]

Like our aspens in October, these earrings dance at the edge of autumn. Wings summons them into being in shape and shade alike, a pair of lightly free-form teardrop turquoise cabochons in a soft and gentle green, each with bits of autumnal amber and gold matrix encroaching at the edges, just enough to make the […]

We live beneath the protection of a sheltering sky. Wings honors its shape and shade and spirit with these earrings, long dangling drops anchored by a protective Skystone. Two rich blue squares of natural American turquoise, likely from Arizona, are set into spare, low-profile bezels and sit atop sterling silver posts. Each stone is the […]

Our cosmologies teach of multiple worlds that inhabit the same universe, our own and those inhabited by the spirits. Wings calls both into being with these earrings, worlds of dust and light that exist by virtue of the elemental powers of the cosmos, the dust of creation and the light of the first dawn. Each […]

Water is life and it flows in a medicine river, creating pools of abundance, prosperity, and harmony. Wings honors the water and its many gifts with these earrings, each flowing with a green ribbon of water emptying into three pools of rich jade. These bold drops are formed around a matched pair of ribbon turquoise […]

Autumn is the season of red sun and harvest moon, of fire in the light. Wings summons both cosmic spheres into miniature form with these vintage-style earrings wrought in an old traditional fashion. Each consists of a solid sterling silver concha that forms a radiant corona around the center orb: a smaller round concha made […]

A desert wind paints the landscape in water, dust, and light. Wings honors its powerful animating spirit, and that of its canvas, too, with these earrings wrought in sterling silver and landscape jasper. The earrings are built around a matched pair of teardrop-shaped cabochons of landscape jasper, each its own painting in miniature: sandy earth […]

The outside world calls Mother Earth the Big Blue Marble, but our cosmologies contain worlds that transcend space, time, form, or color. Blue worlds are places of magic and mystery, medicine and power, holding the color of the sky and the waters and the hottest of flames simultaneously. Wings summons their likeness into being with […]

The high desert’s monsoon season is one of starkly beautiful landscapes, and after the rain, the sunset sets the sky aflame against a still-gray earth. Wings summons the spirits of storm and sunset simultaneously in these dangling drop earrings, each a long, elegant cascade of landscape jasper set into bezels backed with a feathery pattern […]

The willow branch weeps green tears of joy, a celebration of the summer season. Wings evokes its shape and spirit in these long dangling drops. Each earring is cut freehand of sterling silver into a graceful rectangle, filed smooth, then hand-milled in a leafy pattern that calls to mind the frond-like leaves of our lush […]

Mother Earth wears a ribbon shirt of streaming blue waters and silvery light. Wings honors her regalia, and the beauty of our natural world, with these spectacularly mobile earrings built around a matched pair of high-grade ribbon turquoise cabochons. The stones manifest in the warm dusky shades of rock and sand and dust, pale ivory […]

We are bound to a braided earth, our Mother’s brown locks wound with ribbons of water, adorned with rosettes beaded by summer flowers. Wings summons both the beauty of this indigenous land and the twining of our spirits with it in this pair of bold, earthy earrings built around a pair of stunning high-grade ribbon […]

In the desert, not all flowers sleep at night; twilight petals open themselves to purple skies and a silvery moon. Wings summons the spirit of such delicate yet hardy blossoms with these earrings in the colors of desert asters and moonlight. Each earring wrought of hand-milled sterling silver in a simple, elegant floral pattern, then […]

The night willow sings a whispering lullaby to the world. Here in this land of the willows, Wings pays tribute to the beauty of their song with earrings that honor their form and shape. These drops are simultaneously strong and delicate, anchored by a pair of spectacular oval lapis lazuli cabochons in the indigos and […]

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