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At the threshold of autumn, the butterflies reappear: just for a moment, long enough to find each other, to mate, to produce their young before flying off to warmer climes. It is in the last warm days that their vision is realized, for it is this time that begins to fulfill the dreams of a late-summer […]

Our ways honor women, and the cycles of the natural world. Wings pays tribute to both, and to the small powerful spirits who serve as the royalty of the winds, the monarch butterfly: she who undergoes a process of metamorphosis to become an avatar, a leader of her kind. It begins with a pair of […]

In this place, the storm carries its own light. Wings infuses its powerful radiance into stones and silver in this old-style barrette, a domed and highly stylized concha-like accessory held in place with an elegantly jeweled pick. At the barrette’s center lies a free-form Skystone, Bisbee turquoise in the colors of the thunderstorm: deep indigo clouded […]

Some of our fiercest battles are fought in and over dreams. Wings invokes the dream warrior and and the warrior’s art in this old traditional-style bow guard. It begins with a solitary concha from one of his old belts, a piece that has spent decades in his private collection: multiple layers of solid, heavy sterling silver […]

The summer wind brings the spirits of renewal, the pollinators who emerge from their cocoons to transform the earth. Here, Wings pays tribute to the soft and gentle power of winds and wings alike with a butterfly barrette, a way to keep this summer spirit close to one’s own. Head, body, and wings are all […]

Medicine is given to us as the rain: tiny drops infused with power and spirit. Wings pays tribute to the power found in small things with a set of sterling silver charms, each stamped with a different traditional symbol. Each is formed of a single perfectly round concha approximately 3/8″ across, lightly domed repoussé-fashion, a hole […]

A round concha, lightly domed in the traditional repoussé fashion, forms this bolo’s decorative slide. Designed in a sunburst pattern, a deep green Skystone rests in a hand-made bezel, its sun’s rays radiating outward toward the hand-scalloped edges and terminating in tiny hoops. Each individual scallop is hand-stamped in a sunrise pattern of its own. […]

Keeping your sunglasses secure has never looked so coolly cultural. A Sleeping Beauty Skystone in a deep, dark blue centers this one-of-a-kind accessory. The cabochon is set into a sterling silver bezel, hand-cut and hand-stamped into the shape of a tablita in miniature, the ceremonial headdress of Pueblo spirit beings and the dancers who personify them. A bow of […]

Occasionally, a piece begins as one vision and ends as another, and so it is with this concha-style barrette. Concha is the Spanish word for shell, and the stampwork indeed resembles tiny shells. But once the pick was added, this piece manifested itself as a much larger shell, that of Grandmother Turtle, who personifies sustenance: […]

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