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Cuffs and Links and Bangles

It is the Dawn Star who brings the day. Wings pays tribute to her power and gift with this slender cuff bracelet. the focal point is a sizeable hand-made bead of sterling silver ingot, a three-dimensional spheroid that evokes the shape of the sky and is centered by a rising Morning Star created by separate […]

A monumental cabochon of red flower jasper serves as the focal point of this magnificent unisex cuff. The stone, a warm, earthy rose shade with a mulberry and charcoal matrix of dendritic wildflower blossoms, is set into an elevated scalloped bezel, trimmed with twisted silver, and accented with a tiny chatoyant tiger’s eye cabochon at one […]

Hawk is a messenger: He flies on powerful wings across the thresholds between worlds; his feathers carry our prayers to Spirit. Wings has captured the raptor’s own spirit in this gracefully contoured anticlastic cuff, hand-wrought in the shape of the great bird’s own feather. It shaft is a line of matched thunderhead symbols, spokes reaching outward […]

The Skystone symbolizes the gift of the rain, drops hardened when they touch the earth. Sometimes, it embodies the storm, as well. Wings has wrought this extraordinary cuff from a turquoise cabochon of breathtaking beauty, rising above a sterling silver setting that captures the clouds. The stone is an oval of exceptionally high-grade webbed Kingman turquoise, of […]

A blue whirlwind links earth and water to sky, a vortex of power and a portal between worlds, a spiraling path of the spirits. The breathtaking cuff harnesses and holds a bit of its elemental force. Wings began with five solid strands of half-round wire, soldering them together into one substantial band. He stamped each […]

Fire purifies and cleanses, warms and heals. It’s the center of the Native home and the means by which we send our prayers to Spirit. It’s also the force that lives within our hearts, warrior spirit and visionary flame alike. Wings captures fire in all its forms and facets in this one simple and simple […]

Sometimes, stone and silver work together in perfect synchronicity. So it is with the elements that together constitute this classic hook bracelet: shade and symbol, substance and style all in one perfect whole that is far greater than the sum of its parts. At the center of the hand-made bezel lies a very, very old […]

Like the shining silver ribbons of the Quartzite and the Red River tributaries as they feed into the rapids of the Rio Grande, this solid sterling silver cuff of hand-rolled triangle wire parts one line into three and then merges them into again into a single flowing line. The band is simple and spare, with no […]

The Eye of Spirit guides dreamers to powerful visions, visits of and to the spirit world protected by Spider Woman’s own web. The Eyes follow the length of this cuff’s sterling silver band, safe within the lodge symbols that trace each outer edge. A large gemstone dreamcatcher of ultra-high-grade Kingman spiderweb turquoise rests protectively at center, a repoussé […]

Sometimes, all of the elements of a piece come together in a perfect reflection of Nature’s own elements. So it is with this cuff bracelet, handmade of heavy twelve-gauge sterling silver. Directional signs become visionary when centered around Eyes of Spirit in a complex symbol that repeats along the length of the band, scored on either […]

The Pueblo’s own peaks manifest in miniature in this slender silver cuff that evokes the northern ridgeline. Hand-rolled over heavy-gauge sterling silver triangle wire to create a mirrored effect, the band’s central summit slopes down into deep valleys that, like their real-life counterparts, yet rise again into lower ridges on either side. The subtle Florentine […]

Here, the mountains are living beings, spirits that stand guard over the people and this land. Their peaks and valleys contain natural kivas, secret sacred spaces where spirits dwell and power takes tangible form. This heavy-gauge triangle wire cuff bracelet, rolled and milled by hand and stamped in a positive/negative stepped pattern, pays tribute to those […]

It’s the desert’s most precious element, the one gift above all others that sustains life here. In the summer, it flows from the sky as monsoonal rain; in the winter, it’s the runoff from the snowpack ion the peaks that stand sentry over our daily lives. The waters take tangible form in this perfectly simple cuff: […]

Our dreams are the threshold between our contemporary existence and ways much older than memory. In many traditions, Spider Woman is the gatekeeper of such thresholds, and today, we still use the gift of her web to protect our dreams. Here, her ancient power is embodied in this spectacular cuff, hand-formed from a single piece of sterling silver and adorned with stones […]

We walk in two worlds, maintaining our connection to our own world and to the real sacred space of our traditions. This space is tangible, intangible, and wholly spiritual:  the space that lives forever in our hearts and spirits and ancestral memory. This cuff manifests this space in all its forms. The magical, mysterious lapis cabochon, […]

The Corn Maidens and other female spirits evoke the sights and sounds and smells of Summer, with its lush and fertile greenery. In some traditions, Summer is a time of journeys, of pilgrimages, or simply of the travel associated with planting and growing cycles, all manifested in this heavy-gauge  cuff bracelet. Hand-stamped symbols representing the Sacred […]

In the interstices inhabited by the elemental powers, Spirit catalyzes fire and ice, bringing them to life in our world, their full strength and power yet held back: a reminder that if we are careful, we may use their gifts rather than be consumed by them. Here, Spirit’s Eye traces the length of the band […]

Spirit mediates between our worlds in the interstices, in those shadowy regions inhabited by the elemental powers. Here, the storms of water and air trace the band of this heavy-gauge triangle-wire cuff, coalescing in the fire of an off-set garnet cabochon.  Beneath the storm clouds, hand-stamped arrows break and fall to earth, flowering into blossom […]

Hand-stamped thunderhead symbols alternating in a positive/negative pattern meet at the apex of this heavy-gauge triangle-wire cuff. Crescent moons line either side of the inner band. At either end, the cuff is shaped and flattened, and marked with four sacred hoops in a running water design. Sterling silver $475 + shipping, handling, and insurance SOLD […]

Pueblo culture takes form in its stories of how the People came to be.  Some of the most foundational, the most elemental, tell of our relationship to the natural world, the sacred peaks and waters so wholly a part of our collective being.  Here, those stories assume tangible form in a cuff of heavy-gauge sterling silver triangle […]

Sometimes the stories and lessons in the symbols left for us by the Ancient Ones are simply reminders to be thankful:  for the storms that bring the rains, allowing life to blossom and thrive in the desert peaks and valleys.  Here, hand-stamped thunderheads line either edge of this heavy-gauge triangle-wire cuff, allowing the rains to […]

Our stories are ones of interconnectedness:  ancient symbols and patterns that link our present irretrievably to our history and our future, that link our own existence with that of our ancestors long ago and our descendants not yet born, even unto the seventh generation.  Such stories are woven into the sacred hoop of life, reminding us […]

The moon symbolizes the Sacred Feminine in cultural traditions the world over.  Among our peoples, she plays her own role, as counterpart to the sun, in sustaining the people through each night.  Even when she is new and dark, like a sacred hoop of mysterious jet, still she gives off ripples and waves of shimmering […]

Female spirits  are often associated with sustenance — with bringing gifts of rain, and with it, fertility and abundance. The moon, the archetypal feminine symbol, likewise connects them to the powers and blessings of night. Here, a large liquid pool of onyx, a stone of earth and evening, rests atop a hand-scored silver cuff. Smaller pools […]

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