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The Silverwork

Light through red willows is part of this land’s indigenous magic, mystery, and medicine. With this cuff, Wings summons the spirit for which place and people are named, and channels the atmospheric glow for which this place is famed. The band is saw-cut freehand of sterling silver of a solid and substantial gauge, the center […]

Spring and summer bring our world alive with a flowering radiance. With this slender traditional cuff bracelet, Wings honors both the petals and the light that filters through them. The band is formed of heavy-gauge sterling silver half-round wire, convex on the outer surface and flat underneath. It’s stamped freehand, end to end, in an […]

In the alpine desert, living close to the sky brings with it the gift of luminous night. With this traditional cuff, Wings summons the spirits of midnight skies and honors their powers of illumination in a darkling world. This bracelet’s slender, elegant band is wrought of heavy-gauge sterling silver half-round wire, convex and the outer […]

It this elevation, it seems possible to touch the clouds, the storm tipping its wings in feathers of rain and light. With these earrings, Wings catches both their luminous radiance and the grace of the falling First Medicine. Each dangling drop is saw-cut freehand from lightweight sterling silver, flared shapes terminating in a mirror-image pair […]

It is the falling petals that most perfectly catch the rain and light. With these earrings, Wings captures their graceful drift as they dance with drops of water and the shimmering glow of the sun. Each dangling drop is saw-cut freehand from lightweight sterling silver, flared shapes terminating in a mirror-image pair of inverted stair-stepped […]

Spring is the season of branches and bark, of transformation from bare bones to leaves and lush fronds once more. With these distinctive earrings, Wings honors both in a form and shape that are at once alike and uniquely different. Both dangling drops are saw-cut freehand from lightweight sterling silver, their flared shape terminating in […]

In a world increasingly in conflict, we need to find a space within the light of peace and conduct ourselves accordingly. With these earrings wrought freehand in the shape of the modern symbol, Wings honors thelight, the symbol, and that which they represent, and urges us to work toward such ends daily. Each dangling drop […]

Butterflies, small messengers who travel migratory paths, teach us that there are many ways open to us on our journey, and that change can be a gift. With this new and powerful masterwork of multiple silversmithing techniques, Wings has summoned the spirit of Butterfly and the messages she carries upon her wings to show us […]

We live beneath a Buffalo sky, mane made of dawn, a cloud-webbed blue and a gathering storm riding Thunderbird’s wings in his wake. With this extraordinary old-style collar necklace, Wings pays tribute to our beautiful elder brother, to the skies and the water and the wingéd spirits that drive it to the earth. The necklace […]

We live in the land of raining sun, where the thunderheads of monsoonal storms play hide-and-seek with the brightest orb in the sky. Wings gives form and flow to rays and drops alike with these earrings, hand-wrought of sterling silver and fiery banded simbircite in the brightest shades of the dawn. Each dangling, dancing drop […]

Summer arrives in a warbonnet sky, bright blues feathered with clouds that become bringers of rain, to the drumming of thunder and the bright bolts of Thunderbird’s arrows. The band is formed of three separate heavy-gauge strands of sterling silver triangle wire, each strand’s upper angles stamped in repeating arcs, like the thunderheads that deliver […]

Dawn takes flight on silver wings, bearing the orb of a chrysalis sun. Wings summons the sun and the transformative spirit of the day with these butterfly earrings, newly emerged from the cocoon of night. Each drop drifts gently from side to side, its flared top and bottom adance in sharp relief. At the center […]

The story of Grandmother Turtle is one of a world born of the waters, ensuring the First People’s survival. With this extraordinary necklace, Wings honors the ancient story, its First Peoples, this humble grandmother spirit, and the waters from which she raised a whole world on her shell. The pendant is saw-cut freehand into a […]

Our world soars on warm silver winds and floating azure skies. Wings gives form and life to wind and sky and the small spirits that inhabit them with these butterfly earrings, all graceful silver wings holding at their heart perfect blues of summer skies. Each dangling drop flares elegantly at top and bottom, winglines articulated, […]

In an infinite universe, powerful spirits are always hard at the work of creating sky: sun and moon and stars; solar systems, galaxies, nebulae, and more; and of course the brilliant blue that watches over us in the daylight hours. With this cuff that blends tradition with bold contemporary style, Wings honors these spirits, their […]

In the vastness of the space between worlds, Spirit Horse rides the arc of the sky. With this necklace wrought in vintage style to evoke the old traditional naja, Wings honors space, sky, and Spirit Horse in beautifully bejeweled fashion. The outsized pendant is not cast but saw-cut entirely freehand, its crescent stamped in alternating […]

We live beneath the arc of a cobblestone sky, pebbled with clouds, dust, and drops of rain, and held limned, day and night, in the silvery light. With this cuff, Wings calls down path of the overhead blue, the gifts of precipitation, and the framing light of sun, moon, and stars. The band is wrought […]

Light on the water shows us the radiance of the First Medicine. With these earrings, Wings honors the seafoam greens of crest and wave, and the shimmer of a silver sun that holds them in an otherworldly embrace. Each drop is saw-cut in a shape reminiscent of mirrored fans, each feathery ray of light scored […]

Love is marked by hearts aflutter, by the feeling of magic in one’s spirit, borne on the soft and gentle wings of a butterfly. With this extraordinary necklace, Wings honors the medicine of love, the beauty of fire and sky, and the deceptive strength and resilience of these wingéd messenger spirits. The pendant, big and […]

Before the snow flies, spirits of earth and sky dream Indian Summer dreams. Wings honors these visions and the spirits who dream them with his newest masterwork, a piece conceived in the deep symbolism of tradition and executed with 21st-Century élan. The focal point is a large, beautifully spiderwebbed rectangular cabochon of ultra-high-grade Black-Web Kingman […]

Storm medicine comprises many gifts: the water, the light, the beauty and power of elemental forces that keep our world alive. With these earrings, Wings honors the rain, the haunting light, and the sheer raw beauty of sky and what grows from its gifts. Each dangling drop is saw-cut and scalloped freehand, an Eye of […]

The Butterfly Maiden holds the light in her wings. In these ever-shorter days and lengthening dark, Wings summons her shape and gifts into being with this powerfully inspirited necklace. The pendant is cut freehand of solid sterling silver, forming the outline of her body wrought in stones arrayed to the Four Sacred Directions. Her body […]

We live beneath the braided hoop of a sweetgrass sky, flowering blue and scented with the smoke from our prayers. Wings summons the symbolism of them all into a hoop of Skystone and silver with this cuff, an extraordinary arc of paired and braided sterling pattern wire set with an outsized cabochon of finely webbed […]

One day beneath an alpine desert sky shows us all the shades of the sun, and all of the medicine of its warmth and light. With this necklace, Wings summons the fiery amber glow of the sunrise and the banded sunset flames to dance with the luminous shimmer that filters through the midday storm. The […]

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