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Pop culture tells us that today is the first day of autumn, but that’s not precisely true. Tomorrow will be the first day of autumn, although it’s fair to say that tonight will be the first night of fall. The autumnal equinox actually arrives at 7:54 PM here in our part Turtle Island, just about […]

We are back today to sunny skies and what are forecast to be much cooler winds. Of course, it was supposed to be chilly yesterday, too, and midday seemed near as hot as every other day recently, with an added dash of unseasonal humidity. But the sun has cleared the peaks, and the whole world […]

The rain promised yesterday arrived last night, continuing mostly unabated since. Dawn came wrapped in a soft gray blanket the color of a dove’s pale wings. Clouds shroud the peaks, reaching nearly to the earth at their feet, and our whole world here feels softly, slightly blurred, like looking through the wrong end of a […]

These are the first days of the magic season. This is autumn at Red Willow: the season of the light. It’s the time when Father Sun performs feat of uncommon magic, when his shine holds the illuminating power of visions and dreams, his glow whole worlds of mystery and medicine. It shows in the shimmer […]

The mercury will likely hit ninety today, and yet there are more trees newly gold and brown. The color line on the slopes spreads, it seems, almost by the hour, and such as winds as make their way through here now drive yellowed leaves from the weeping willows to carpet the ground below. If the […]

Fall comes fast now. I know, I know; the calendar insists that it is still summer, at least for five more days. The truth of the matter is that here, it is both summer and fall, and has been since July. In this old weathered world, the seasons are showing signs of fraying around the […]

These first days of early full autumn — yes, full autumn, calendar notwithstanding — carry on their winds certain gifts not found at other times of year. It’s a time of crystal clarity of air, with daily temperature swings of near fifty degrees, not enough cold for too many people to have returned to using […]

Yesterday, the peaks began to turn. It happened overnight; by midday, the first swatches of yellow were visible among the evergreens on either side of the Spoonbowl, and along the upper ridgelines of the slopes on Pueblo Peak (there is no such thing, incidentally, as “Taos Mountain”; its name if “Pueblo Peak”). As of this […]

The last few days have been near-perfect examples of early autumn, the entire world awash in shades of blue and gold and amber. Yesterday managed to pass without a single cloud in the sky, a rare feat even here, even at this time of year. Today saw a few trailing wisps of white, barely enough […]

Today, we go back a full dozen years in search of this week’s throwback. It was one of Wings’s big works of the time, one of three separate concha belts he created that year. This one was also, perhaps, the most elaborate of the three, It was certainly the most controversial, although he did not […]

While the East Coast braces for hurricane and flood, here we face the chill clear air of fall. The early clouds that shrouded the western horizon have cleared, the remaining points of the compass already unmarred by such an insubstantial presence. Just before dawn, the stars shimmered like a thousand tiny diamonds beaded across the […]

If, as we noted yesterday, this is a time of looking outward, it is equally a time of drawing inward. Such a concept is open to many interpretations and many meanings. It’s not a label, nothing with any official status, not a meme or local manner of speaking; it’s simply a way of describing that […]

Wings captured this image right around this time some seven or eight years ago. It was one he included in his mixed-media show a few years ago. It was also one that was emblematic of what his particular worldview has always been. With regard to what appears in the foreground, Wings has spent his life […]

The post-dawn sky is turquoise, pale, clear, and bright. A few remnant white wisps of cloud remain, not yet pushed beyond the horizon by the combined power of sun and wind. If the forecast holds, that will change by mid-afternoon, but for the moment, autumn’s air is ascendant. The hummingbirds have already mostly vanished from the […]

After a spate of recent mornings that have held the look and feel of full-on fall, I stepped out this morning into a world newly clear and bright. The day dawned beneath Indian summer skies, the bluest turquoise backlit by sheer silver light. By midday, that has begun to change; the outlier among the day’s […]

The first week of September, and this is summer’s end. Oh, we will no doubt have more warm days, perhaps even some that hit the ninety-degree mark, but the nights grow steadily colder, and even the midday air holds a knife-sharp edge. The trees across the road are turning fast, near as much gold and […]

Summer and fall are at war with each other here, each jockeying for primacy of place. The calendar insists that summer still reigns, and so do the daytime highs, but the nighttime lows and turning leaves say otherwise. And through it all, the monsoonal storms ramped up now at season’s end, battering the earth with […]

It is chilly today, at least compared to the weekend’s highs of ninety. Jeans and long sleeves as I sit out in front of Wings’s studio to write; the work on the stairs has made breathing indoors not merely untenable but, for me now, impossible. And so I sit in the September morning, autumn as […]

It is humid today, at least for this land. Here at Red Willow, we are more accustomed to arid winds, and this year has been dry like no other. But the forecast for this week is one of mostly monsoonal patterns, late in the season but supposedly nonetheless, and all the more welcome for it. […]

Now that the pilgrimage season is ended, our world here gets down to work anew. The dominant culture calls this Labor Day, but in this place, the work is constant. Here, late summer’s labor is the most intensive of the year, disparate tasks from many worlds compressed into a small space of time. In this place, […]

We spent all of yesterday in the shadow of the storm — several storms, actually; wave after wave of smaller squalls — and managed to attract not a single drop of rain. Early September is still monsoon season here, and a darkened sky is a welcome sight even in ordinary times. These are not ordinary […]

Dawn on the first day of September, and the day has already brought us a gift. It’s something I have never seen here before: a rainbow in the northwest sky, a product of the brilliant white glow escaping momentarily from the clouds shrouding the peaks to the east. It cast a fall of trailing light […]

The last day of August, and still summer wrestles with autumn for control. Lows in the forties gave way yesterday to a high around ninety, heat heavy and oppressive, and yet the sharp edge on the wind remains. Weather, climate, season — all are confused and confusing now, and the wild creatures are as perplexed […]

This  morning’s sunrise held more of October than August’s end: all molten copper and fire in the east; Impressionist brush strokes painting the sky a dusty rose in the west. It’s a product of the wispy veils of cloud that drifted in unexpectedly overnight, wrapping the horizon in their gentle embrace. Now that the sun […]

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