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Dawn is breaking, and the world is impossibly cold. The mercury has dropped three degrees since I got up; the wind chill, four: It is now four degrees above zero, with a wind chill index of minus-seven. If yesterday’s pattern holds, the winds will rise with the sun. For now, the midnight blue of the […]

There is no blue today. Yet. Yesterday’s forecast snow held off until late in the evening, and overnight produced only a dusting; the real weather began with the dawn. Even so, it won’t last; come afternoon, sun and will have burned off and blown out the clouds to reveal a lazuli sky, and the remnant […]

Winter has returned in force, and we live now in the season of the storm. Here, that means many things, from unsettled weather to extremes of temperature, gale-force winds and waves of snow. In this place, it’s possible to have both simultaneously: big heavy flakes falling from a sky lit with brilliant sun, and a […]

The air is hard this morning, sharp as a scalpel’s blade. The clarity of the eastern sky, patched here and there with magenta, is already fast giving way to the bank of clouds that stretches already from northwest to southwest, concealing stars and set of moon alike. More snow is predicted for tomorrow, but for […]

There are days when the world feels completely unnavigable. After intermittent storms and snow, this day dawned without a cloud in the sky: clear, sunny, brilliant, and impossibly cold. The air is too sharp, the sky too bright; just stepping out of doors invites an assault on the senses. Even so, the sun is working […]

We awakened to a couple of inches of new snow this morning, but the day has proven anticlimactic on that front, to say the least. Early sun and subsequent additional flurries have now given way to what seems to be a permanent clearing, an embrasure of heavy gray clouds capped by a brilliant blue sky. […]

One of the confounding effects of climate change is that what would, only a few years ago, have been hailed as a miracle, a blessing, a gift out of season is now clear evidence of impending disaster. Yesterday, the forecast called for snow, and we were by necessity on the road for a five-hour round […]

The snow is still minimal in accumulation, a light dusting upon the exposed patches of the darkened earth. It seems deceptively light, the tiniest of crystals fused together like mist. They predict one to three inches this morning. As unfortunate as the timing is on this day, we cannot help but regard the snow as […]

Dawn, and the world outside the window is eerie: shrouded in fog, still and silent. Not so much as a branch moves; not a single wild bird on limb or ground or cold heavy air. Here at Red Willow, we, and our whole small world with us, await the coming of the snow shrouded in […]

We have not had a winter like this in years. Snow, and lots of it, used to be automatic here — as in the lands I also call home, simply the way of things in winter. Accumulations were measured in feet as often as not, and we could be assured of several snows of two […]

Dawn, and there is no sunrise; earth and sky remain an unrelieved expanse of gray. Three hours hence, and it will have been a week since a little golden light was extinguished from our small world here. It seems fitting, somehow, that we should be awaiting the next next storm’s pale silence. And yet, the […]

In the hours before dawn, the dark skies cleared, stars like diamonds scattered through the night. To the south, a luminous glow stretched above the horizon: the dust light of the fading night, reflected off the snow through layers of smoke onto a single veil of cloud above the town’s streetlamps, a band of pale […]

There is no sun today. Dawn, and the whole world is gray, earth and sky and all the spaces in between. Snow has been falling since the middle of the night, light and heavy at once, weightless crystals descending in a curtain of white. The mountains are hidden from view on all sides, and the […]

A week of loss, and the approach of another midwinter storm. The weather began to shift yesterday, clouds roiling the western sky and fanning out overhead. Last night’s forecast saw early flurries in the area, albeit none here; the real weather is due to arrive tonight, if the predictions can be believed. By then, the […]

Another clear cold day in the throes of the dawn, faint wisps of copper and amber stretching across the sky in either direction from its source beneath the southeast peaks. The day will warm again, just as it has the last two — too warm for January. The snow will continue to melt, exposing the […]

After days of snow and storm, the sun reappeared yesterday. This is the season when, according to the cosmologies of some traditional cultures, that orb is at its weakest — the time when humanity must help it make its daily journey by singing or praying it across the sky. Today, as dawn breaks, three ravens […]

Some days, it’s a bleak and wintry world indeed. A new calendar year that began so full of promise has, for us, gone cold and dark in the blink of an eye. Yesterday morning, one of our dogs followed something to the road. In not much more than a moment, it was over, and our […]

After days of clear skies, temperatures warm enough to melt inches from the snow accumulated on the ground, the stormclouds have moved in again. A sky the color of iron hangs low overhead, not yet delivered of the snow it carries. A coppery earth shows through the cleared patches of white, and the occasional flake […]

Winter is a hard season (although in this place, not near so hard as spring, most years). Cold complicates even the smallest problems; snow throws up new obstacles in our path. The new world of this new calendar year has thus far been full of complications and obstacles alike. It’s hard to focus on what’s […]

The first Friday of the year, and and the year is still very much “new.” Even Epiphany, the first great holy day of the dominant culture’s primary religious tradition, remains two days off. Tree up, snow down; midwinter, and the world here is cold indeed. In this place, neither cold nor calendar is sufficient to […]

Three days into the new calendar year, and the world here is harsh and unutterably cold. The mercury plunged to -13 this morning, with a wind chill of 31 degrees below zero. This is the real bleak midwinter, a hard season for a hard land. After such a deep and sustained drought, two feet of […]

With the dawn of a new year, it’s tempting to treat it as a clean slate, especially here: The world is clean and white, covered in a blanket of snow two feet deep. It feels like a return, somehow, to the way things are supposed to be. Of course, we know better. There’s no keeping […]

The snow this New Year’s dawn seems to come from all directions, and none at all: driving in now from the northeast, then from the southwest, then on a perfect vertical. Earth and sky are the same shade of white, and the world stops at the fenceline. It’s a beautiful day. A dangerous one, too. […]

The last dawn of the calendar year, and another storm approaching. If the forecast holds, the new year will be born beneath gray skies in a rush of heavy snow. Today will be a busy day, made all the more hectic by early closures and the need to beat the weather. The light is short […]

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