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The Silverwork

In the darkest hours of the night, the cosmos illuminates our path with the icy blue-white glow of starlight. Wings summons the spirits of the stars themselves in this sixth entry in the revival of his signature series of earrings that honor the light, Stars appearing in their most ancient traditional form, animated by the cold […]

This is a place of extremes, of harsh weather and harder winds that create a mysterious phenomenon of dust light, our world illuminated in shades of earthy silhouette behind a veil of sand and smoke. Wings’s fourth entry in his signature series, revisited, of earrings that honor the light evokes the hazy shimmer of such […]

The spirits have granted us the gift of firelight, a glow to illuminate our surroundings even as it warms body and soul alike. The fourth in this, Wings’s signature series of earrings that honor the light, honors the blessings of the fourth element, fire, in traditional form around a less common jeweled spirit. Each drop is […]

Our days are born in the fiery golden glow of the dawn light, warm and timeless as flowing amber. In the third entry in this revival of his signature series of earrings that honor the light, Wings pays tribute to the illuminating fire of the sunrise by way of an old traditional style wrought in […]

Sunset here is as red as the willows, dusk light as translucent as flame. In the second of his newest entries in his signature series of earrings that honor the light, Wings summons the scarlet glow of the late-day sky in this traditionally-designed pair accented with twilight fire. Each drop is a perfectly circle domed […]

In the high-altitude desert air of Red Willow, daylight is the color of silver and Skystone, pure clear turquoise with a radiant glow. Wings resumes his signature series of earrings that honor the light with this small, elegant pair wrought in traditional materials and style. Each drop is a perfectly circle domed from beneath, repoussé-fashion, […]

The Water Bird is a figure simultaneously sacred and a part of our lives, one whose spirit has long appeared in Wings’s personal tradition and one that he has long infused into his work. These representations of this powerful wingéd being seem to belong wholly to the winter season, feathered spirits able to transcend the snow […]

Truth lives in the illuminating fires of prophecy, and prophecy tells us that The People must live, with honor and bravery, wisdom and a good heart, through seven stages of the world. When we inhabit and transcend the Seventh Fire, we shall emerge into the Eighth, a world of whole and harmonious Indigenous sovereignty and […]

Our obligations extend to the seventh generation and beyond, but its is given to us to know the truth of that future only distantly, through the wisdom and illumination of dreams, visions, prophecy. Wings gives form and shape to the symbolism of such transcendent gifts of the spirits in the luminescent spiral of this coil. […]

We seek wisdom in our daily lives and hope that our acts accord with it, but the truth of our existence will be actualized only in the seventh generation. Wings honors the future of our grandchildren’s grandchildren and the sacredness of their spirits in this coiled hoop of identity and renewal. Each ends is anchored […]

We seek truth through prayer, through petitioning the spirits in the sacred fire of ceremony. Wings honors the fire, its purpose and effects, in this spiraling coil of flame. Manifest in the colors of the fire itself, it begins, small and red, with tiny freeform nuggets of angelskin branch coral that extend into larger freeform […]

We find truth in medicine, from the plants and the animals and more ephemeral spirits. Wings pays tribute to the power of traditional medicine to heal the body and restore harmony to the spirit by way of this coiling, curing circle of color. It begins at either end with the first medicine, water, that which […]

Truth may be found in the sacred hoop, infinite and eternal, journey and existence alike. Wings calls the wisdom of its experience into being with this coil, a winding hoop of symbolic color and traditional beauty. It begins with the darker shades at either end, represented in some traditions as black and in others as […]

The ancestors, the clans, and the gifts of the spirits are all sources of the truth of our existence. With this coil, Wings pays homage to these building blocks of not only our cultures and lifeways but our very selves, wrought in a continuous circle of ancient materials woven with the reds of identity and […]

Our peoples call it by various names: the path, going well through life, the Good Red Road — different means of describing the way of the hoop. It’s the way of our ancestors, given to us by the spirits, a sacred path that, if walked carefully, with a good heart and a strong spirit, will […]

When you can’t think of the perfect gift for that special someone, let your loved one choose from a wide array of spirit-filled silverwork with an NDN Silver gift certificate.  It can be applied to works in existing inventory, or toward a special commission. May be purchased in any amount from $5o and up; whole […]

A sunlit cedar welcomes the winter light. Wings pays tribute to sun and season, tree and earth on which it stands, with this little pin cut freehand from sterling silver. The flared and scalloped trunk stands sturdy and firm, while the tips of the branches reach upward slightly, as though to meet the sun. The […]

A star-spangled spruce stands firmly rooted in the blue glow of a winter’s night. Wings coaxes tree, stars, and shades of a winter’s dusk into showing themselves with this small shimmering pin. The tree is cut freehand of sterling silver, with dancing boughs and a scalloped trunk. Radiant five-pointed stars, hand-stamped, spangle the branches, all […]

An icicled juniper shines with tinsel made of snow and light. Wings honors the shades of winter green and the power of the light with this tiny tree, cut freehand of sterling silver with upturned boughs and and flared trunk. The small but steady rays of the winter sun garland its branches as the scattered […]

A snow-wreathed fir stands strong in the blue of a winter’s twilight. Wings summons the spirits of tree and storm in this diminutive pin, a tree for the holidays adance beneath the falling flakes. Cut freehand from sterling silver, the little fir’s boughs are garlanded with chased symbols of a sun setting beneath the clouds. […]

Into the winter dawn and its fiery carnelian glow descends a tiny reindeer, ready for rest after a long night’s journey across a frozen earth and sky. Wings calls the a tiny member of the hoof clan into being to continue his ancestor’s tradition of giving via worldwide flight on a winter’s night. Like his […]

From a winter’s dusk a small reindeer rises, amid the garnet shades of twilight, to begin his flight across snow and sky. Rudolph’s tiny descendant continues his ancestor’s tradition of long flight in the dark of night, all in a most giving of spirits. Wings gives life to the newest reindeer, one whose red nose […]

We live by the light in a darkening world. Sometimes, it’s illumination of an answer to a prayer; at others, it’s the bolt of lightning that brightens our path in the storm. Wings summons light and bearer alike with this powerful necklace, one in which Eagle, the messenger of the spirits, transcends his usual heights […]

The spirits honor hard work and a life well lived in the old way by answering prayers for a prospering world. Wings evokes one of these spirits of prosperity in silver and stone by way of his own signature style: a hand-split cuff in the cold shape of Serpent, he who bears good fortune. This […]

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