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The midnight hours are the province of the Night Serpent, the one whose star-silvered scales shimmer in the rippling depths of darkened seas and skies. With this spectacular classic bolo set with an eye-dazzling finely-webbed stone, Wings evokes the Great Serpent’s jewel-like scales and coiled power, along with its associations with medicine, kept hidden beneath […]

Objects in space, from sun and stars to moon and earth itself, move by the work of orbital resonances, the gravitational pull between them setting their paths through the infinite. With this extraordinary old-style bolo, Wings honors the motion of celestial bodies, of the orbital paths and rotational forces that influence their mysterious journeys through […]

Beyond the reaches of a cloud-webbed sky, other planes and spirits hold the power of visions and prophecy, of our dreams in flower in this world. With this new and eminently traditional bolo, Wings honors petals and sky and the web that filters our dreams, allowing them all the power and potential and possibility of […]

With new weather and climate patterns comes rain int he dark hours, and the night medicine that flowers beneath its touch. With this single barrette, Wings honors the rains of the season, the spirits of the night skies, and the medicine that together they nurture into growth and full flower. The barrette is saw-cut freehand […]

In summer, stormy skies lead the earth spirits in a thunder dance. With this barrette, Wings evokes the gathering thunderheads’ song, Thunderbird’s arrows of light, and the children of the earth who rise to dance in the rain. This small single barrette is saw-cut freehand of sterling silver of a decently heavy gauge, rounded on […]

The protective force of the Eye of Spirit is one of wisdom, of seeing in the dark, of guiding us away from danger and toward the light. With this barrette pair, Wings honors the power of the Spirit’s Eye and the shimmer of sun and moon and stars that illuminate the place where it dwells. […]

At the center of the mountains, above the seas, in the embrace of the light sits our world, a world of medicine. Wings summons seas and sunlight and the shelter of the peaks into a hoop in miniature with this concha bolo, a traditional tie that’s big and bold and wrought of solid sterling silver. […]

Year-round, our world flowers anew beneath petals of rain. With this barrette pair, Wings honors the blossoming of the storm, and the bands of shimmering blues that are the rain’s arrival. Each barrette is cut to size and milled freehand in a looping floral motif that echoes the flowing grace of Art Nouveau style even […]

Dawn rises and dusk falls gently, on the wingtips of twilight. With this barrette pair, Wings evokes the feathery touch of the liminal spaces that bookend each day and sets them with jewels whose mysterious depths flash with blue fire. Each barrette is cut freehand of lighweight sterling silver and filed smooth, the surface hand-milled […]

A flowering fire is eternal; its petals never wilt, and its flames never die. Wings coaxes petal and flame into sharp relief with this barrette pair, hand-milled in a looping pattern that draws equally from the Art Nouveau grace of a century past and the bold, brash Flower Power life force from half as many […]

With an altered climate comes thunder at twilight, a phenomenon once as rare here as rain in the dark hours. With this barrette pair, Wings captures the gift of the deepest of blues and the promise of the First Medicine wrought in ancient imagery. Each barrette is saw-cut freehand of twenty-gauge sterling silver, its upper […]

No matter the weather or season, an evergreen medicine is with us year-round. Wings captures its shades and shapes and spirits with this pair of old-style barrettes, saw-cut freehand of 20-gauge sterling silver, their slender surfaces traced with deep, even stampwork and each set with a single jade cabochon in the color of spruce needles. […]

Spirit lines are tiny flaws deliberately placed in weavings or beadwork, an expression of humility and an acknowledgment that only Creator can produce something that is truly perfect. Wings turns his pair of vintage-style barrettes into their own spirit lines, small traditional works saw-cut of leftover twenty-gauge sterling silver created in one short go, allowing […]

Some of our fiercest battles are fought in and over dreams. Wings invokes the dream warrior and and the warrior’s art in this old traditional-style bow guard. It begins with a solitary concha from one of his old belts, a piece that has spent decades in his private collection: multiple layers of solid, heavy sterling silver […]

Summer wildflowers rise from green-tipped stalks to blossom and dance in the light. Wings summons these spirits of warmer winds in this barrette, hand-milled in a random profusion of silvery petals across a gently arcing rectangle of medium-gauge sterling silver. In the center of the barrette, a single round citrine rests in a saw-toothed bezel, […]

At Red Willow, the first snowfall rests upon an earth still mostly green. Wings brings the colors of a newly emergent earth to meet the last shades of summer in this vintage-style barrette, wrought in a traditional rustic style of heavy sterling silver set with a line of glowing gemstones. The barrette is formed of two […]

Occasionally, a piece begins as one vision and ends as another, and so it is with this concha-style barrette. Concha is the Spanish word for shell, and the stampwork indeed resembles tiny shells. But once the pick was added, this piece manifested itself as a much larger shell, that of Grandmother Turtle, who personifies sustenance: […]

In the desert, rain is the gift of life. In the midst of near-unprecedented drought, Wings honors the birth of the monsoon season with his latest barrette, formed of medium-gauge sterling silver in a gentle arc, hand-milled in a dot-and-dash pattern that evokes the vertical fall of the heavy summer rain. In the center, a […]

In this place, the storm carries its own light. Wings infuses its powerful radiance into stones and silver in this old-style barrette, a domed and highly stylized concha-like accessory held in place with an elegantly jeweled pick. At the barrette’s center lies a free-form Skystone, Bisbee turquoise in the colors of the thunderstorm: deep indigo clouded […]

Our ways honor women, and the cycles of the natural world. Wings pays tribute to both, and to the small powerful spirits who serve as the royalty of the winds, the monarch butterfly: she who undergoes a process of metamorphosis to become an avatar, a leader of her kind. It begins with a pair of […]

The summer wind brings the spirits of renewal, the pollinators who emerge from their cocoons to transform the earth. Here, Wings pays tribute to the soft and gentle power of winds and wings alike with a butterfly barrette, a way to keep this summer spirit close to one’s own. Head, body, and wings are all […]

At the threshold of autumn, the butterflies reappear: just for a moment, long enough to find each other, to mate, to produce their young before flying off to warmer climes. It is in the last warm days that their vision is realized, for it is this time that begins to fulfill the dreams of a late-summer […]

A round concha, lightly domed in the traditional repoussé fashion, forms this bolo’s decorative slide. Designed in a sunburst pattern, a deep green Skystone rests in a hand-made bezel, its sun’s rays radiating outward toward the hand-scalloped edges and terminating in tiny hoops. Each individual scallop is hand-stamped in a sunrise pattern of its own. […]

Keeping your sunglasses secure has never looked so coolly cultural. A Sleeping Beauty Skystone in a deep, dark blue centers this one-of-a-kind accessory. The cabochon is set into a sterling silver bezel, hand-cut and hand-stamped into the shape of a tablita in miniature, the ceremonial headdress of Pueblo spirit beings and the dancers who personify them. A bow of […]

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