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The Seventh Fire Series

The Golden Eagle, the largest of the indigenous raptors that serve as messengers and guides, is known as The War Eagle. It is he whose presence instills courage in the hearts of the warriors, he who lends his powers of swiftness and accuracy to their efforts. Wings honors the great spirit bird with this coil […]

True resistance requires a thorough grounding; it requires firm deep roots from which to draw sustenance and strength. When one is rooted in history, in tradition, in the power and spirit of the ancestors, one is granted the spiritual abundance needed to resist on behalf of the people. Wings pays tribute to such roots, and […]

While the outside world considers it a bad thing, to our peoples, uprising is the natural act for a spirit imbued with courage: defense of the people; protection of children, elders, the vulnerable; a willingness to stand up when required even as one remains rooted firmly in one’s ancestral tradition. Wings infuses this coil with […]

Bravery can exist in one act, but courage is a way of the heart. True leaders know this, and live their lives accordingly. Blue is the color of leadership, of loyalty to community and fidelity to cause. Wings brings concept and character together in this coil bracelet formed of cobalt-blue and white sodalite nuggets, interspersed […]

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