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The Coiled Power Collections

Visions are sources of wisdom and guidance, of prophecy and power. In our cultures, they are to be sought, and heeded, too. With this coil bracelet, Wings summons the symbolism of visionary worlds and the guidance they offer us in creating a better world for the generations yet to come. At either end, four smooth-polished […]

In some cultures, a sage is a seer, a spiritual leader revered for his or her powers of wisdom and foresight. In ours, sage is equally mystical, a medicine given to us in the form of a plant by which, dried and lit with flame, we cleanse our world and ourselves, and seek the wisdom […]

We depend upon Sun and Moon to light our path, to warm our world and brighten our days. Wings honors their luminary power with this coil bracelet, a spiral of pure sunlight in the many colors it wears over the course of a single day. It begins with rough-cut nuggets of bright yellow African opal at either […]

The Red Road is a place of symbol and metaphor, a path of wisdom and a life lived well. For some, it is that which we call the Tipi Way; for others, it refers to sobriety; for still others, it denotes the way in which we are given to go well through life. Wings honors […]

The seventh coil in Wings’s Generosity Collection of the Seventh Fire Series represents what is often the greatest gift of all: Time. The spirits grant us time to walk upon the earth;l in turn, we are charged with giving generously of our own time to others, particularly the younger generations who need help to learn […]

The harvest season is when Mother Earth is at her most generous, and an abundant harvest is one of the gifts of the spirits that our peoples have sought since the dawn of time. Wings captures the colors of autumn’s gifts with this coil, a whirlwind of turned leaves and ripened Indian corn. Segments of […]

The spirits charge us to be generous with our fellow persons, which is only right; after all, the spirits are generous to us. At the most fundamental levels, they offer us life: not merely our own lives, our own journey around the sacred hoop, but the living world that surrounds us, manifest in the four […]

The spirit of generosity compels us to offer a gift when we seek a favor; it shows respect. It’s customary, when seeking the blessing of the spirits or the assistance of our fellow man or woman, especially an elder, to offer a small gift in the form of tobacco. It shows respect and gratitude, and […]

Sometimes, we have little in the way of material goods, but that does not mean that we have nothing to give, either to others or to Spirit. In our way, it is customary to make an offering to the spirits at prayer: a little cedar or sage smoke, a little sweetgrass, a little tobacco, sacred items offered as […]

Among many of our peoples, one of our most lasting traditions is the Giveaway, a celebration in which food, clothing, blankets, and other items are given away to members of the community by a person the community is honoring, or in honor or memory of a another community member. It’s an expression of gratitude, of […]

Tradition is a gift of the spirits to us, and a gift from us to future generations: ancestry, history, culture, language. Tradition is our identity at the level of blood and bone and spirit, an identity that is ours alone, passed down through millennia by way of DNA and prophecy, story and ceremony, and it […]

A warrior spirit is the spirit of the truly brave individual, one who devotes him- or herself to a life lived well, as the ancestors have given to us to do, one who calls upon the ancestors and the other spirits for courage, wisdom, guidance, strength. Wings honors this spirit, and the spirits who make […]

War paint is a tool, a weapon, a way of bolstering the strength and courage of one’s own spirit. It’s also a way to instill fear and trepidation into the hearts of the opposition, and way to honor and invoke the powers of the spirits who guide and protect us. We add it to our […]

Every warrior knows the importance of a strong heart. It’s a way of living, one that calls upon the ancestors for courage and guidance, one that is willing to put aside personal risk to defend the vulnerable, one that is steadfast in commitment to cause and community. Wings pays tribute to this virtue, and to the […]

The Golden Eagle, the largest of the indigenous raptors that serve as messengers and guides, is known as The War Eagle. It is he whose presence instills courage in the hearts of the warriors, he who lends his powers of swiftness and accuracy to their efforts. Wings honors the great spirit bird with this coil […]

True resistance requires a thorough grounding; it requires firm deep roots from which to draw sustenance and strength. When one is rooted in history, in tradition, in the power and spirit of the ancestors, one is granted the spiritual abundance needed to resist on behalf of the people. Wings pays tribute to such roots, and […]

While the outside world considers it a bad thing, to our peoples, uprising is the natural act for a spirit imbued with courage: defense of the people; protection of children, elders, the vulnerable; a willingness to stand up when required even as one remains rooted firmly in one’s ancestral tradition. Wings infuses this coil with […]

Bravery can exist in one act, but courage is a way of the heart. True leaders know this, and live their lives accordingly. Blue is the color of leadership, of loyalty to community and fidelity to cause. Wings brings concept and character together in this coil bracelet formed of cobalt-blue and white sodalite nuggets, interspersed […]

The night fire is a source of warmth, of light, of ceremony. Wings honors the tending of it in this coil bracelet in the colors of the flame that lights the dark hours. Orange-red rondels of sponge coral wind around larger geometric spacer beads of blood-red branch coral interspersed with bright sparks of pyrite, shining […]

The cloud serpent is made of water, tendrils of rain uncoiling amidst the thunderheads to bring life to the earth. Wings captures its likeness in this coil bracelet. Cloud-white clam shell heishi disc beads, the color and shape of the fluffy white tops of the thunderheads, anchor it at either end. The center is formed […]

Pueblo peoples hold Corn Dances every year. Some dance specifically to honor the spirit of the blue corn, that beautiful variant of Indian corn whose jeweled kernels manifest in a spectrum of whites, yellows, greens, blues, and purples, sometimes all in the same ear. Wings captures its brightest shades in this col bracelet, a spiraling round dance […]

Some of the most powerful medicine comes from Mother Earth herself. Wings honors her gifts with this coil bracelet, a spiral of small earthy jewels and gems. At the center sit large doughnut rondels and barrel beads of soft green turquoise in the shade of the leaves and grass and medicine plants of the summer season. […]

Here in this place, the rain comes in search of its own dreams. It seeks transformation into a jewel of the earth even as it hopes to join the blue depths of the sacred lake. Wings captures this whirl of visions spiraling on the storm in a coil bracelet in the colors of the water: three hoops […]

Late summer and early autumn are the season of the bears, and the fiery hour of dawn is their time. Here, two small Southwestern hump-backed bears emerge to search for sustenance around a hoop of the world dressed in the colors of the sunrise. The hoop itself is a spiral of memory wire, designed to fit […]

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