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The Coiled Power Collections

Summer is traditionally the season of river, flood, and crest, the great winding ribbon of water receiving the gifts of the rainy season, gathering force and speed, creating rippling waves and whitewater caps here and overflowing its own banks there. With this coil bracelet, the final entry in his signature Elementals series, Wings gathers the […]

Summer here is the season of water and flame, of the light manifest in the magic of a storm-tossed wildfire sky. With this coil bracelet in Wings’s newest collection, he summons dawn’s smoky sun to the circle to dance with the pink berry moon of the post-monsoonal night, and all the stages of the light […]

In the rainy season, the storm gathers in towers of clouds, then uncoils to the sound of thunder across the peaks, melding mountain and monsoon into a single mysterious manifestation of medicine power. At the center sit the mountains themselves, powerful giants forested in the rich green of Columbia jade rondels flanked by ultra-high-grade aquamarine […]

The long light days of summer here are spent in the presence of a wild earth medicine, upon rolling meadows of wildflowers and amid the red willows rustling in the wind. With this coil bracelet, Wings calls to the circle all the shades of stalk and petal, of the rippling greens and the red of […]

In spring here, the snowpack melts, the runoff unspools across the earth with the very breath of life, and the thaw becomes the river, running high and fast.  With this coil bracelet, Wings summons seasonal change and transformative power into the vortex, their shapes and shades and spirits of water and light thence to feed […]

Spring delivers new green and a profusion of wildflower petals like flame, Indian blanket and paintbrush and tea turning an alpine meadow into a firewheel prairie. Wings honors the medicine of these spirits of flowering indigenous beauty in this coil bracelet, strung with all the shades of the first blooms of the season. At either […]

Spring here is the season of trickster winds, of powerful dry gales that birth a dustlight sky. With this coil bracelet, Wings summons the signifiers of sky, wind, dust, and light to the vortex to dance as one. The center focal segments of the coil consist of quartets of large round impression jasper in marbled […]

If winter is the true season of rebirth, what flowers from an earth reborn is the singular gift of spring: the gold of alpine dandelions and all the pastel shades of white and pink and purple in the chokecherry and apple, pear and plum trees that bead a green new-growing land. With this coil bracelet, […]

In a high-desert land still webbed by great rivers and blue lakes, one of the most hauntingly beautiful gifts of the winter storm is snowdrift across cracked ice. With this fourth and final bracelet in his limited signature series, The Winter Elementals:  Water, Wings summons all the power of the winter storm and the snowdrift […]

On the coldest days of winter, the brightest fire burns overhead in the arc of a sun dog sky. With this coil bracelet, Wings calls to the circle all the iridescent flames birthed by altitude, water, and light that the world knows as the magic of the sun dog. At the center sit four giant […]

Winter’s gentlest side comes at twilight, snow drifting in shadows, the white dancing with the blues and purples of a darkening sky. With this coil bracelet from his latest small seasonal series, Wings summons all the shades of a winter’s night into the snowdrift spiral. At the center sits a bold freeform chunk of polished […]

The most powerful air of winter is that which arrives as the north wind — fast, cold, fierce, and capable of a capricious spiraling force. With this coil bracelet, Wings summons this elemental power into a circle of eddying shades of snow and ice, storm and light. At the very center sits a focal round […]

Autumn here is a season of all souls but of precious little water, making a fall storm that rarest of events, arriving on the trickster wind like a rain of spirits. With this coil bracelet, Wings summons those spirits of rare jewels and extraordinary elemental forces to dance in the spiraling path of the winds. […]

Fall is the time when the fire burns at break of day, the sparks of a scarlet sunrise rolling back the dark skies of night. Wings creates a radiant whirlwind of light and color with this coil bracelet in all the shades of autumn dawn. At the center are giant focal beads of luminous fire […]

It may be a season of clear skies, but autumn arrives on a trickster wind through turning leaves here now. With this coil bracelet, Wings summons skies, wind, leaves, and all the shades of fall into a whirling vortex of rich color and light. At the center of the spiral are two large focals of […]

This is a world made of red clay and gold dust, earthen adobe walls shimmering like the fabled cities of gold in the fiery autumn light. Wings summons the old stories and the magical earth that makes up plaza and homes alike into a vortex of fall reds and golds, spiraling into shape in this […]

In this place, a winter’s fire finds its fully actualized form in the bonfire, a beacon that heralds the holidays and calls us home. Wings gives form and shape to this seasonal phenomenon in phenomenally beautiful fashion with this spiral of coiling gemstone flame. At the very center sit four rough and rustic, lightly polished […]

In this mountainous land, winter storms produce an evergreen whirlwind, boughs circling and dancing as their tops whisper and sing. Wings summons them to the storm and the dance with this coil bracelet manifest in the colors of the wooded slopes in winter. At the center sits a segment of large, luminous orbs of ocean […]

Within the currents of warming winds, the world is reborn. With this coil bracelet, Wings calls the gale into a spiraling cascade of renewed and renewing color and light. The focal beads consist of five chunky nuggets of glowing gold-lip mother-of-pearl shell scattered at intervals around its vortex. At the center, two are linked by […]

Snow cedes space to sun as the lat of the winter light gives birth to a world newly green. Wings draws snow and sun and shades of grass together in a spiraling hoop with this coil bracelet studded with ancient materials and glowing gems. At its center, four focal nuggets of chunky yellow quartz quartz […]

Truth lives in the illuminating fires of prophecy, and prophecy tells us that The People must live, with honor and bravery, wisdom and a good heart, through seven stages of the world. When we inhabit and transcend the Seventh Fire, we shall emerge into the Eighth, a world of whole and harmonious Indigenous sovereignty and […]

Our obligations extend to the seventh generation and beyond, but its is given to us to know the truth of that future only distantly, through the wisdom and illumination of dreams, visions, prophecy. Wings gives form and shape to the symbolism of such transcendent gifts of the spirits in the luminescent spiral of this coil. […]

We seek wisdom in our daily lives and hope that our acts accord with it, but the truth of our existence will be actualized only in the seventh generation. Wings honors the future of our grandchildren’s grandchildren and the sacredness of their spirits in this coiled hoop of identity and renewal. Each ends is anchored […]

We seek truth through prayer, through petitioning the spirits in the sacred fire of ceremony. Wings honors the fire, its purpose and effects, in this spiraling coil of flame. Manifest in the colors of the fire itself, it begins, small and red, with tiny freeform nuggets of angelskin branch coral that extend into larger freeform […]

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