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We are peoples of prophecy, of visions and of dreams. We are connected to the ancestors, and to the generations unborn and unconceived, in one unbroken hoop, a tightly woven braid of blood and culture, but also of the hopes of the Ancient Ones, the dreams of the spirits themselves. It is braid and hoop […]

The indigo hours are that expanse of time just before the dawn, when the black of full night has already begun to recede, but the world appears still shrouded in darkest blue. It applies to the moments following dusk, as well, although at this time of year, full dark arrives far sooner than it takes […]

Today was gloriously sunny, all turquoise skies and wispy white clouds. Before dusk fell, the clouds had moved in, the cottonwoods’ skeletal branches red and silver in the graying light. The weather is changing. The week had been up to this point, unseasonably warm; skies at dawn and dusk have been filled with typical November […]

Have you ever seen one of those images, editing status always eternally unclear, of layers upon layers of mountain peaks rolling off into the distance, all blanketed in darkening layers of blue? Here at Red Willow, such images are real. It is a trick of light and distance and elevation too, of the clarity of […]

It’s my favorite time of year: that space in the season when light and color shift, arc, and settle into something new and intensely bright. It’s that moment in this place when our small world moves seamlessly from autumn gold to winter blues. Today was such a day, albeit one unseasonably warm — perfectly beautiful […]

There is still fire in the willows, albeit golden now, in the sun’s rise and set, in the wings of the painted ladies who still dance upon the winds around us. And there is ice upon earth and pond in the morning, a lower-altitude companion to the snow atop the peaks. That is the nature […]

When I planned this week’s posts, choosing our featured work for this day, I had no idea how personal its symbolism would suddenly be. But I spent most of yesterday in the emergency room, and the night and this morning in a hospital room, haven fallen prey to some as-yet-unspecified cardiac-related event. But my own world […]

Autumn doesn’t mean what it used to — certainly not here, in this place, at this time. Time was, fall was relatively predictable: a gradual chilling of the air followed by a brief return of Indian summer, then a first snow in October and and a downward slope toward winter by November. We are midway […]

The winter weather that has so recently surrounded us yesterday passed out through the peaks. Only the storm departed; the nighttime lows are seasonably cold now. For the remainder of the week, highs are projected to reach near sixty, but today was forecast for full sun. As of a couple of hours ago, the clouds […]

There is a set of verses from an ancient book, one belonging to a spiritual tradition from half a world away, that now probably calls to mind, for most, a folk song from the Sixties (although it was written half a decade prior). It’s never been a particular favorite of mine, neither verse nor song, […]

Yellow leaves remain, but there are no blue skies today. We have rain, cold and penetrating, the kind will be ice before nightfall and snow not long after that. And here at Red Willow, autumn will resume its process of turning, returning, earth to earth and dust to dust. It will be rather soggy dust […]

The Falling Leaves Moon is on the wane, and with it, the year. Truth be told, there are not many leaves left to fall now, although those that blanket the ground remains mostly gold. An early turn, and a few early storms, together felled most before they could shift from amber to copper to bronze. In […]

I awakened in the middle of the night to see that the clouds were moving in once again. They scudded across a darkened eastern sky, a long horizontal flow of plumes seemingly blown straight from the mouth of the north wind, a long braid shaped like a chain of gray hearts. This morning, they had […]

We may find blessings by looking all directions, but they also come to us unbidden from the same quarters. So, too, does tribulation, making us feel beset from all sides. But sometimes what seems at first a trial is really a gift. Today began as trouble, and blossomed into accomplishment: dark and lowering stormclouds on […]

We are fortunate to live here — blessed, even. This is a place of exceptional beauty even at the most mundane of moments. WE spend our days at the foot of the peaks, an experience not unlike sitting at the feet of the ancestors, learning from their wisdom and long experience, and every day brings […]

Sometimes “simplest” is the most complex. And it’s not only complexity per se: It’s depth; it’s meaning; it’s significance. That was the case with today’s featured throwback, one of a series of three similarly-themed and -patterned cuff bracelets that Wings created back in 2009 or ’10. We have a tendency, as humans, to divide things […]

Today is All Souls’ here, a day for honor and remembrance. For some, it remains a day of mourning, grief still fresh and raw; for others, one of celebration, in a manner of speaking — after all, in worlds beyond this one, ancestors and loved ones come together again in the traditional way, free of pain […]

Today is the Eve of All Souls’, what the rest of the country calls Halloween. Here at Red Willow, it’s a time to honor the dead, a blending of Spanish Catholic colonial influences marking All Hallows’ Eve with much older indigenous traditions that recognize the passing of time and season and the spirits of those […]

As we move deeper into autumn, winter now not far away, I find my thoughts returning, again and again, to the places and spaces, the ways of doing and being, of my childhood. This is not a new phenomenon; the place that was my childhood home remains alive in my heart, but the memories are […]

Today is perhaps the last fully golden day before the weather turns. Oh, we will have more days with highs well into the fifties, even if the promised storm materializes. But today the mercury is north of sixty-five, not a solitary cloud drifts across the sky, and our small world here is awash in golden […]

We have a few more golden days of fall left to us yet. It’s hard to believe that the more usual signs predict a hard winter; most days, the high hovers well into the sixties. Yesterday and today have been somewhat cooler than that, but not unseasonably so. And the sunlight remains robed in its metallic autumn […]

It is October’s final Friday, and the calendar races headlong toward month’s end and the time of All Souls’. Here, it is a time for remembrance, and for respect; for honor, and for healing. It is also a time when not all that walks is necessarily of this world. Some such beings may be benign; […]

At this time of year, the moon is the light that leads to winter. Oh, Father Sun is more important than ever now, since it is his fire that warms the world enough to ensure our survival. But according to the old stories, we are now entering the time when he is weakest, when he […]

Today was golden. Not in the metaphorical sense of everything going right, although there was a little of that, too, interspersed with a great deal of difficulty. I mean it in the near-literal sense, when earth and sky alike are lit with golden light. The air here is ethereal this time of year, always; I […]

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