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Today reminds us why we are so fond of our fires. The original forecast was for intermittent flurries overnight that would deliver no more than an inch. Now, in late midday, there is an easy foot of snow blanketing the fields. Up here around the house, it’s mostly less deep, largely because the fierce and […]

After several days of highs in the upper forties mixed with bitter winds and icy lows, full winter has returned with a vengeance. The world outside the window is white — snows not deep, but enough to cover surfaces thoroughly, even with last night’s high swirling winds sending it adrift in irregular patterns. In theory, […]

The forecast insists that this will be a second day of snow, and it feels now as though our whole small world is of one breath, held, waiting for the storm. Upon the furthest reaches of the eastern peaks there is dusting already descendant: not much, but enough to limn the craggy edges and the […]

The snow began an hour or so before midnight, and for a moment it looked as though it might deliver real accumulations. But we awakened again this morning to only the barest rime, not even enough to cover surfaces solidly. This morning has presented us with a mix of clouds and sun simultaneously, all new […]

A morning at the outset of the fourth week of January, and it feels like spring. There is a cold edge to the breeze, to be sure, but the sun is shining, the remnant snow melting fast now into a soft and muddy earth. The air is alive with the sound of birdsong, the burrs […]

Today dawned clear and unseasonably warm, the edge of winter’s blade present but buried deep. There is a puffy band of iridescent clouds tracing a path around the horizon, but overhead, all is a cold transparent blue. As the remnant snow recedes, bits of green are already showing through, and the aspens are studded with […]

We awakened this morning to a world entirely white: a smattering of graupel dusting the earth, a rime of frost on every branch, skies pale not with snow but with fog on all sides. Now, at midday, it is only beginning to lift, blue skies and sunlight filtering through from overhead. We would have been […]

Last night’s breathless weather forecast notwithstanding, the skies produced only the faintest dusting of snow overnight — not enough to cover a single surface, much less the ground. We were forced to be out of the house very early this morning, and the roads were a slick mess, mostly a faint rime of slush that […]

This day looks a bit like a mirror image of the photo above: blue skies to the east and north, storm gathering to south and west. If the forecast holds (and it very well may not), we are slated for snow, and plenty of it, this evening and into tomorrow. The notion of a gathering […]

After several days of bitter winds, dawn broke upon still air this morning, and our small world here feels unseasonably warm. It won’t last, of course; the winds will no doubt rise yet this afternoon. More to the point, the weather is supposed to be changing drastically: A winter storm watch has been issued for […]

Scattered gray-bottomed clouds are scattered across a turquoise sky, scudding on the force of a cold metallic wind. The aerial blast is more of spring than winter here, but the cold is sharp as a razor’s edge and cuts all the way to the bone. The wind is ferocious enough that even the crows are […]

The midpoint of January, and the worst of spring is already here: high winds battering a more ordinary cold into something bitter and bone-deep. It’s a terrible day, entirely too bright; sky icy and cloudless, surface and corner and blast of air honed to a scalpel’s edge. This is a preparatory time of year, more […]

Barely noon, and it’s been a long day already. That’s the way of things in this colonial world, especially now, where dangers remain unabated despite institutional and political happy talk seemingly to the contrary. We awakened a bit earlier than usual, the world still mostly dark. Not quite dark enough for the last of the […]

Dawn broke this morning across a banded sky, pale expanse scored by clouds lined and limned in the shades of silver and pale brass. They would not last long; as soon as the sun transcended their topline, they fled eastward between the peaks and out of sight. Now, at midday, the skies are mostly clear, […]

The air feels of spring: skies clear, snow melting fast, catkins wide open even as the cold still cuts bone-deep. This is the hard season. Normally, January is less so — bitter cold, to be sure, days short and nights long and snows deep — but our seasons are different now. At this time of […]

The sun is bright, the skies are clear, the spring birds are already here, and our small world is at last getting down to the business of winter. As usually happens after a snow, however small, the mercury has plunged, likely hitting zero overnight. Now, at midday, our temperatures are in the twenties, but the […]

Yesterday’s weather was the storm that wasn’t: breathlessly ballyhooed by corporate-media forecasters, it turned out to be next to nothing here, only the slightest dusting finally arriving well after full dark. We will take it and be grateful for it, but we’re more than a little weary of the increasingly silly hype in a time […]

The unseasonal warmth of recent days is gone now; no fiery dawn this morning. We are supposedly in the track of a major but fast-moving winter storm, with real snow accumulations possible. The skies are slate, but the possibility of real weather remains remote. At the moment, it seems unlikely that we shall have any […]

The lights are out; the tree is down. Twelfth Night is past, and Epiphany, too. It is a new year by any measure, and it’s time to get down to the business of winter. The weather seems to agree, although you wouldn’t much know it at the moment. To south and east and most of […]

Dawn broke this day between bands of shimmering lenticular clouds to the southeast, their luminescent shelves stretching across the sky. They normally herald a change in the weather, and it appears for the special weather statement issued this morning that one is indeed coming, but not before sometime on Saturday. in the meantime, we now […]

The mercury rose to forty-five yesterday . . . and then the winds arrived. The drove in hard from the north, sending dark clouds scudding over the peaks to the east and dropping the feel of the air to somewhere well south of freezing. It is less warm today, with fewer clouds, and still the […]

This morning’s sunrise was beautiful, wides expanses of shimmering cirrus vertebratus clouds stretching outward from the hidden point behind Pueblo Peak where Father Sun was already at work on his ascent. Now, the skies are bright blue with heavier masses of gray-white puffs here and there, all driven rapidly southward on a brisk north wind. […]

It’s another day of near-perfect clarity in these young days of January. A few wisps of cloud float hear and there around the peaks like lacy haloes, but the vaulted expanse overhead is unmarred by anything save the saturated shade of a cold, intense blue. These are the hardest days of winter, especially now: often-bitter […]

We at last awakened to a dawn sunny and perfectly clear, sky entirely free of clouds. It’s not my preference; I will always prize the power and beauty of the storm over the sunniest of skies. But I realize that I am distinctly in the minority on such issues. Still, I think perhaps it’s healthy […]

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