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The Silverwork

The Eye of Spirit guides and illuminates, granting us not daydreaming but day dreaming, a portal into other worlds even beneath the brightest blue skies of the daylight hours. Wings honors their shapes and shades and spirits with these earrings, each a trio of such symbols of wisdom and the visions toward which they guide […]

Summer is the season of spirits dancing upon a green earth, guardians and guides whose gifts are prosperity and abundance. Wings summons the spirits to the song of the leaves and the drum of the earth’s heartbeat with these earrings, granted a stylized figurative form. Each earring is wrought in layers of 20-gauge sterling silver, […]

Heaven’s earth is warm and glowing, a welcoming destination for the desert’s summer rains. Wings draws the two together in a pair of elongated drops, stones of sand and sky joined together. Earrings are strung on sterling silver wire and hang suspended from sterling silver earring wires. Each is anchored at top and bottom by […]

The desert’s sky is purest turquoise, fallen to a richly marbled earth as hardened rain. Wings blends the magic of Skystone and sandstone in this necklace of glowing browns and blues. Strung on sterling silver bead chain with sterling silver findings, the strand is anchored at either end by tiny round orbs of impression jasper, […]

We live in a land of earth and sky medicine, rich red-gold clay veined with the first medicine, the waters that mirror the blue of the heavens. Wings brings earth and sky, water and medicine together in the embrace of a single necklace in all the colors and magic of our high-desert world. The piece […]

The night way is the path of dreams, a bridge to other worlds lit by a billion stars. Wings braids darkness and path and light together in a single cosmos with this necklace, beads and pendant in all the shades of the night. The pendant’s focal point is a free-form black jade cabochon of otherworldly […]

A single sunlit dewdrop summons the new buds to open in first flower. In this wildflower season, Wings brings sun and dew to the newest petals in this necklace wrought in shades of rose and gold and sterling silver. It begins with the pendant, a stunning giant teardrop of mookaite, a perfect bud of dusty […]

We live in the land of raining sun, where the thunderheads of monsoonal storms play hide-and-seek with the brightest orb in the sky. Wings gives form and flow to rays and drops alike with these earrings, hand-wrought of sterling silver and fiery banded simbircite in the brightest shades of the dawn. Each dangling, dancing drop […]

Both a life well-lived and proper stewardship of the world we are given depend upon holding and adhering to a cosmic vision, a view that sees the earth, and us, whole and in context. Wings evokes the imagery of the deep sky and the world of dreams with this necklace strung entirely on sterling silver […]

This land is a world born of lava and smoke. Wings pays tribute to the basaltic landscape, the glassy obsidian, and the fiery sun that makes it all possible with this bold choker-length necklace strung entirely on sterling silver beads chain. At the center sit found large barrel beads of basaltic lava rock, flanked and […]

The solstice light is a transcendent gift, as transformational as any chrysalis, as graceful and gentle as the butterfly’s wings. Wings brings together turning point, spirit, and light in a work of power and medicine that takes the form of a true butterfly concha belt: no metaphors here, but a work of genuine hand-cut butterflies […]

Dream worlds orbit in the lands of night, afloat on the dust of the cosmos, wrapped in a shawl made of stars. Wings calls the elemental spirits of visionary worlds onto this side of the veil with these earrings, strung on sturdy sterling silver wire and suspended from sterling silver earring wires. Each is built […]

At the foot of the high-desert peaks, summer skies are a mysteriously beautiful blend of sun and storm. Wings calls the storm, and the clear skies too, with these dangling earrings strung on sterling silver wire. Each drop hangs suspended from delicate sterling silver earring wires, and each orbits around a central sphere of pure, […]

Leaves and light are the breath of life, lush green combining with red flame in photosynthesis to produce the oxygen by which the world survives. Wings weds spheres of crimson fire and cool verdant shades in this cascading tribute to that which keeps us all alive. Each drop is strung on sterling silver and hangs […]

A high desert dawn lights the world with a gentle glow. Wings evokes turquoise skies and soft golden sun with these earrings, a cascade of spheres in the shades of the sunrise. Each drop is strung on sturdy sterling silver wire and is anchored by sterling silver earrings wires.  The focal point is formed of […]

Summer is the season of light medicine, the mysteries of the storm and the gifts of the sun and the new life breathed in and out by the leaves of tree and wildflower. Wings calls the light, the breath, and the blossoms to dance together across the surface of this cuff bracelet. The band is […]

Feathered skies are a bit of heavenly magic: a turquoise expanse aflutter with mares-tail clouds like the down of the feathers that send our own prayers skyward. Wings catches the blue and the clouds and the feathers,  too, and braids them together in this cuff bracelet in electric blues and greens and shimmering silver. The […]

Summer is the phoenix of the year, born in ash and fire to renew the world once more. Wings summons a wholly Indigenous Firebird from the heat of the flames with these earrings, beads stacked, glossy, molten, and matte, and strung on sterling silver wire. At the center of each drop is a large rounded […]

The moon of midsummer is the Berry Moon, when the wild strawberry vines and the raspberry patch fruit in sweet abundance. Wings brings berries and moonlight together in a spectacular cascade of summer reds and whites with these earrings, stacked beads strung on sterling silver wire and dangling from sterling silver earring wires. Each drop […]

The night skies are alive with the spirits of deep space, planets and stars aswirl in a blue nova of creation and cosmic motion. Wings brings together skies, stars, and galaxies in these bead earrings, each dangling drop strung on sterling silver wire and hanging from sterling silver earring wires. At the center of each […]

The dust of ancient stars reaches our world in the blue velvet skies of night. Wings honors night, color, journey, and light with this necklace, a strand of intensely-hued chips and nuggets around a galaxy-like focal bead. The necklace is strung on sterling silver bead chain and anchored at either by a segment of tiny […]

In the darkest hours of a summer’s night, the Aurora Borealis flows and glows across the night sky. Wings evokes their cosmic cascade with these earrings, each a series of graduated orbs meeting at the center in a single large sphere of iridescent Labradorite, alive with the blues and greens that flow from either end. […]

Summer is the season of jade grass and turquoise skies by day, of the electric blue-green fire of the Aurora Borealis in the dark hours. Wings summons these flowing fiery spirits of the summer night skies with this cascade of glowing graduated spheres strung on sterling silver bead chain. Each end is anchored with tiny […]

The power of the dusk light bookends the day, holding our whole world close and sheltered in the moments before sunrise and at twilight. With these earrings, Wings summons their shimmer into spherical strands of being. Each drop comprises seven beads strung on sterling silver wire and hangs from silver earring wires. At the middle […]

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