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No matter the length or turns of the path, the way always leads home. Wings fashions this good road out of sterling silver and freehand stampwork, each curve and loop and switchback leading to shelter and safety beneath an amethyst twilight sky. The pair os formed of four lightly tapered sterling silver tabs of equal […]

Stormclouds come to together to embrace the Sacred Directions, to replicate the steps down to ceremony and steps up to emergence, each leading in its own way to the light, and reminding us that there is a space in the sunlight for us all. Wings alternates up with down around centering suns with these earrings, […]

In the early days of autumn we are privileged to witness magic, as the leaves turn from the top and the sun gilds the trees with green and gold flame. Wings honors the fading fire of the green and the rich amber glow of fall with these earrings set with sunbursts and pendants to dance […]

As winter now looms near, the dawn reminds us that the sun is the fire at the heart of the frost, keeping our world warm and alive. Wings awakens flames and frost alike with this pair of earrings that capture the very heart of an autumn dawn. The focals are backed by a single sheet […]

This is a space and season when night is born of flame, a crimson sun descending a scarlet sky before the fall of the black velvet dark. Wings brings together the scarlet sun and the jet expanse in a setting as silver and shimmering as any constellation of stars. The focal setting is all of […]

One of the rare gifts of autumn in this place is the green glow of guiding stars, those of morning and evening shimmering against a flawlessly clear gradient that runs from indigo to jade to gold. Wings recreates the gradient, and the stars that shimmer and dance within it, with these extraordinary jewels stacked into […]

The moon is a light for the indigo hours, illuminating our path at day’s beginning and end. With these earrings, Wings puts paired moons in their rightful place atop four-cornered cobalt skies lit from within and without by the silver shimmer of stardust. Each dangling drop is formed of a single set of conjoined bezels, […]

The earth for which this place is known is micaceous, a rich autumnal red clay naturally infused with flecks of pure magical light. Wings strings together all the fall colors of rich red earth and light with these earrings of stacked and fiery jewels. Each dangling drop consists of a graduated series of rounds , […]

The points of the stars are where we find direction, those tiny diamond beads of light that show us which way to go. With these earrings, Wings draws these points of light down from the sky to assume wearable form. Each flared and mobile drop is formed of three pieces, all cut entirely freehand, then […]

At the center of ceremony sits a sacred fire, flames burning clean and bright, smoke the medicine of prayers and healing. Wings ignites two new flames in the pit with these earrings, masterpieces of ajouré cutwork excised with the signifiers of ingress and egress to sacred space. Each drop is cut freehand in the flowing […]

The tail of a comet is fiery glowing ice, a mix of stardust and rain. Wings summons into existence two of these silver-streak harbingers of change to come with these earrings, each dancing drop a radiant silver flame always in motion. Each earring is cut entirely freehand from sterling silver using a filament-thin blade in […]

Between sun and clouds, above a world in flower, is the glowing expanse of a silver sky. Wings brings together storm and light and lines of growing medicine with these classic earrings that meld traditional slab and concha styles in a work of motion and depth. These dancing drops begins as perfectly saw-cut rectangles of […]

A world in harmony is one that holds a space for medicine. With these earrings, Wings summons the First Medicine, water, and the sacred spaces that hold it into bold cascades of sterling silver. Each dangling drop consists of four pairs of thunderhead symbols, eight in total per earring, each pair conjoined at their open […]

True winter arrives on the flames of a cold silver fire, a chill so deep it burns as bright as the light of the most distant star. Wings honors the season and the extremes of its elemental gifts with these earrings, stylized teardrops that shift and shimmer and dance like pure silver flame. Each is cut […]

A winter’s flame dances with all the hammered-silver glow of snow and ice in the low-angled light. Wings sets the season ablaze with these simple, spare earrings in the shape of the fire itself. Each dangling drop is cut entirely freehand from sterling silver, sides graceful, gradual arcs that terminate in curving points. Each is […]

A winter’s fire requires the best kindling, dry and pitchy, rich and ready to burn. With these gorgeous gemstone bead earrings, Wings evokes these slender strands of local wood, resinous, beautifully fragrant, and ready to burst into flame. At the center of each sits a pale and beautifully marbled orb of fossilized coral, manifest in […]

Winter evergreens are ornamented by juniper berries, bright blue jewels of beauty and medicine. Wings honors them and the trees that bear their powerful fruits with these earrings, dangling strands of beads strung on sterling silver wire. Each drop is centered by a large round ocean jasper focal bead in glossy marbled shades of dark […]

In high desert elevations, the the greatest gift is the rain in flower, its petals returning a thirsty earth to its full blossoming beauty. In this time of deepening drought, Wings summons the image and spirit of rain and flower together in a pair of earrings that also pay tribute to the third of the […]

An illuminating love warms and guides our whole world. Wings honors the heart of Father Sun and the Eye of Spirit alike with these fiery earrings, built around a pair of extraordinary cabochons of highly-polished spiny oyster shell the color of flame. Each gentle throated heart cabochon rests in a scalloped bezel, trimmed with twisted […]

Summer skies adorn themselves with ribbons of rain, a regalia of medicine and abundance. Wings sets our small world’s beautiful dress front and center with these freeform earrings of beautifully contrasting ribbon turquoise. The cabochons are stylized teardrops, sharply angled at their bases for a geometric look, each in a warm earthy clay color webbed […]

Summer is the season of storm and fire, of cobalt clouds and molten copper sunsets. Wings summons them all into a vortex of color and spirit with these dangling earrings. Each is built around a composite focal cabochon of brilliant blue lapis lazuli and shimmering strands of copper webbing. Each is set into a scalloped […]

At the heart of the rain flows the First Medicine. Wings honors medicine, mechanism, and the love of the spirits underlying it all with these earrings, centered around a pair of stunningly beautiful Bisbee turquoise cabochons in the  shaped of throated hearts. Each stone is the perfect blue of the morning desert sky, finely webbed […]

The gift of the Water Bird is a blessing beyond price. Wings calls together the elements of its path with these earrings, long, tall triangles in a tipi shape, scored freehand on all sides with a chisel to create a border. Gracefully flowing symbols trace the bottom and sides, a mix of water and smoke […]

The Eye of Spirit guides and illuminates, granting us not daydreaming but day dreaming, a portal into other worlds even beneath the brightest blue skies of the daylight hours. Wings honors their shapes and shades and spirits with these earrings, each a trio of such symbols of wisdom and the visions toward which they guide […]

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