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The Silverwork

Medicine arrives on the wings of those who spend their days soaring on the arc of the light. Wings evokes the feathers, the wings, the great sweeping arc, and the movement of flight with these hoop earrings, wrought of hand-cut lightweight sterling silver. Each earring is hand-milled in a graceful pattern of feathers fanned and […]

This is a land of elemental forces, historically a place of powerful spirits —a land where dwells the water, and the light. With this cuff, Wings honors the medicine of the sheltering radiance that attends the flow of the great river and the pooling of the bluest of lakes. The cuff is formed of heavy-gauge […]

By rain or river, ocean, lake, or pull of tides, the veins of earth and sky carry the waters of life. With this cuff, Wings honors the spirits of earth and water, sky and storm that carry the lifeblood and breath of our very world. Wrought of heavy-gauge sterling silver half-round wire, the band is […]

Grandmother Moon is a spirit to light all the corners of the dark. With this self-adjustable ring, Wings draws her refractive and reflective glow down to earth. The band is formed of sterling silver half-round wire, its convex surface stamped freehand in a linked series of sinuous lines, like small flowing rays of the moon’s […]

Our world is warmed and illuminated beneath the sun’s red eye, a distant orb of starfire that sustains the whole planet. With this self-adjustable ring, Wings distills the sun’s scarlet blaze into paired garnet cabochons, sparking and sparkling in the light. They sit at either end of a band formed of sterling silver half-round wire, […]

The good road, the way of the hoop, lead us always toward life. With this self-adjustable ring, Wings honors that principle in lushly green and elegant fashion. The band is formed of sterling silver half-round wire, convex on its surface and stamped freehand in a chased row of stylized and open-ended arrowhead points, the whole […]

In times of uncertainty and danger, it is by traveling the path of the old ways that we find our own way forward. With this vintage-style cuff bracelet wrought using multiple silversmithing techniques, Wings summons the substance and spirit of old ways and wisdoms that blaze a trail to a better world for future generations. The […]

Summer is traditionally the season of river, flood, and crest, the great winding ribbon of water receiving the gifts of the rainy season, gathering force and speed, creating rippling waves and whitewater caps here and overflowing its own banks there. With this coil bracelet, the final entry in his signature Elementals series, Wings gathers the […]

This is the season of summer ice, of monsoonal storms that deliver hail from cloudburst skies. With these earrings, part of the final entry in his signature Elementals series, Wings calls the frozen water of from the skies to cool the earth on the hottest days of the year. At the top, a fabulously refractive […]

Summer here is traditionally the season when the rain finally falls, a cloudburst waterfall from a lowering thunderhead sky. With this necklace in the final entry in his signature series, The Elementals, Wings gathers the clouds to summon a torrent of rain, occasional hail, and a few bits of turquoise sky peering around the blue-black […]

Prosperity unfurls in a process of uncoiling power, allowing medicine to flow across land and through life. With this latest entry in his longstanding signature series, Wings calls prosperity to the circle in the form of one of its traditional local bearers, known variously as Snake or Serpent. Wrought vintage-style from solid sterling silver, Serpent’s […]

Summer here is the season of water and flame, of the light manifest in the magic of a storm-tossed wildfire sky. With this coil bracelet in Wings’s newest collection, he summons dawn’s smoky sun to the circle to dance with the pink berry moon of the post-monsoonal night, and all the stages of the light […]

In the summer rainy season, the storm decides where the lightning strikes, occasionally igniting a wildfire, and on good days extinguishing it simultaneously. With these earrings from his newest gemstone bead jewelry collection in miniature, Wings calls down the darkening thunderheads, the bolt of gold-white flame, and the silvery blend of sparks and rain. At […]

Summer is the season of meteor showers, of the mystical flames of falling stars that pull the green glow of foxfire from the earth and aurora from distant skies as they arc through the night. With this necklace from his newest collection of extraordinary bead jewelry, Wings calls down the refracting green fire from the […]

The Water Serpent teaches us to look beneath the surface, for there are whole worlds just beyond our immediate view, with roads to travel and places of shelter and ceremony awaiting our notice. With this cuff bracelet, Wings calls us to see the ways of the water and the spirit that dwells within them, the […]

In the rainy season, the storm gathers in towers of clouds, then uncoils to the sound of thunder across the peaks, melding mountain and monsoon into a single mysterious manifestation of medicine power. At the center sit the mountains themselves, powerful giants forested in the rich green of Columbia jade rondels flanked by ultra-high-grade aquamarine […]

In an alpine desert climate, a silver sage rain delivers the most cleansing scent of the season. Wings evokes the serenity of the smell and the sight of the rain-spattered leaves with these earrings, the latest in his newest signature series. At the center of each sits a plump doughnut rondel of ultra-high-grade aquamarine, shimmering […]

This is the land of that rarest of gifts of the storm, when dual rainbows manifest not within but facing each other, conjoined in spectral inversions of shimmering color and light. With this necklace at the center of this newest collection in miniature, Wings summons both arcs to meld their medicine into a single brilliant […]

As summer twilight descends, remnant thunderheads limned by the silvery light of the setting sun turn the western sky shades of amethyst and violet. With this ring, Wings brings the stormclouds to our level, pairing off domed round cabochons of deepest amethyst atop a sterling silver bad. A length of sterling silver half-round wire forms […]

Beyond the lights of the cities, the night fires of a wild earth and sky glow in impossible shades: chartreuse fireflies, blue-violet seafaring flames, the green bioluminescence of summer foxfire and winter aurora borealis. With this ring, Wings brings a little of the hues of such magic flames within permanent reach. The band is formed […]

The long light days of summer here are spent in the presence of a wild earth medicine, upon rolling meadows of wildflowers and amid the red willows rustling in the wind. With this coil bracelet, Wings calls to the circle all the shades of stalk and petal, of the rippling greens and the red of […]

Here, the gifts summer grow from the richest clay. With these earrings, Wings pays tribute to an earth renewed by recent rains, all marbled red-gold and darkest brown now with emergent green. Beads are strung on filament-thin sterling silver round wire with diminutive diamond-cut sterling silver rounds anchoring either end and setting the glowing green […]

In this place, the summer earth is where the blue corn grows, stalks tall and ears a mix of cornflower and ivory, gold and violet. With this necklace, Wings honors the rich red-brown soil that births it, the green stalks and leaves that hold it gently, and the brilliant kernels that will become food, offerings, […]

A children’s game prepares us all for the life’s real work of chasing the hoop. With these earrings, Wings pays tribute simultaneously to ancient toys and the daly path of a life well-lived. Each lightweight crescent is formed of slender sterling silver half-round wire, as thin and graceful as filaments of light. The convex surface […]

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