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The Coiled Power Collections

The most powerful air of winter is that which arrives as the north wind — fast, cold, fierce, and capable of a capricious spiraling force. With this coil bracelet, Wings summons this elemental power into a circle of eddying shades of snow and ice, storm and light. At the very center sits a focal round […]

Winter’s gentlest side comes at twilight, snow drifting in shadows, the white dancing with the blues and purples of a darkening sky. With this coil bracelet from his latest small seasonal series, Wings summons all the shades of a winter’s night into the snowdrift spiral. At the center sits a bold freeform chunk of polished […]

Autumn here is a season of all souls but of precious little water, making a fall storm that rarest of events, arriving on the trickster wind like a rain of spirits. With this coil bracelet, Wings summons those spirits of rare jewels and extraordinary elemental forces to dance in the spiraling path of the winds. […]

Fall is the time when the fire burns at break of day, the sparks of a scarlet sunrise rolling back the dark skies of night. Wings creates a radiant whirlwind of light and color with this coil bracelet in all the shades of autumn dawn. At the center are giant focal beads of luminous fire […]

It may be a season of clear skies, but autumn arrives on a trickster wind through turning leaves here now. With this coil bracelet, Wings summons skies, wind, leaves, and all the shades of fall into a whirling vortex of rich color and light. At the center of the spiral are two large focals of […]

This is a world made of red clay and gold dust, earthen adobe walls shimmering like the fabled cities of gold in the fiery autumn light. Wings summons the old stories and the magical earth that makes up plaza and homes alike into a vortex of fall reds and golds, spiraling into shape in this […]

In this place, a winter’s fire finds its fully actualized form in the bonfire, a beacon that heralds the holidays and calls us home. Wings gives form and shape to this seasonal phenomenon in phenomenally beautiful fashion with this spiral of coiling gemstone flame. At the very center sit four rough and rustic, lightly polished […]

In this mountainous land, winter storms produce an evergreen whirlwind, boughs circling and dancing as their tops whisper and sing. Wings summons them to the storm and the dance with this coil bracelet manifest in the colors of the wooded slopes in winter. At the center sits a segment of large, luminous orbs of ocean […]

Within the currents of warming winds, the world is reborn. With this coil bracelet, Wings calls the gale into a spiraling cascade of renewed and renewing color and light. The focal beads consist of five chunky nuggets of glowing gold-lip mother-of-pearl shell scattered at intervals around its vortex. At the center, two are linked by […]

Snow cedes space to sun as the lat of the winter light gives birth to a world newly green. Wings draws snow and sun and shades of grass together in a spiraling hoop with this coil bracelet studded with ancient materials and glowing gems. At its center, four focal nuggets of chunky yellow quartz quartz […]

Truth lives in the illuminating fires of prophecy, and prophecy tells us that The People must live, with honor and bravery, wisdom and a good heart, through seven stages of the world. When we inhabit and transcend the Seventh Fire, we shall emerge into the Eighth, a world of whole and harmonious Indigenous sovereignty and […]

Our obligations extend to the seventh generation and beyond, but its is given to us to know the truth of that future only distantly, through the wisdom and illumination of dreams, visions, prophecy. Wings gives form and shape to the symbolism of such transcendent gifts of the spirits in the luminescent spiral of this coil. […]

We seek wisdom in our daily lives and hope that our acts accord with it, but the truth of our existence will be actualized only in the seventh generation. Wings honors the future of our grandchildren’s grandchildren and the sacredness of their spirits in this coiled hoop of identity and renewal. Each ends is anchored […]

We seek truth through prayer, through petitioning the spirits in the sacred fire of ceremony. Wings honors the fire, its purpose and effects, in this spiraling coil of flame. Manifest in the colors of the fire itself, it begins, small and red, with tiny freeform nuggets of angelskin branch coral that extend into larger freeform […]

We find truth in medicine, from the plants and the animals and more ephemeral spirits. Wings pays tribute to the power of traditional medicine to heal the body and restore harmony to the spirit by way of this coiling, curing circle of color. It begins at either end with the first medicine, water, that which […]

Truth may be found in the sacred hoop, infinite and eternal, journey and existence alike. Wings calls the wisdom of its experience into being with this coil, a winding hoop of symbolic color and traditional beauty. It begins with the darker shades at either end, represented in some traditions as black and in others as […]

The ancestors, the clans, and the gifts of the spirits are all sources of the truth of our existence. With this coil, Wings pays homage to these building blocks of not only our cultures and lifeways but our very selves, wrought in a continuous circle of ancient materials woven with the reds of identity and […]

In our way, respect is not merely a commandment but a way of daily life, one that extends not merely to people or the spirits but also to our other relatives, the animals and the plants, and to stewardship of Mother Earth herself. Wings summons the spirits of the natural world to assemble in spiral […]

Indigenous cultures are built upon respect for the elders, for the wisdom and experience acquired over the course of a life well lived. With this coil, Wings pays tribute to the central role they play in our traditions, and to the lifeways that insist upon their honoring, in the materials and shapes and shades of […]

Some of our cultures show respect, whether for those still living who have accomplished much on behalf of the people or those who have walked on, with an honor song. Traditions vary, but some call upon the powers of elemental and cosmic spirits to protect the well-being of the person or spirit in whose honor […]

The spirit bowl is a traditional means of marking special occasions, of acknowledging the lives of those who have walked on and demonstrating respect for more elemental spirits, too. Wings blends the bold tones of traditional black-on-white and micaceous pottery with an earthy mix representing water and light and the warmth of tradition, all coiled […]

In our way, to give an offering is to show respect: acknowledgment and gratitude and honor to those from whom we seek assistance, whether people or spirits. In some of our cultures, even the artistic and cultural embodiment of animal and other spirits may hold an offering bundle, a collection of feathers or gemstones or […]

In our cultures, humbling oneself before the elders and the spirits by donning a blanket or a shawl are signs of respect. Each plays its own role in our traditions and lifeways, whether as elaborately spangled and brilliantly-hued regalia for dancing or in modest and muted tones for solemn occasions and events. Wings captures their […]

The eagle feather carries our prayers to spirit; as a gift, it is an honor conferred, a sign of respect for the person who has earned it. Wings calls its power into the spiraling hoop of this coil bracelet, one strung with gifts of the earth in the mottled earthy tones of Eagle’s own robes. […]

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