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It is, at the moment, brilliantly sunny, scattered white clouds across a cornflower sky, only a slight breeze to move the air. That will change by midday. Our forecast for the day predicts high winds, and it is next to the surest of sure things that we will get them. That is the hallmark of […]

After another long day of gray skies and chill winds, today has dawned warm and bright. Clouds drift around the horizon and even dance overhead, but the sky is still visibly blue behind them. Today, it’s possible to believe in the promise of summer’s arrival. The wild creatures feel it, too. The hummingbirds have already […]

A mix of clouds and sun today, with rain forecast but by no means a sure thing. The air feels vaguely weighted with water — only a hint of humidity, but a hint is more than is usual for this time of year. It’s not enough to weight the wings of the small spirits; just […]

The water came overnight. It’s how it’s said here: The water came. Or, present tense, the water comes. It’s due in part to the grammatical and syntactical characteristics of the local indigenous language, but that in turn is due, mostly in whole, to indigenous ways of comprehending our world. And they differ materially from colonial […]

Today we have sun once again — and again, precious little warmth to accompany the light. The winds are relatively low, yet strong enough to keep the feel of real spring firmly at bay. Still, for all the chill in the air, it’s a day and a world enlightened beneath the glow of illuminating skies. […]

Today is gray and damp — the rain welcome, the cold less so. Our whole small world here is weary of winter, past ready for warm air and gentler winds. On days such as this, the small spirits of the season are less likely to show themselves, preferring instead to remain hidden in such warmth […]

Sun this morning still, although the clouds have already begun to move in on all sides, dimming its brilliance to a soft glow. There is otherwise no sign yet of the rain predicted for this day, but the forecast continues to intensify, with projections for a measurable fall tonight. At the moment, the meadowlark sings, […]

The mercury insists that the day is warm, but you wouldn’t know it: The wind is hard, harsh, both incisive and erosive, whipping up small flurries of dust even as it slices through sleeves and skin. We should be grateful for it, I suppose — it is, after all, what will bring the rain predicted […]

Night before last, as I was wrapping up outside chores for the evening, I went in search of our youngest dog — a lean and agile hound, whippet-fast and whip-smart, and when faced with a new or interesting scent, off like a shot with no hope of catching her. She had doubled back without me […]

In a year such as this, when we have been blessed with close to our historically usual levels of precipitation, when the earth is green and the wildflowers blooming early, it’s easy to forget that this is the desert. I exaggerate a bit, of course. For those of us who live by the patterns of […]

At long last, we have a perfectly clear day, the early bands of low-lying clouds having burned off to reveal turquoise skies. Even so, it still feels wintry, despite the mercury’s inexorable climb; the winds are fierce, and unwilling to surrender their cold edge, sharp as any scalpel. Still, it’s nice to think that warmer […]

I awakened this morning to a bisected sky: pale orange to the east; iron gray in the west. The day’s forecast snow seemed likely, given the clouds cover, but it has nonexistent — not so much as a solitary flake has fallen from the sky. It’s far too warm for water the crystallize, although the […]

There’s nothing quite so beautiful as pure, clear water. I had the thought this morning as I was watching the water roil into the dog’s water dish, the sunlight catching its cascading ripples and miniature waves. Even the plastic behind and beneath it couldn’t diminish its perfectly beautiful clarity in natural light. We know, at […]

We live now in the in-between weeks, the days when seasons and weather contest for space and place. Today is nominally sunny; nominally warm, too. In reality, the sun spends at least as much time behind a pale gray veil as it does out in the open, and the “warm” air is rent by the […]

At long last, we have a day of full turquoise skies. It seems as though it’s been a long time coming, this feeling of full spring, although in truth it has only been a matter of days since the last warm spell. But the further calendric winter recedes from view, the longer and more invasive […]

There is a little golden light outside the window this morning. It’s cold — very cold, the actual temperature still below freezing and the wind chill much lower yet — and we sit in the embrace of low gray clouds on all sides. But the sun has now gained the ridgeline, and every now and […]

Yesterday began in near-distance flurries and ended in gale-force winds up close and personal. There were flurries then, too, a veil of small falling flakes like a shower of diamonds in the light of the setting sun. Today has dawned bright, sunny, and still, the world frozen to a crisp in a surface rime of […]

Today’s featured throwback work does not throw us back so very far at all — only to last September or so, summer’s end, when our world was facing the prospect of colder winds. We have had such colder winds again today, despite the fact that summer itself is not only just over two months away. […]

After a warm still start to the morning, it has fast become a blustery day worthy of A. A. Milne. These are the trickster winds of spring that we were promised, and they have grown to full gale force over the course of the morning — bringing no more than a few scattered raindrops thus […]

The winds of caprice rule our world now. Seventies in recent days, and again today — shorts and sandals weather, with sleeves far too warm for comfort. But today will shape up to be a day of gale-force winds, ushering in the rain and then snow promised for tomorrow. The skies are already concealing their […]

Just over a week ago — possibly April first, which would be fitting — I could’ve sworn I heard our first hummingbird. It’s far too early for them yet; they are birds of warmer winds, and seventy-plus-degree highs notwithstanding, this wind is still capable of cutting t0 the bone. Such tiny spirits need the long […]

Today is beautiful: sky a warm clear blue, air rocking gently in the slightest of breezes. This is spring here at its best, all soft edges and softer light. We have had precious few of these so far, and we shall not have many more for some time yet; already the forecast predicts the more […]

It’s a brilliantly sunny day, but as the clouds continue to amass in formation in the west, Wings asks me, “Is that their ten percent?” It’s a reference to the weather forecast, which, despite yesterday’s buildup of clouds and perceptible change in the air, remained at zero percent chance for of rain for all but […]

Spring this year feels much more like spring in the lands of my own home: a mix of pale yellow sun and patchy blue, overlaid with low-hanging gray. Even the air has a richer, slightly more damp feel to it than is usual for this time of year here, a season more likely to seared […]

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