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Cuffs and Links and Bangles

The way of medicine is a narrow path, but one of beauty and abundance. Wings blazes a trail in silver and stone with this slender cuff in an old classic, eminently traditional design, wrought out of heavy nine-gauge solid sterling silver and polished to a mirror finish. At the center sits an extraordinary small beveled square […]

A healthy Earth, flowering in the light, creates a world in harmony for us all. Wings honors both spirit and goal with this cuff bracelet, sterling silver in full flower. The band is scored freehand into seven separate spaces, a sacred number that in some traditions is the number of the directions, the clans, and […]

Late at night, in the world of dreams, you can feel the warmth of the Phoenix’s fire and the brush of the feathers of the Spirit Bird. With this cuff, Wings summons this otherworldly spirit and its powers of renewal into wearable form. The wide sterling silver band is hand-milled in a repeating pattern of […]

Wildflowers paint a summer earth with color and light. Wings summons a profusion in soft yet brilliant shades, scattered along the length of this cuff in sharp relief. The band is formed of sterling silver hand-milled in a repeating pattern of large blossoms, each formed of multiple bold teardrop-shaped petals and arrayed in a random […]

The storm delivers rainbow medicine, beauty and color flowering when the water meets the light. Wings summons each shade into a shimmering strand of silver with this stylized link bracelet. Each gently shaped rectangular link is milled by hand in a floral pattern, its Art Nouveau-ish loops and whorls standing out in sharply textured relief […]

The spirits are present at the dawn of creation, to lend their own wisdom and light. Wings brings together the birth, the illumination, and the radiant life in full flower with this cuff in solid, sculpted sterling silver. The focal point of the band is a series of five evenly spaced repoussé flowers, each a […]

Feather fans send our prayers aloft on tendrils of smoke, soaring on the light. Wings summons feathers and fans, prayers and smoke, into this curving arc of pure silver light. It begins with a medium-wide band of sterling silver, cut freehand and gently tapered at either end for a flowing line and comfortable fit. The […]

Prayer plumes turn everyday objects into offerings and works of ceremony. With this cuff, Wings turns a wide strand of silver into a bundle of these tiny silken down feathers, signs of honor and tools of medicine. It’s a cuff in the most archetypal sense, wide, simple, spare, substantial: a single sheet of sterling silver […]

We are bound to the ways of wind and light, like braids woven with silvered ribbons, never to unravel. With this cuff, Wings calls both element forces to the circle to show their strength and beauty. The band is formed of heavy nine-gauge sterling silver half-round wire, solid, substantial, with a graceful arc to the […]

The roots of medicine are all around us: in the earth beneath our feet, in the sky overhead, in the air and fire, wind and light. With this vintage-style cuff, Wings calls the roots from all directions to inspire us to create the medicine our world needs now. The work is wrought from a strand […]

Each day brings us a new world beneath skies of infinite possibility, from the rising to the setting of the sun. With this cuff, wrought in traditional style, Wings summons the spirits of dawn and dusk, blue skies webbed with clouds, and boldly delineated arrows to guide the way. This work begins with the silver, […]

Sagebrush spirits are pollinators, messengers — tiny beings and bringers of the water to the sagebrush violets and the purple sage. Wings gives three-dimensional form and shape to Dragonfly and his wings, setting him amid a profusion of petals glowing in the desert light. The cuff is a masterwork of traditional Indigenous metalsmithing, the band […]

Guided by the wisdom and illuminating power of Spirit, our aim will always fly true. With this cuff, Wings calls the arrows into the circle beneath Spirit’s eye, ready to find their mark. Wrought of heavy nine-gauge sterling silver half-round wire, the cuff is cut freehand at the very center to limn the edges of […]

We live by, in, of, and through our cosmologies: our origin stories, the biggest of bangs, where stardust and dreams collide and medicine is born. With this cuff bracelet full of not merely worlds but galaxies, whole and entire, Wings honors the stuff of which the universe is created and the form and shape it […]

In a hard world, the spirits guide us in finding the way. Wings summons their illuminating eyes, and the glow of sun from clouds emergent, to point the way along the length of this sterling silver cuff. Wrought of heavy sixteen-gauge sterling silver, the band is cut freehand in a graceful, gradual taper, widest at […]

From sacred waters medicine flows and grows. In this place, both the lake and the rain and snow that feed it are sacred: the first medicine, the one that allows all others to flourish. Wings honors them all with this cuff bracelet wrought in the shapes and shades of water and light and all that […]

It is a time of elemental change, Earth rising to link past and present and future in a sacred hoop of protection and survival. Wings links them in more tangible ways with this spectacularly complex cuff, one that fuses one of his very early pieces into a whole new work that honors elemental powers, sacred […]

The greening of the Earth finds full expression in summer, a manifestation of fertility and gift of renewal. Wings honors season and spirit with this bold new cuff of solid sterling silver, hand-milled in a flowering pattern and set with five spectacular green turquoise stones. The high-grade freeform center cabochon, likely from Colorado’s Evans Mining District, […]

From petaled vines and sweetgrass braids and red willow sacred hoops, whether ascending from earthen netherworlds or sacred springs in stories of emergence, or lowered from the stars in the sky, our peoples have always known that there is no beginning and no end, and that we inhabit multiple planes of existence. Wings brings together […]

At each end of the storm is a world of sun and light. With this cuff, Wings calls sunrise and sunset to the dance with the midday storm and the sacred directions. The spare, slender band is wrought of solid fourteen-gauge sterling silver, substantial but not heavy. Its entire outer surface chased with traditional thunderhead […]

Fanned smoke dances with the dust of the earth and the light of the sun to summon the echoes of an ancient medicine into our world anew. Wings honors the elemental forces and the oldest of ways with this new vintage-style cuff, crated through a texturizing technique called brazing. Solid sterling silver is cut and […]

The earth turns amid light and shadow and the beat of a butterfly’s wings. The light and shadow, messenger spirits and their motion, too, all come together in this vintage-style cuff by Wings wrought the old way. It’s a single slender band of heavy-gauge sterling silver, cut to size and length and then stamped freehand […]

Between each sunrise, a new path opens to us. Wings calls the sun and the parting clouds and the silver-lit road together in this vintage-style cuff bracelet, stamped entirely freehand and wrought in the old way. It all begins with a narrow strip of heavy-gauge sterling silver, solid and substantial, cut to size and length. […]

An interstellar glow connects our world to the universe that holds us all. With this cuff, Wings links stars and planets, nova and nebulae, in one silver namesake band of light. One in his new signature series of small stackable cuff bracelets, Bands of Light, this slender crescent of hand-hammered silver glows with the fire […]

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