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The Generosity Collection

The seventh coil in Wings’s Generosity Collection represents what is often the greatest gift of all: Time. The spirits grant us time to walk upon the earth; in turn, we are charged with giving generously of our own time to others, particularly the younger generations who need help to learn the people’s traditions and ways […]

The harvest season is when Mother Earth is at her most generous, and an abundant harvest is one of the gifts of the spirits that our peoples have sought since the dawn of time. Wings captures the colors of autumn’s gifts with this coil, a whirlwind of turned leaves and ripened Indian corn. Segments of […]

The spirits charge us to be generous with our fellow persons, which is only right; after all, the spirits are generous to us. At the most fundamental levels, they offer us life: not merely our own lives, our own journey around the sacred hoop, but the living world that surrounds us, manifest in the four […]

The spirit of generosity compels us to offer a gift when we seek a favor; it shows respect. It’s customary, when seeking the blessing of the spirits or the assistance of our fellow man or woman, especially an elder, to offer a small gift in the form of tobacco. It shows respect and gratitude, and […]

Sometimes, we have little in the way of material goods, but that does not mean that we have nothing to give, either to others or to Spirit. In our way, it is customary to make an offering to the spirits at prayer: a little cedar or sage smoke, a little sweetgrass, a little tobacco, sacred items offered as […]

Among many of our peoples, one of our most lasting traditions is the Giveaway, a celebration in which food, clothing, blankets, and other items are given away to members of the community by a person the community is honoring, or in honor or memory of a another community member. It’s an expression of gratitude, of […]

Tradition is a gift of the spirits to us, and a gift from us to future generations: ancestry, history, culture, language. Tradition is our identity at the level of blood and bone and spirit, an identity that is ours alone, passed down through millennia by way of DNA and prophecy, story and ceremony, and it […]

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