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It this elevation, it seems possible to touch the clouds, the storm tipping its wings in feathers of rain and light. With these earrings, Wings catches both their luminous radiance and the grace of the falling First Medicine. Each dangling drop is saw-cut freehand from lightweight sterling silver, flared shapes terminating in a mirror-image pair […]

It is the falling petals that most perfectly catch the rain and light. With these earrings, Wings captures their graceful drift as they dance with drops of water and the shimmering glow of the sun. Each dangling drop is saw-cut freehand from lightweight sterling silver, flared shapes terminating in a mirror-image pair of inverted stair-stepped […]

Spring is the season of branches and bark, of transformation from bare bones to leaves and lush fronds once more. With these distinctive earrings, Wings honors both in a form and shape that are at once alike and uniquely different. Both dangling drops are saw-cut freehand from lightweight sterling silver, their flared shape terminating in […]

In a world increasingly in conflict, we need to find a space within the light of peace and conduct ourselves accordingly. With these earrings wrought freehand in the shape of the modern symbol, Wings honors thelight, the symbol, and that which they represent, and urges us to work toward such ends daily. Each dangling drop […]

We live in the land of raining sun, where the thunderheads of monsoonal storms play hide-and-seek with the brightest orb in the sky. Wings gives form and flow to rays and drops alike with these earrings, hand-wrought of sterling silver and fiery banded simbircite in the brightest shades of the dawn. Each dangling, dancing drop […]

Dawn takes flight on silver wings, bearing the orb of a chrysalis sun. Wings summons the sun and the transformative spirit of the day with these butterfly earrings, newly emerged from the cocoon of night. Each drop drifts gently from side to side, its flared top and bottom adance in sharp relief. At the center […]

Our world soars on warm silver winds and floating azure skies. Wings gives form and life to wind and sky and the small spirits that inhabit them with these butterfly earrings, all graceful silver wings holding at their heart perfect blues of summer skies. Each dangling drop flares elegantly at top and bottom, winglines articulated, […]

Light on the water shows us the radiance of the First Medicine. With these earrings, Wings honors the seafoam greens of crest and wave, and the shimmer of a silver sun that holds them in an otherworldly embrace. Each drop is saw-cut in a shape reminiscent of mirrored fans, each feathery ray of light scored […]

Storm medicine comprises many gifts: the water, the light, the beauty and power of elemental forces that keep our world alive. With these earrings, Wings honors the rain, the haunting light, and the sheer raw beauty of sky and what grows from its gifts. Each dangling drop is saw-cut and scalloped freehand, an Eye of […]

The nights when autumn dances with the chill of early dark is the season of the Little Winter moons, an ethereal drift of magical light across a cold clear sky. With these earrings, Wings honors the shimmering orbs that light the first fall of the small snow, large and close and whispering of the real […]

In an elemental land, dawn and dusk animate our days and nights with a spirit of fire. With these earrings, the newest in Wings’s intermittent signature series of old-style radiant drops, he honors the central glow of the sun’s flames, as well as the warmth and illumination they provide for our survival. Each dangling drop […]

In a volcanic land of lakes and rivers carved through mountains emerged from timeless seas, of formations built atop ancient shell mounds, the alpine prairie flowers bloom with the first wild petals of summer. With these earrings, Wings summons spirits older than time to dance with newborn blossoms in the fiery shades of genuine sponge […]

The moon rests on a blanket of stars spread to the four directions. With these earrings, Wings places a jeweled version of Grandmother at the center of her sky, with silvered stars shooting along their heavenly trajectory beneath her. Each bold dangling drop is hand-milled in a line-and-dot motif hat seems to follow the path […]

Leaves robed in red and gold drifts and dance like flames on fall winds. With these earrings, Wings evokes the spirits of autumn, of scarlet leaves and low golden light eddying together on the chill whirlwind of an early dusk. Each long, dangling drop is built around a focal cabochon of vibrant Red Creek jasper, […]

Alpine night skies deliver a long rain of stars, from those that fall to those that merely allow us a glimpse of their distant light. With these earrings, Wings pays tribute to that which lights the darkened skies, and to the sacred space of the world that holds its glow for us. Each long, dangling […]

Sometimes we need protection from the winds that seem to buffet us from all directions. Sometimes, great gifts and blessings arrive on those same winds. Wings captures the dichotomous nature of our journey around the hoop with these earrings, jet-black onyx and silver polished so highly it’s nearly white, that embody the power of the […]

Solar flares deliver to us the medicine of a mystical light, igniting the aurora borealis and setting our skies alight with color and fire. With these traditional concha earrings. Wings pays tribute to the sun that is their source, to the untamed energy they emit, and to the extraordinary forms of illumination they create. Each […]

As the darkness of night recedes, the new day arrives in skies of radiating light. With these earrings, Wings honors the lights that illuminate the brightest hours and the dark ones, too, all in an old traditional style. Each lightly-domed drop is a perfect circle, saw-cut and formed, repoussé-fashion, into a classic concha. Two hoops, […]

All the blue moons are mystery and magic, their very existence a rare gift. With these earrings, Wings honors their uncommon appearance, and the mystical nature of what they represent. Each dangling drop is formed of a large oval of sterling silver, saw-cut freehand and domed lightly from the reverse to assume their traditional concha […]

From summer monsoons to winter cold, from broad daylight to dark of night, atmospheric magic delivers the gift of a rainbow of light. With these traditional concha earrings, Wings pays tribute to the extraordinary prisms of color that the human eye can see, set at the center two separate old-style stampwork designs. Both set the […]

We live safe in the embrace of Sun and Moon and Morning Star, celestial spirits to light our way and warm our world. With these traditional concha earrings, Wings honors all three elemental powers of the skies, and the ancient village over which they watch, day and night. Each earring is saw-cut freehand in a […]

The spirits have granted us the gift of firelight, a glow to illuminate our surroundings even as it warms body and soul alike. The fourth in this, Wings’s signature series of earrings that honor the light, honors the blessings of the third element, fire, in traditional form around a less common jeweled spirit. Each drop is […]

Our cosmos dances to and through the shimmer of stardust blues: infinite, eternal, new stars born in shades of cobalt even as old ones collapse into an ethereal cloud of glowing midnight. With the newest pair in his informal series of classic concha earrings, Wings pays tribute to the journey of cosmic worlds, new and […]

Right at this moment, in a nebula older and more distant than time itself, a new star is being born, ready to add its light to the cosmos. With the latest in Wings’s informal series of classic concha earrings, he evokes the shimmer and honors the ancient stardust of which our celestial lights are born. […]

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