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Cuffs and Links and Bangles

They are the stuff of dreams, spirit threads that form the warp and weft of vision and ceremony like slender, fragile filaments of light. Wings weaves them together in this delicate new cuff, the slimmest strand of solid sterling silver triangle wire, hand rolled and milled to three delicate threads in one: one raised to […]

It is a time of elemental change, Earth rising to link past and present and future in a sacred hoop of protection and survival. Wings links them in more tangible ways with this spectacularly complex cuff, one that fuses one of his very early pieces into a whole new work that honors elemental powers, sacred […]

When the lightning comes, it summons the elemental forces, renewing the world by the power of the storm. Wings pays tribute to its role with this new solid sterling silver cuff, rendered in heavy three-gauge cube wire. Deeply stamped linked bolts of lightning chase each other down the surface of the band, the blank space on the […]

Wind and water are two of the most potent elements of this place, forces that together hold and carry the power of the storm. Wings pays tribute to their combined power, and to the storm they create, with this new cube-wire cuff made of heavy three-gauge solid sterling silver. Vertical lines representing the winds are arrayed, […]

The square of the moon is one small equation in the algebra of light, a fraction of the heavens and a decimal point in the night, an elemental part of the mathematics of the cosmos. We sit at angles to her, gradients and curves that change with time and day and season, and still she remains […]

The earth warms and grows beneath the light. Wings honors both with this cuff made of sterling silver triangle wire, slender but solid. The apex of the band is accented with dozens of small stamps, rows and rays flanked on either angled side by a chased pattern of rising suns. At either end, the band […]

As in Grandmother Spider’s web, medicine is found in the sheltering sky: protection, healing, the holding of life itself by the webwork of clouds that carry the rain. Wings honors the power of sky and stormcloud, rain and web alike in this simple, elegant cuff. The band is formed of solid sterling silver triangle wire of […]

A shimmering silver river pools into three beautiful blue-green lakes in this brand-new cuff by Wings. The band is a solid sheet of sterling silver, hammered by hand in hundreds of strikes to create an effect not unlike light-dappled ripples on the surface of a flowing river. At the center, a large oval cabochon of […]

We are peoples born of a red sun. Wings honors its life-giving, life-sustaining power with three slender strands of silver braided together, flowing outward from a fiery carnelian orb. The outer strands are formed of slim lengths of half-round wire stretched gently outward at the center and bisected by a delicate strand of twisted silver, […]

The River of Stars flows like water across the night sky. Some call it the Milky Way; others, the bridge to the other world; still others, a way of connecting earth with the place where the spirits dwell, bringing dreams and visions, prosperity and life itself to those of us who follow its path from far […]

In the arid land of the high desert, the Rain Road is a place of fertility and abundance. Wings charts the path to this place of prosperity with this cuff wrought in the colors of rain and sky. It begins with four substantial strands of sterling silver triangle wire, soldered together into one smooth length […]

At Taos Pueblo, the turquoise sky fans out overhead like a heavenly shell, stretching to the corners of the world above above an arc of silver light. Wings captures its ethereal beauty and celestial dance in a masterwork that evokes the very old, classic, traditional style if his ancestors, reimagined for a new day. The cuff begins […]

In the monsoon season when the thunder rolls and the lightning flows, the rains fall from the four corners of the sky. Wings has captured season and sky in this elegantly spare cuff bracelet. The band, solid and substantial, is simplicity itself: formed of four heavy strands of sterling silver triangle wire soldered smoothly together, […]

The medicine wheel summons the powers of the four directions to our healing, while the eagle’s feather sends our prayers to Spirit. Wings brings their collective forces together in this breathtaking cuff bracelet, connecting the four winds to earth and sky, linking the place of our emergence with the place in the heavens where the spirits dwell. […]

It is in the eye of the storm that we are afforded a glimpse of its passing, when the clouds part momentarily to let the light descend. Wings has captured the glow of those rays in this anticlastic cuff, as big and bold as the storm itself, as bright as the light that transcends it. The […]

It is the Dawn Star who brings the day. Wings pays tribute to her power and gift with this slender cuff bracelet. the focal point is a sizeable hand-made bead of sterling silver ingot, a three-dimensional spheroid that evokes the shape of the sky and is centered by a rising Morning Star created by separate […]

A monumental cabochon of red flower jasper serves as the focal point of this magnificent unisex cuff. The stone, a warm, earthy rose shade with a mulberry and charcoal matrix of dendritic wildflower blossoms, is set into an elevated scalloped bezel, trimmed with twisted silver, and accented with a tiny chatoyant tiger’s eye cabochon at one […]

Hawk is a messenger: He flies on powerful wings across the thresholds between worlds; his feathers carry our prayers to Spirit. Wings has captured the raptor’s own spirit in this gracefully contoured anticlastic cuff, hand-wrought in the shape of the great bird’s own feather. It shaft is a line of matched thunderhead symbols, spokes reaching outward […]

The Skystone symbolizes the gift of the rain, drops hardened when they touch the earth. Sometimes, it embodies the storm, as well. Wings has wrought this extraordinary cuff from a turquoise cabochon of breathtaking beauty, rising above a sterling silver setting that captures the clouds. The stone is an oval of exceptionally high-grade webbed Kingman turquoise, of […]

A blue whirlwind links earth and water to sky, a vortex of power and a portal between worlds, a spiraling path of the spirits. The breathtaking cuff harnesses and holds a bit of its elemental force. Wings began with five solid strands of half-round wire, soldering them together into one substantial band. He stamped each […]

Fire purifies and cleanses, warms and heals. It’s the center of the Native home and the means by which we send our prayers to Spirit. It’s also the force that lives within our hearts, warrior spirit and visionary flame alike. Wings captures fire in all its forms and facets in this one simple and simple […]

Sometimes, stone and silver work together in perfect synchronicity. So it is with the elements that together constitute this classic hook bracelet: shade and symbol, substance and style all in one perfect whole that is far greater than the sum of its parts. At the center of the hand-made bezel lies a very, very old […]

Like the shining silver ribbons of the Quartzite and the Red River tributaries as they feed into the rapids of the Rio Grande, this solid sterling silver cuff of hand-rolled triangle wire parts one line into three and then merges them into again into a single flowing line. The band is simple and spare, with no […]

The Eye of Spirit guides dreamers to powerful visions, visits of and to the spirit world protected by Spider Woman’s own web. The Eyes follow the length of this cuff’s sterling silver band, safe within the lodge symbols that trace each outer edge. A large gemstone dreamcatcher of ultra-high-grade Kingman spiderweb turquoise rests protectively at center, a repoussé […]

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