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The Photography

  GLIMPSE Alighting on an old and weathered post amid the stillness of Winter He waits, watches, patient, silent. Some small movement, a sudden soft sound, and he gathers himself in one swift motion. Feathers fanned, wings spread, he takes flight, leaving behind A glimpse Of strength, of power, of hope. Of Spirit in the […]

BEING Leave the relative safety of the branch, now gray and bare, of the slowly-petrifying tree. Spring up, into the currents of the winter air, reach out, embrace the clear thin sky. Leap, with soft, strong wings spread wide, smoky feathers touching the face of the winds. Glide above this earth that is ours, up […]

THE SPIRIT REMAINS A messenger, of hope, of happiness. A harbinger, of good fortune or of Spirit’s voice. A bird of dreams and visions. It is she who gives us the gift of her feathers: for our fans, for our traditional dress, for sacred purposes. It is she who dances with us in the circle; she […]

FEASTING Providing for the next generation is a daily task, an obligation, hard work, an existential duty. Sometimes, Spirit provides an unexpected bounty. The feathered ones know instinctively; they take a moment to rest and savor their good fortune. If we are watchful and aware, we may be permitted a moment to enjoy it with them. What nourishes their […]

GREETING THE WORLD Out of the fragile walls of the shell, the small feathered ones leave the safety of their first cocoon for another. Larger, open, airy, with room to stretch and move . . . yet that little bit less safe than the egg’s closed universe. Still not ready to spread tiny wings, they […]

HOPE In the face of climate change and seasons’ change, of looming winter snows, still it burns like the fiery color of the monarch’s wings. The urge to live, to pass on one’s spirit, to the future generations comes as naturally as flight to creatures delicate, endangered, and so wholly alive. Soon there will be birth […]

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