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The Silverwork

The spirits are present at the dawn of creation, to lend their own wisdom and light. Wings brings together the birth, the illumination, and the radiant life in full flower with this cuff in solid, sculpted sterling silver. The focal point of the band is a series of five evenly spaced repoussé flowers, each a […]

The way of medicine is a narrow path, but one of beauty and abundance. Wings blazes a trail in silver and stone with this slender cuff in an old classic, eminently traditional design, wrought out of heavy nine-gauge solid sterling silver and polished to a mirror finish. At the center sits an extraordinary small beveled square […]

At the center of ceremony sits a sacred fire, flames burning clean and bright, smoke the medicine of prayers and healing. Wings ignites two new flames in the pit with these earrings, masterpieces of ajouré cutwork excised with the signifiers of ingress and egress to sacred space. Each drop is cut freehand in the flowing […]

The tail of a comet is fiery glowing ice, a mix of stardust and rain. Wings summons into existence two of these silver-streak harbingers of change to come with these earrings, each dancing drop a radiant silver flame always in motion. Each earring is cut entirely freehand from sterling silver using a filament-thin blade in […]

Between sun and clouds, above a world in flower, is the glowing expanse of a silver sky. Wings brings together storm and light and lines of growing medicine with these classic earrings that meld traditional slab and concha styles in a work of motion and depth. These dancing drops begins as perfectly saw-cut rectangles of […]

At each end of the storm is a world of sun and light. With this cuff, Wings calls sunrise and sunset to the dance with the midday storm and the sacred directions. The spare, slender band is wrought of solid fourteen-gauge sterling silver, substantial but not heavy. Its entire outer surface chased with traditional thunderhead […]

A world in harmony is one that holds a space for medicine. With these earrings, Wings summons the First Medicine, water, and the sacred spaces that hold it into bold cascades of sterling silver. Each dangling drop consists of four pairs of thunderhead symbols, eight in total per earring, each pair conjoined at their open […]

True winter arrives on the flames of a cold silver fire, a chill so deep it burns as bright as the light of the most distant star. Wings honors the season and the extremes of its elemental gifts with these earrings, stylized teardrops that shift and shimmer and dance like pure silver flame. Each is cut […]

The space between Spirit’s eyes is a place of refuge, a sanctuary filled with life in full abundant flower that extends to all directions. With this simple, spare traditional cuff, Wings combines the symbologies of sacred space and Spirit with the imagery of the directions, of illuminating guidance and the forces of abundance. Cut freehand […]

Feather fans send our prayers aloft on tendrils of smoke, soaring on the light. Wings summons feathers and fans, prayers and smoke, into this curving arc of pure silver light. It begins with a medium-wide band of sterling silver, cut freehand and gently tapered at either end for a flowing line and comfortable fit. The […]

Prayer plumes turn everyday objects into offerings and works of ceremony. With this cuff, Wings turns a wide strand of silver into a bundle of these tiny silken down feathers, signs of honor and tools of medicine. It’s a cuff in the most archetypal sense, wide, simple, spare, substantial: a single sheet of sterling silver […]

A winter’s flame dances with all the hammered-silver glow of snow and ice in the low-angled light. Wings sets the season ablaze with these simple, spare earrings in the shape of the fire itself. Each dangling drop is cut entirely freehand from sterling silver, sides graceful, gradual arcs that terminate in curving points. Each is […]

The earth turns amid light and shadow and the beat of a butterfly’s wings. The light and shadow, messenger spirits and their motion, too, all come together in this vintage-style cuff by Wings wrought the old way. It’s a single slender band of heavy-gauge sterling silver, cut to size and length and then stamped freehand […]

Between each sunrise, a new path opens to us. Wings calls the sun and the parting clouds and the silver-lit road together in this vintage-style cuff bracelet, stamped entirely freehand and wrought in the old way. It all begins with a narrow strip of heavy-gauge sterling silver, solid and substantial, cut to size and length. […]

An interstellar glow connects our world to the universe that holds us all. With this cuff, Wings links stars and planets, nova and nebulae, in one silver namesake band of light. One in his new signature series of small stackable cuff bracelets, Bands of Light, this slender crescent of hand-hammered silver glows with the fire […]

A stardust shimmer lights even the darkest night. With this cuff, Wings summons the glow of distant stars into a single crescent of silvered light. One in his new signature series of small stackable cuff bracelets, Bands of Light, this slim band of hand-hammered silver glimmers like the shine of a thousand stars in the […]

A sunrise radiance warms and illuminates our whole world. With this cuff, Wings forms and shapes the rays of the dawn into a lasting arc of gleaming silver light. One in his new signature series of small stackable cuff bracelets, Bands of Light, this slender arc of hand-hammered silver evokes the refractive rays of the […]

A dance with the dawn requires a song for the sun, sung to help our Father on his journey across the sky. Wings summons sun, song, and dance into the circle with this traditional concha belt buckle, big and bold and wrought of solid sterling silver. It’s a perfect orb with edges scalloped entirely freehand […]

The storm delivers rainbow medicine, beauty and color flowering when the water meets the light. Wings summons each shade into a shimmering strand of silver with this stylized link bracelet. Each gently shaped rectangular link is milled by hand in a floral pattern, its Art Nouveau-ish loops and whorls standing out in sharply textured relief […]

In this place, a winter’s fire finds its fully actualized form in the bonfire, a beacon that heralds the holidays and calls us home. Wings gives form and shape to this seasonal phenomenon in phenomenally beautiful fashion with this spiral of coiling gemstone flame. At the very center sit four rough and rustic, lightly polished […]

Sheltering warmth and a welcoming glow are found in the embers of a winter’s fire. With this necklace strung with shimmering stones and shells and scarlet wood, Wings summons the embers at all stages of the fire into the circle to share their warmth and light. At the center of the strand are four large […]

A winter’s fire requires the best kindling, dry and pitchy, rich and ready to burn. With these gorgeous gemstone bead earrings, Wings evokes these slender strands of local wood, resinous, beautifully fragrant, and ready to burst into flame. At the center of each sits a pale and beautifully marbled orb of fossilized coral, manifest in […]

The light of a high-desert autumn sets the land aflame amid the chill dance of Fall: early frost and sunset fire. Wings calls to the circle leaf and flame, frost and light, with this extraordinary necklace, a medicine shield manifest in the shades of season and time, wrought as a tribute to the winds and […]

In this mountainous land, winter storms produce an evergreen whirlwind, boughs circling and dancing as their tops whisper and sing. Wings summons them to the storm and the dance with this coil bracelet manifest in the colors of the wooded slopes in winter. At the center sits a segment of large, luminous orbs of ocean […]

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