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The map of our world is inscribed upon a precious earth, one that yields the shimmer of silver to the light. Wings brings together earth and light and the lines, long and lasting, writ by time, in this traditional collector’s spoon. Cut freehand of sterling silver as a single piece, its surface is hand-milled in […]

The winds bring a gift to Mother Earth, adorning her robes with scattered petals of high-desert wildflowers. Wings gathers the petals, and a few whole blossoms too, to shimmer in the light along the length of this miniature collector’s spoon. Cut freehand of sterling silver in an old traditional style and shape, the piece features […]

Like that found in mineral springs and sacred lakes, rivers of rain bring medicine water to the world. Wings calls together clouds and rainfall and watershed alike in this miniature collector’s spoon, sized to deliver its medicine at a personal level. Cut freehand from sterling silver in a classic traditional shape, both bowl and handle […]

Spirit animals can carry us places we would never be able to go on our own, and bring to us the spirits that inhabit other realms. When they do, it’s powerful medicine. Native peoples have carried medicine in hand-made flasks since the dawn of time, and this flask, authentic in every detail, invokes the spirits […]

He is an elder among elders, a dancer, a long-haired spirit being. This figurative piece combines multiple natural elements with an inspiriting sense of motion to create a single dynamic, unifying form. Head and upper body are hand-crafted of sterling silver bearing images of power: His head bears the forces of the sacred directions; his […]

A stunningly variegated chert blade is the focal point of this handmade traditional knife. Fashioned of mulberry-colored siltstone shot through with warm gold-colored inclusions and tiny quartz-like flecks in deep reds and purples. Dried sinew fastens the blade securely to the deer-antler handle, which is set at the end with an old natural piece of […]

Sacred space can be structural, bounded by the corners of lodge or kiva. It can also be metaphorical, a state of being, whether within one’s own spirit or shared with another through the bonds of marriage. Wings honors all of these forms of sacred space with this tribute to one of the Pueblo’s ancient traditions: […]

The wedding vase is an ancient and traditional Pueblo symbol of love and commitment. Wings pays tribute to it, and to the timeless blessings of love itself, with this miniature version crafted entirely of sterling silver. The body of the vase presents a mirror image, top and bottom, each section embraced by the same hand-stamped […]

It’s a play on words and double meanings in a piece that represents the flavoring of life: of the body, and of the spirit. It’s a miniature salt shaker made entirely by hand, a tool to season the food that sustains us, styled and shaped in an homage to the seasons that sustain the world […]

Medicine is found in lodges and sacred spaces, and beneath the spirits of the skies. Here, it is found beneath the light of the Morning Star, placed at the center of this miniature bowl and surrounded by open lodge symbols that join to form the rays of a central sun. A repeating pattern in the ancient […]

The Morning Star guides us from the world of dreams to the world of the day. Here, her image is formed from four long Eyes of Spirit reaching out from a small center hoop. Her rays touch the plants as they open to the dawn, and cast their light upon the mountains that embrace the […]

Many Native peoples trace their origins to a place of emergence, a vortex or void deep in the earth or beneath the waters, from which their own First People arose eventually into the light of this world we collectively call Turtle Island. With this miniature collector’s spoon, one designed to mark the birth of a […]

In our cultures, this world is not the only one: There is the world of dreams, of course, mediated by the spirits, but there are also the worlds of past and future, linking us with the ancestors and our grandchildren’s grandchildren by way of the unbroken line of life’s sacred hoop. Wings has created an […]

Diamond patterns represent Spirit’s own Eye, and here, they send an arrow flying straight and true, directing one’s path from vision to fruition. With this collector’s spoon, Wings honors the fact and the process of dreams and visions and of bringing them into being. The spoon’s handle is hand-cut into the shape of an arrow’s […]

In many traditions, the sky is a sacred space, a place where Spirit dwells. Here, Wings pays tribute to its role in indigenous cosmologies with this sterling silver collector’s spoon. It’s a spoon designed the old way, with a subtly shaped oblong bowl, more reminiscent of a butter knife than of its contemporary counterparts, but […]

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