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The Silverwork

The map of our world is inscribed upon a precious earth, one that yields the shimmer of silver to the light. Wings brings together earth and light and the lines, long and lasting, writ by time, in this traditional collector’s spoon. Cut freehand of sterling silver as a single piece, its surface is hand-milled in […]

The winds bring a gift to Mother Earth, adorning her robes with scattered petals of high-desert wildflowers. Wings gathers the petals, and a few whole blossoms too, to shimmer in the light along the length of this miniature collector’s spoon. Cut freehand of sterling silver in an old traditional style and shape, the piece features […]

Like that found in mineral springs and sacred lakes, rivers of rain bring the world medicine water. Wings calls together clouds and rainfall and watershed alike in this miniature collector’s spoon, sized to deliver its medicine at a personal level. Cut freehand from sterling silver in a classic traditional shape, both bowl and handle are […]

Pond or lake, rain or river, the ebb and flow of the tides: When the water comes, it comes as the First Medicine. Wings honors the medicine as he summons the rains and the pooled waters of the bluest of lakes with this cuff, hand-wrought in eighteen-gauge sterling silver. The band is hand-scored on either […]

Across this whole land mass, there are beings who inhabit the green depths of our great bodies of water, surfacing occasionally to deliver a gift or a lesson. The latest in Wings’s signature series, The Mona Lisa On the Río Grande, embodies one of these beings, a starlit waters spirit whose color is copper and […]

Fall at Red Willow is turning leaves, light and fire. Wings creates a cascade of autumn shades with these earrings, graduated spheres alternating with flame-red carnelian rondels. Each drop is strung on sterling silver wire and hangs from sterling silver earring wires, anchored at either end by tiny round bloodstone beds in rich evergreen webbed […]

Autumn in this place is a whirlwind of color, changing seasons linking green grass and brown earth with the red fire of turning leaves and the icy rime of early snow. Wings gathers them all in a single strand of elemental shapes and shades and spirits. The center of the necklace features graduated wood focal […]

The cold of autumn nights brings an early frost to leaves of red and gold. Wings captures the shapes and shades of an October night with these earrings in black and gold adorned with a dusting of ice. Each dangling drop is strung on sterling silver wire and hangs from sterling silver earring wires. At […]

The night frost falls on leaves of gold and red, icy beads shimmering beneath the darkened sky. Wings strings the night and the leaves and first frost of autumn together in an elemental cascade of fire and ice. At the very center of the strand sits a wood oval barrel bead of highly polished genuine […]

At Red Willow, the first snowfall rests upon an earth still mostly green. Wings brings the colors of a newly emergent earth to meet the last shades of summer in this vintage-style barrette, wrought in a traditional rustic style of heavy sterling silver set with a line of glowing gemstones. The barrette is formed of two […]

The gift of the Water Bird is a blessing beyond price. Wings calls together the elements of its path with these earrings, long, tall triangles in a tipi shape, scored freehand on all sides with a chisel to create a border. Gracefully flowing symbols trace the bottom and sides, a mix of water and smoke […]

Summer is the season of spirits dancing upon a green earth, guardians and guides whose gifts are prosperity and abundance. Wings summons the spirits to the song of the leaves and the drum of the earth’s heartbeat with these earrings, granted a stylized figurative form. Each earring is wrought in layers of 20-gauge sterling silver, […]

We live in a land of earth and sky medicine, rich red-gold clay veined with the first medicine, the waters that mirror the blue of the heavens. Wings brings earth and sky, water and medicine together in the embrace of a single necklace in all the colors and magic of our high-desert world. The piece […]

The Eye of Spirit guides and illuminates, granting us not daydreaming but day dreaming, a portal into other worlds even beneath the brightest blue skies of the daylight hours. Wings honors their shapes and shades and spirits with these earrings, each a trio of such symbols of wisdom and the visions toward which they guide […]

The night way is the path of dreams, a bridge to other worlds lit by a billion stars. Wings braids darkness and path and light together in a single cosmos with this necklace, beads and pendant in all the shades of the night. The pendant’s focal point is a free-form black jade cabochon of otherworldly […]

We live in the land of raining sun, where the thunderheads of monsoonal storms play hide-and-seek with the brightest orb in the sky. Wings gives form and flow to rays and drops alike with these earrings, hand-wrought of sterling silver and fiery banded simbircite in the brightest shades of the dawn. Each dangling, dancing drop […]

A single sunlit dewdrop summons the new buds to open in first flower. In this wildflower season, Wings brings sun and dew to the newest petals in this necklace wrought in shades of rose and gold and sterling silver. It begins with the pendant, a stunning giant teardrop of mookaite, a perfect bud of dusty […]

Summer’s end is the season of sunlit rain, of cloud-webbed turquoise skies and golden light filtered through the drops. With these earrings, Wings pairs Skystone and citrine to invoke the illuminating power and medicine of the last of the monsoons. Each dangling drop is formed of a triangular cabochon of richly-hued turquoise, likely from Arizona’s […]

Like our aspens in October, these earrings dance at the edge of autumn. Wings summons them into being in shape and shade alike, a pair of lightly free-form teardrop turquoise cabochons in a soft and gentle green, each with bits of autumnal amber and gold matrix encroaching at the edges, just enough to make the […]

The Butterfly Maiden holds the light in her wings. In these ever-shorter days and lengthening dark, Wings summons her shape and gifts into being with this powerfully inspirited necklace. The pendant is cut freehand of solid sterling silver, forming the outline of her body wrought in stones arrayed to the Four Sacred Directions. Her body […]

We live by the light in a darkening world. Sometimes, it’s illumination of an answer to a prayer; at others, it’s the bolt of lightning that brightens our path in the storm. Wings summons light and bearer alike with this powerful necklace, one in which Eagle, the messenger of the spirits, transcends his usual heights […]

Our cosmologies teach of multiple worlds that inhabit the same universe, our own and those inhabited by the spirits. Wings calls both into being with these earrings, worlds of dust and light that exist by virtue of the elemental powers of the cosmos, the dust of creation and the light of the first dawn. Each […]

The hawk’s eye sees Mother Earth from the height of the stars: a sweeping panoramic view in 360 degrees. Occasionally, her spirit shares a part of that view with us in visions and dreams. Here, that visionary spirit rests in a hand-scalloped bezel, embraced front and back by a constellation of guiding stars formed up in a sacred […]

One of the jewels of the desert is the turquoise dawn. Wings invokes its beauty and power with these classic earrings, wrought in traditional fashion of silver and stone. The sterling silver settings are formed of bright oval medallions, polished to a mirror sheen and edged all the way around in hand-stamped sunrise symbols to […]

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