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It’s our third day of beautiful morning weather, only the first white clouds beginning to form across a Sleeping Beauty sky. That last descriptor is a reference, of course, to the form of the Skystone known for its particular perfect clarity and light but intense color. As the day wears on, the blues overhead will […]

We have had two consecutive days of blue morning skies, and while the rain materialized yesterday, and will likely to do so today, there is the unmistakable feel of autumn upon the air. It’s early — too early — but these are the wages of climate collapse, and I use that term deliberately. We are […]

Dawn broke this day across the first blue morning sky that we have seen in quite some time. It appeared that last night’s altered forecast for today would prove correct: clear skies, abundant sun, high heat, precious little chance of rain. But then I looked out at the few trailing white clouds that were present, […]

Cloud cover today, and the flash-flood warning alerts have already begun. Oh, there are bits of blue showing through here and there, but most of the sky hangs low and heavy in varying shades of gray, and Father Sun seems determined to stay mostly concealed behind their veil. The rains are customary for this time […]

Dawn broke this day across a chilled and changing land, skies mostly clear still, and pale, but capable of rapid change. Outside, I looked northwest, toward the gate, and the early morning light only confirmed what I’ve been seeing now for a couple of weeks: The leaves are already turning, and the land looks and […]

As I predicted, yesterday delivered another ferocious storm late in the day. Even by sunset, there were still more clouds than clear sky, although the night breezes dispersed them finally, leaving a black velvet expanse beaded with thousands of shimmering stars. Dawn broke around a few trailing bands of coral-colored clouds, the amber glow of […]

I was awakened about 1:30 this morning by the overwhelming smell of forest fire: not merely smoke, but that uniquely overwhelming scent of whole stands of ancient trees in flames. Nothing was visible outside the window, so I have no idea whether the winds had carried in the smoke from one of the regional wildfires […]

This day feels like August — in my own homelands. Hot, humid, dawn breaking across a heavy gray sky; now, toward midday, blue sky is showing through, but the light remains a wan mix of gray and pale yellow. Where I was born, this would be a very ordinary day. It’s less so here, especially […]

The skies today are glorious. Brilliant turquoise in the early morning, with puffy white clouds building themselves into towers on all sides; by the latter part of the morning, those same towers becoming walls of blue-black slate with still more shimmering threads of white trailing across them. Now, in early afternoon, there is much more […]

There is more change afoot than just the patterns of our rainy season. Yesterday saw plenty of cloud buildup, but no rain at all here, unless a few stray drops managed to fall outside our presence out of doors. We had lowering skies, clouds stalled overhead, plenty of thunder, too — and the by-now-nightly emergency […]

This first day of what the outside world calls August is hot, humid, and bright. The clouds are building, but it will be mostly blue sky until mid-afternoon, anyway. If this day follows yesterday’s track, we shall be in for heavy weather around five o’clock or so. Yesterday evening’s system was nothing short of violent: […]

Our new weather patterns continue unabated, and the land is better for it. It’s harder on the other beings with whom we share it, though: trees only able to leaf in this latter half of summer; migratory spirits here out of season, or who elected not to brave the drought and never arrived at all. […]

It rained heavily for two hours yesterday afternoon and again overnight, and shows every sign of doing likewise again today. There would be some years when we would be tiring of the rain by now, but this is not one of them. What’s harder to manage is the humidity: On a day such as this, […]

Yesterday morning was the new moon. It’s not as though we would have seen a dark blank sky, occurring as it did in broad daylight, but then, it’s not as though we would have soon the moon or its absence here in recent nights, either; the clouds have been too heavy and ever-present for that. […]

Yesterday’s clouds produced nothing so much as a break in the pattern: a pair of perfect raindrops  upon my skin as the setting sun shone brightly, and a complete bypassing of us by the storms of night. Today might be another matter. The dawn was veiled behind a skyful of dove-colored mammatus clouds, faint slivers […]

It’s whirlwind season here. Traditionally, spring has always been the season when dust devils dance across the land, but summer is something else entirely: a mix of slow-motion shifts in the wind that send a storm through from one direction and bring it back for a second shot, combined with the occasional tornadic spirit that […]

After a very brief shower in the middle of yesterday afternoon, the clouds moved out, and I was afraid that my exuberant prediction of yesterday would prove to be wrong. It POURED last night. After a sudden new buildup of blackening clouds to the south/southwest, the rain began about nine o’clock . . . and […]

Monday, and the clouds are gathering early. It’s much cooler, too, if no less humid: A third night of heavy rains has lowered temperatures to more seasonal levels at last. That alone would be enough to make us grateful for the rain, given the brutal, suffocating heat of the week just past. But now, more […]

The week just ended was a wild one, marked by all the best and worst of midsummer in this place: worst, in the near-record heat for the month, each day approaching or surpassing the century mark; and best, in that the last two or three days and nights have delivered some extraordinary rains. Traditionally our […]

My predictions for yesterday’s weather turned out to be far more accurate than those of the so-called weather service: At day’s end, we were granted a powerful storm, enough to fill the rain barrels, and an hour’s worth of rainbow light thereafter. While the spectrum shone to east and south, the setting sun in the […]

Ninety-six degrees, and earlier the weather “experts” stripped us of any real chance of rain. As usual, they’re likely to be wrong; the clouds began building early today, and by now have formed blue-black walls to the southeast and the northwest simultaneously. Every now and then, a sudden gust of wind has come along, but […]

Last night, the lightning began just as we went to bed. Some minutes later, I could feel the spray of the rain filtering in through the screen. It seemed a shame to close the window after such a hot day, but the angle of the winds were just right to send it beneath the jalousie-crank […]

If the forecast holds, our recent days of gentle showers to break the oppressive heat are a thing of the past, at least for today. This day’s predictions are for a much more usual monsoonal pattern: harsh, extreme, all wild winds and summer ice, otherwise known as hail. We’ll welcome it however it come, but […]

Noon, and the mercury has already risen into the nineties. The sky is a hot blue, only a few random puffs of white clouds visible outside the east windows, and until now, the air has been nearly still. Unlike yesterday, the official forecast predicts rain mid-afternoon, although yesterday did also see the arrival of a […]

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