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The warmer winds bring Dragonfly, here to perform a dance for the dawn, wings ashimmer in the light. Wings captures the soft glow of a summer sunrise with these earrings embodying the small summer spirit of flight. Each dragonfly is formed of a length of slender but solid sterling silver triangle wire, meticulously hand-stamped down […]

Summer wind spirits shimmer with the silvery blue of water and sky. Wings summons these tiny messengers into being in life-sized form by way of these delicate dragonfly earrings. Each dragonfly’s body is formed of sterling silver pattern wire in a vaguely Art-Nouveau floral pattern reminiscent of Mucha’s work, each rolled flat, hand-cut at the […]

The worlds of spring and summer flower in sunpetals of warmth and light. Wings evokes source and act alike with these earrings, a pair of bold dangling petals of hand-cut sterling silver built around fiery red orbs at the center. Each drop is shaped halfway between an ellipse and a crescent, a flowering ray of […]

Summer brings us the gift of flowering worlds, alive and fertile and awash in petaled light. Wings evokes orbs and blossoms both with these dynamic earrings, near-perfect spheres hand-milled in a profusion of wild blooms. Each dangling drop is formed from a bold sterling silver concha, ever so slightly oval in shape and fully three-dimensional […]

Dawn takes flight on silver wings, bearing the orb of a chrysalis sun. Wings summons the sun and the transformative spirit of the day with these butterfly earrings, newly emerged from the cocoon of night. Each drop drifts gently from side to side, its flared top and bottom adance in sharp relief. At the center […]

Warm nights are lit by moondrift, a soft cool glow floating gently overhead on wings of silvered stardust. With these butterfly earrings, Wings invokes the illuminating light of a translucent moon, set across the sky on the crystalline arc of night. Each earring dances in place, three-dimensional wings flared and defined to refract the silvery […]

Summer nights descend beneath the gentle warmth of a hovering twilight. With these butterfly earrings, Wings evokes the feel of a mid-year dusk, fluttering gently downward like the gently folding wings of a butterfly at rest. Each drop holds wings still gently flared, their surfaces pleated and etched in sharp relief around round, highly-domed amethyst […]

Our world soars on warm silver winds and floating azure skies. Wings gives form and life to wind and sky and the small spirits that inhabit them with these butterfly earrings, all graceful silver wings holding at their heart perfect blues of summer skies. Each dangling drop flares elegantly at top and bottom, winglines articulated, […]

In a time of climate change, in a drought-prone high desert, rain for Mother Earth is life itself. Wings honors water and earth and gift alike with these earrings, a pair of dangling drops wrought in the old traditional way, long and reflective of the light. Each earring begins with a square Skystone cabochon in […]

If blue is the worldwide color of conflict resolution, in places of high desert, the heavens deliver peace from the sky. Wings evokes this land’s vaulted expanse and the sense of serenity that accompanies it with these earrings formed of spectacularly large single beads. Each bead consists of a pair of paper-thin veneers of turquoise […]

Water is life in the high desert, and always, there is peace in the rain. Wings summons the serenity that accompanies the storm with these earrings, beaded in the most elemental sense. Each drop is formed of a single extraordinary bead composed of paper-thin veneers of robin’s-egg blue turquoise, patched and webbed here and there […]

Spring arrives on wings of rain, the better to pollinate for summer. Wings summons a namesake of sorts, paired, in these earrings, shimmering silver butterflies adorned with solitary blue raindrops. Each dangling earring flares, top and bottom, like the wings of the small spirit of the warming winds, each line pleated in three dimensions, repoussé-fashion. […]

The spirits of summer arrive on wings of wind and light. Wings summons silvery butterflies into being with these earrings, each a repoussé representation of the traditional butterfly concha. Each drop consists of a trio of flared “wings” turned sideways, with paired flared segments of head and body at the center. Tiny round loops rise […]

In the darkest hours of the night, the cosmos illuminates our path with the icy blue-white glow of starlight. Wings summons the spirits of the stars themselves in this sixth entry in the revival of his signature series of earrings that honor the light, Stars appearing in their most ancient traditional form, animated by the cold […]

This is a place of extremes, of harsh weather and harder winds that create a mysterious phenomenon of dust light, our world illuminated in shades of earthy silhouette behind a veil of sand and smoke. Wings’s fourth entry in his signature series, revisited, of earrings that honor the light evokes the hazy shimmer of such […]

The spirits have granted us the gift of firelight, a glow to illuminate our surroundings even as it warms body and soul alike. The fourth in this, Wings’s signature series of earrings that honor the light, honors the blessings of the fourth element, fire, in traditional form around a less common jeweled spirit. Each drop is […]

Our days are born in the fiery golden glow of the dawn light, warm and timeless as flowing amber. In the third entry in this revival of his signature series of earrings that honor the light, Wings pays tribute to the illuminating fire of the sunrise by way of an old traditional style wrought in […]

Sunset here is as red as the willows, dusk light as translucent as flame. In the second of his newest entries in his signature series of earrings that honor the light, Wings summons the scarlet glow of the late-day sky in this traditionally-designed pair accented with twilight fire. Each drop is a perfectly circle domed […]

In the high-altitude desert air of Red Willow, daylight is the color of silver and Skystone, pure clear turquoise with a radiant glow. Wings resumes his signature series of earrings that honor the light with this small, elegant pair wrought in traditional materials and style. Each drop is a perfectly circle domed from beneath, repoussé-fashion, […]

The Water Bird is a figure simultaneously sacred and a part of our lives, one whose spirit has long appeared in Wings’s personal tradition and one that he has long infused into his work. These representations of this powerful wingéd being seem to belong wholly to the winter season, feathered spirits able to transcend the snow […]

Our winter Earth stands snow-spangled and strong in an evergreen light. With these earrings, Wings pays tribute to the wintry warriors of the steepest slopes, now covered in snow and decorated for holidays every day. These sparkling drops are cut freehand from hand-milled silver in a vertical repeating pattern that looks for all the world […]

The translucent blues of the winter light are a gift, a bit of mystery and magic in the deep cold dark of the season. Wings draws the light down to earth with these earrings, focused around a matched pair of stunning Labradorite teardrops banded with clear shades of cobalt and indigo. Each stone rests in […]

In the cold season, the night fire is warmth and life. With these earrings, Wings coaxes it from the very earth itself in shades of crimson and jet, backlit by shimmering silver light. Each drop is built around a wedge-shaped cabochon of Red Creek jasper in bold dusky reds shot through with bold bands of […]

Like our aspens in October, these earrings dance at the edge of autumn. Wings summons them into being in shape and shade alike, a pair of lightly free-form teardrop turquoise cabochons in a soft and gentle green, each with bits of autumnal amber and gold matrix encroaching at the edges, just enough to make the […]

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