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This is a land of elemental forces, historically a place of powerful spirits —a land where dwells the water, and the light. With this cuff, Wings honors the medicine of the sheltering radiance that attends the flow of the great river and the pooling of the bluest of lakes. The cuff is formed of heavy-gauge […]

By rain or river, ocean, lake, or pull of tides, the veins of earth and sky carry the waters of life. With this cuff, Wings honors the spirits of earth and water, sky and storm that carry the lifeblood and breath of our very world. Wrought of heavy-gauge sterling silver half-round wire, the band is […]

In times of uncertainty and danger, it is by traveling the path of the old ways that we find our own way forward. With this vintage-style cuff bracelet wrought using multiple silversmithing techniques, Wings summons the substance and spirit of old ways and wisdoms that blaze a trail to a better world for future generations. The […]

Summer is traditionally the season of river, flood, and crest, the great winding ribbon of water receiving the gifts of the rainy season, gathering force and speed, creating rippling waves and whitewater caps here and overflowing its own banks there. With this coil bracelet, the final entry in his signature Elementals series, Wings gathers the […]

Prosperity unfurls in a process of uncoiling power, allowing medicine to flow across land and through life. With this latest entry in his longstanding signature series, Wings calls prosperity to the circle in the form of one of its traditional local bearers, known variously as Snake or Serpent. Wrought vintage-style from solid sterling silver, Serpent’s […]

Summer here is the season of water and flame, of the light manifest in the magic of a storm-tossed wildfire sky. With this coil bracelet in Wings’s newest collection, he summons dawn’s smoky sun to the circle to dance with the pink berry moon of the post-monsoonal night, and all the stages of the light […]

The Water Serpent teaches us to look beneath the surface, for there are whole worlds just beyond our immediate view, with roads to travel and places of shelter and ceremony awaiting our notice. With this cuff bracelet, Wings calls us to see the ways of the water and the spirit that dwells within them, the […]

In the rainy season, the storm gathers in towers of clouds, then uncoils to the sound of thunder across the peaks, melding mountain and monsoon into a single mysterious manifestation of medicine power. At the center sit the mountains themselves, powerful giants forested in the rich green of Columbia jade rondels flanked by ultra-high-grade aquamarine […]

The long light days of summer here are spent in the presence of a wild earth medicine, upon rolling meadows of wildflowers and amid the red willows rustling in the wind. With this coil bracelet, Wings calls to the circle all the shades of stalk and petal, of the rippling greens and the red of […]

True prosperity is found not in monetary wealth, but in a world that sustains us all, with scales of abundance that begin with clean air, warmth and light, and the water that is the lifeblood and breath of Mother Earth. With this cuff, Wings summons the waters’ guardian, the Water Serpent, resplendent in all of […]

It is not given to us to know which way the rain falls, but the spirits show us how to put its gifts to use. With this cuff, Wings calls the clouds and the rain into a circle studded with the symbology of guiding spirits and illuminating forces. Wrought of heavy-gauge sterling silver triangle wire, […]

The Eye of Spirit is a symbol of guidance, a signifier of the spirits who daily show us the way to a life well lived. Wings honors their image, and their aid, with this old-style silver cuff, saw-cut freehand in the shape of an arrow and stamped from end to end in traditional motifs. Its […]

Eagle’s gift is a gift of medicine, of healing and ceremony, of her own feather, the better to offer our smoke and prayers to Spirit. Wings summons the greatest of raptors to deliver her gift in this masterwork hand-wrought in solid sterling silver. The entire outer cuff is a single piece, saw-cut entirely freehand of […]

The way of Mother Earth is found in following the sun. Wings braids earth and sun, medicine and light together in three dimensions in this silky hand-scalloped cuff bracelet. The band is solid sixteen-gauge sterling silver, the gracefully flowing edges cut freehand with the filament-thin blade of a jeweler’s saw. Each scalloped curve follows the […]

In prayer and in ceremony, seeking the illumination of visions and the wisdom of dreams, the spirits shelter us in a lodge of shadows and light. With this vintage-style cuff, Wings places the lodge squarely between rays of sun and lines of shadow, with Eyes of Spirit guiding from either side. The cuff is wrought […]

Butterflies, small messengers who travel migratory paths, teach us that there are many ways open to us on our journey, and that change can be a gift. With this new and powerful masterwork of multiple silversmithing techniques, Wings has summoned the spirit of Butterfly and the messages she carries upon her wings to show us […]

Before the snow flies, spirits of earth and sky dream Indian Summer dreams. Wings honors these visions and the spirits who dream them with his newest masterwork, a piece conceived in the deep symbolism of tradition and executed with 21st-Century élan. The focal point is a large, beautifully spiderwebbed rectangular cabochon of ultra-high-grade Black-Web Kingman […]

We live beneath the braided hoop of a sweetgrass sky, flowering blue and scented with the smoke from our prayers. Wings summons the symbolism of them all into a hoop of Skystone and silver with this cuff, an extraordinary arc of paired and braided sterling pattern wire set with an outsized cabochon of finely webbed […]

In a land where water is the First Medicine, the waves and the Water Serpent are powerful forces indeed. Wings summons them to dance in a silvered arc with this cuff, wide and eminently traditional in style. The borders are scored freehand; the sweeping curves within it are wrought with Wings’s own hand-made stamps, and […]

The storm dances and the First Medicine flows in the space of the spirits. Wings summons storm and rain and sacred space together into one wide shining band of hand-wrought sterling silver. Each edge of the band is hand-scored in a single deeply stamped line to create twinned borders. Within those edges, traditional thunderhead symbols […]

The cosmos gives us ceremony, and medicine, in a lodge for every sun. Wings honors that sheltering circle of healing and the gifts of warmth and light with this traditional cuff, big, bold, and wide of band, every centimeter of its surface adorned with deep symmetrical stampwork. The cuff is cut out of solid sheet […]

It is in the eye of the storm that we are afforded a glimpse of its passing, when the clouds part momentarily to let the light descend. Wings has captured the glow of those rays in this anticlastic cuff, as big and bold as the storm itself, as bright as the light that transcends it. The […]

Late at night, in the world of dreams, you can feel the warmth of the Phoenix’s fire and the brush of the feathers of the Spirit Bird. With this cuff, Wings summons this otherworldly spirit and its powers of renewal into wearable form. The wide sterling silver band is hand-milled in a repeating pattern of […]

Prayer plumes turn everyday objects into offerings and works of ceremony. With this cuff, Wings turns a wide strand of silver into a bundle of these tiny silken down feathers, signs of honor and tools of medicine. It’s a cuff in the most archetypal sense, wide, simple, spare, substantial: a single sheet of sterling silver […]

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