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The Humility Collection

Our world, and our place in it, are powered by the twin forces of rotation and revolution, keeping the earth anchored in the proper space and time. Rotation keeps us humble, ensuring that we do not lose our place in the universe, while revolution teaches humility in the form of requiring us to look outside […]

We stand humble in the face of the laws of physics, forces and spirits that teach us the humility needed to cope effectively with our largely earthbound existence on this plane. Wings honors the law of gravity, its force and power and strength that keeps us safe, in a spiraling descent of ethereal light. The […]

The Sky Spirits hold the powers of warmth, of illumination, even of life itself; they teach us humility by the gift of their presence, and by our powerlessness in their absence. Wings summons the beauty of these beings into jeweled form around a spiral of pure light. At the center of this coil lie representations […]

We are kept grounded by the movement of the earth, a tectonic shift of epochal proportions that creates the world in which live, and teaches us humility via lessons of scale of time. Wings evokes this seismic process with a coil centered around the children of fire: an expanse of seven ovaled barrel beads formed […]

Little teaches us humility as effectively as extremes of weather and climate. With this spiraling spangled coil, Wings calls upon these powerful forces for aid in weathering the elements. Each end begins with tiny polished free-form nuggets, little more than chips of sky blue turquoise in earthy matrix, each separated from the brilliance of more […]

Our ways teach us to respect the lessons of the wheel, the winds, and the Sacred Directions, powers and animating spirits far stronger than we who show us the value of humility in the face of cosmic forces. Wings pays tribute to these cardinal powers with a spiral of gems in the colors assigned to […]

Seasons and time are eternal, forces that teach us humility by their very endurance, humbling us in the face of their inexorable power. They teach us, too, to deal with impermanence: of weather, of youth, of troubled times and good ones, too. Wings honors their lessons in this coil of jewels, anchored at either end […]

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