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Cuffs and Links and Bangles

Light through red willows is part of this land’s indigenous magic, mystery, and medicine. With this cuff, Wings summons the spirit for which place and people are named, and channels the atmospheric glow for which this place is famed. The band is saw-cut freehand of sterling silver of a solid and substantial gauge, the center […]

Spring and summer bring our world alive with a flowering radiance. With this slender traditional cuff bracelet, Wings honors both the petals and the light that filters through them. The band is formed of heavy-gauge sterling silver half-round wire, convex on the outer surface and flat underneath. It’s stamped freehand, end to end, in an […]

In the alpine desert, living close to the sky brings with it the gift of luminous night. With this traditional cuff, Wings summons the spirits of midnight skies and honors their powers of illumination in a darkling world. This bracelet’s slender, elegant band is wrought of heavy-gauge sterling silver half-round wire, convex and the outer […]

Butterflies, small messengers who travel migratory paths, teach us that there are many ways open to us on our journey, and that change can be a gift. With this new and powerful masterwork of multiple silversmithing techniques, Wings has summoned the spirit of Butterfly and the messages she carries upon her wings to show us […]

Summer arrives in a warbonnet sky, bright blues feathered with clouds that become bringers of rain, to the drumming of thunder and the bright bolts of Thunderbird’s arrows. The band is formed of three separate heavy-gauge strands of sterling silver triangle wire, each strand’s upper angles stamped in repeating arcs, like the thunderheads that deliver […]

In an infinite universe, powerful spirits are always hard at the work of creating sky: sun and moon and stars; solar systems, galaxies, nebulae, and more; and of course the brilliant blue that watches over us in the daylight hours. With this cuff that blends tradition with bold contemporary style, Wings honors these spirits, their […]

We live beneath the arc of a cobblestone sky, pebbled with clouds, dust, and drops of rain, and held limned, day and night, in the silvery light. With this cuff, Wings calls down path of the overhead blue, the gifts of precipitation, and the framing light of sun, moon, and stars. The band is wrought […]

Before the snow flies, spirits of earth and sky dream Indian Summer dreams. Wings honors these visions and the spirits who dream them with his newest masterwork, a piece conceived in the deep symbolism of tradition and executed with 21st-Century élan. The focal point is a large, beautifully spiderwebbed rectangular cabochon of ultra-high-grade Black-Web Kingman […]

We live beneath the braided hoop of a sweetgrass sky, flowering blue and scented with the smoke from our prayers. Wings summons the symbolism of them all into a hoop of Skystone and silver with this cuff, an extraordinary arc of paired and braided sterling pattern wire set with an outsized cabochon of finely webbed […]

We are held safe within the light of the world, feet firmly grounded beneath the warmth and illumination of sun and moon and stars. With this old-style traditional cuff, Wings honors the earth that uplifts us and the spirits of light that keep our world alive. The band is wrought in vintage style, wide and […]

As our own bodies are made of stardust, like us, stars too are born of water, ushering power and light into being. With this dual-strand cuff bracelet built around an extraordinary stone, Wings honors stars and sky and deepest space, and the waters of life that move between them, from the most distant nebula to […]

Our oldest stories tell us of the origins of medicine: from the stars to the earth, in the waters of birth and the flowering of life and land. With this dual-strand cuff bracelet, Wings honors the stardust of which we are made, the cosmic waters that birth them as surely as us, and the medicine […]

We are ancient peoples upon a timeless earth, at once fragile and radiant, fractured by outside forces but possessed of a cosmic resilience. Wings pays tribute to the powers of our cosmos and our peoples with this cuff, wrought of sixteen-gauge sterling silver and ultra-high-grade Covellite with a matrix-line fracture that only adds to its […]

The arrow of twilight pierces first sky, then earth, drawing down the curtain of night. With this cuff, Wings pays tribute to those ethereal beauty of those liminal moments and the power of the forces that create them daily. The band, a classically slender strand of heavy-gauge sterling silver half-round wire, is chased down its […]

Skies and seas are bound together by the waters of life and a cosmic breath: the dust of the Guiding Star and the scales of the Water Serpent all infused with the First Medicine that is lifeblood and breath of our world. Wings summons them to the circle with this cuff, wrought of heavy nine-gauge […]

This is a land of elemental forces, historically a place of powerful spirits —a land where dwells the water, and the light. With this cuff, Wings honors the medicine of the sheltering radiance that attends the flow of the great river and the pooling of the bluest of lakes. The cuff is formed of heavy-gauge […]

Pond or lake, rain or river, the ebb and flow of the tides: When the water comes, it comes as the First Medicine. Wings honors the medicine as he summons the rains and the pooled waters of the bluest of lakes with this cuff, hand-wrought in eighteen-gauge sterling silver. The band is hand-scored on either […]

Here at Red Willow, working with the First Medicine is a process of weaving water, drawing down rain and river alike to flow across the land in silvery threads, taken up by the earth on its way to pool in the pond at the end of the ditch. Wings brings together pool and process alike […]

The way of Mother Earth is found in following the sun. Wings braids earth and sun, medicine and light together in three dimensions in this silky hand-scalloped cuff bracelet. The band is solid sixteen-gauge sterling silver, the gracefully flowing edges cut freehand with the filament-thin blade of a jeweler’s saw. Each scalloped curve follows the […]

Horses are celestial spirits; when they depart this plane, they ascend to join the flight of the star herd. With this extraordinary cuff, Wings memorializes our own paint horse, Miskwaki, whose hooves have been given eagles’ wings and who now races with his old herd across the Bridge of Stars. The band is wrought of […]

The storm dances and the First Medicine flows in the space of the spirits. Wings summons storm and rain and sacred space together into one wide shining band of hand-wrought sterling silver. Each edge of the band is hand-scored in a single deeply stamped line to create twinned borders. Within those edges, traditional thunderhead symbols […]

Our world sits at the crossroads of the stars, a cosmic map of the skies scribing lines and paths upon the earth below. With this cuff, Wings honors that greatest of stars in our solar system, the sun, tracing a band that falls from a jewel of a cross indigenous to this land, formed and […]

Places like this, so ancient as to be timeless, live in a sacred light. With this cuff, Wings honors places of ceremony and the path of the sun in creating such spaces of refuge and sanctuary. The band is formed of heavy-gauge sterling silver triangle wire of slightly extended length, one side of the apex […]

The Eye of Spirit oversees our humble acts of stewardship, watching the medicine grow and lending aid in the form of rain and light. With this cuff, Wings pays tribute to the Eye, the sight, the growth, and the medicine, all inextricably intertwined in a cosmology dedicated to a world in good health and harmony. […]

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