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We are a little under three hours away from the first full moon of the new calendar year. In all likelihood, it will rise here behind the giant wall of lenticular clouds climbing skyward behind the peaks, and so we will probably not see it until it, too, rides high and small in the sky. […]

It’s a beautiful day — too beautiful: too warm, too clear, too little of anything like winter. The peaks and slopes of The Dragon’s Tail should be fully white now, nothing marring their cloud-like pale perfection beneath the cold blue. Instead, we see a spreading brown beneath a fading evergreen, with only tiny irregular patches […]

As I predicted yesterday, the storms that spiraled around us produced no snow. Technically, I suppose, that’s not quite true; I felt two separate flakes hit my face during evening chores, but that was the extent of it. We did, however, get very high winds well into the dark hours, and the mercury has plunged […]

After a week of forecasts holding out the tantalizing possibility of snow today, our hopes have been dashed once more. There will be no snow this day; even if the skies were not absurdly clear, it’s far too warm. Even so, the weather service still insists that there is a chance of it “in the […]

Once more, our hopes are fading for any weather this week. The official forecast has reduced the chance of snow by roughly twenty percentage points, and while a few pale traces of white web the sky, there’s nothing overhead like the cold iridescent promise of winter that sparked our hopes in recent days. And still, […]

The skies this day have hinted at something to come — wide bands of iridescent clouds heralding a change in the weather, and with luck, an actual storm. After retracting any real likelihood of snow this week, the weather service has now reversed itself, more than doubling the earlier predictions to a fifty-eight percent chance […]

A few clouds have moved in since yesterday; what were then an unbroken blue are now webbed here and there by drifting bands of white. It’s not much, and certainly nothing that holds snow now, but hope is a stupid and stubborn thing. We had hopes for Friday; the long-range forecast actually predicted a small […]

We long for the days of real winter. None of this is it, never mind the newly colder temperatures now. The sky is bright blue, unmarred by so much as a single cloud; such snow as remains is rapidly turning to slush. The fields are still more white than not, but another day or two […]

The mercury plunged yesterday, in the very middle of the day. It’s not an unknown phenomenon here, but lately it’s rare, considering how unseasonably high our temperatures have been both now and in recent years generally. It occurred courtesy of a serendipitous meeting of high winter stormclouds and a sudden rising wind, the latter short-lived […]

Despite the fact that our tree is still up (a function of the lack of time that we have had amid the pressures of this new calendar year), it finally feels as though it’s time to get down to the business of winter. There’s only one problem. It feels and looks like spring. Not yet […]

Sometimes, no matter how bright the day, the world seems a dark place. Such has been the case here, with our third day in a row of unseasonable highs near fifty, easily thirty degrees higher than they should be and with no more snow in sight. Third day in a row, too, of an increase […]

This is a hard day here for so very many reasons, none of which have anything to do with the colonial concerns of the day. That is not the same as saying that colonialism is not the cause of them all; it is, of course. But that’s a very different thing from sharing a focus […]

The sun’s warmth has been doing its work on the snow. Unusually, it’s more visible on the peaks than it is down here at their feet; our accumulations were sufficiently deep that the earth is showing through only in the ploughed spaces. On the slopes, there is more evergreen than white tundra now. The mercury […]

It appears that the deep freeze is over after only two or three days. Our world is not exactly down to the business of winter — the highs this week hint more of early spring — but there is, at least, several inches of snow on the ground still. If we are lucky, the latter […]

And in true trickster fashion, the new calendar year is born amid several chaotic bangs — some big by any measure, some hardly noticeable to others, but all seemingly intent on mischief and worse. First is the snow, which, by local standards frankly isn’t much, was nevertheless enough to knock much of the area’s abysmally […]

It’s not quite time for the rest of us to get fully down to the business of winter, but the weather has already taken up the challenge. Today, it’s the deep freeze that inevitably follows a snow here, and this one arrived in classic form: actual temperatures plunging well below zero overnight, with wind chills […]

The first day of the new calendar year, and we are in the center of the storm. Fortunately, it’s an expression meant literally this time: eight to ten inches of snow already on the ground at midday, and more predicted for the afternoon. But there are other things forecast, as well: extreme winds, and even […]

It appears that 2021 is going to go out in a storm. The snow is already here, following gently but steadily and increasingly heavily. Oddly, the goldfinches have returned after several days’ absence, perhaps judging it safer to stay here despite the weather, where at least they know there will be ready food and fresh […]

After such extended warmth and drought, it’s a little surprising to find that it is cold enough for yesterday’s snow still to be on the ground. More, the clouds are lowering on all sides, heavy and gray, and there is the scent of more snow upon the wind. Still more, the forecast predicts a big […]

The snow finally arrived, in a flurry of fits and starts, just after midnight. By daylight, two inches, perhaps a bit more, had accumulated on the leeward side of the house. Now, the snow still comes and goes, but the accumulations seem less courtesy of a bitter wind that dashes the snow off surfaces and […]

Once more, the snow has bypassed us almost whole and entire: a few flurries around 3 AM that failed to stick anywhere, followed by bitter winds that have similarly failed to move the clouds, or to produce any precipitation at all. The heavier clouds are currently wrapping themselves around the peaks, and they will deliver […]

The start of the last week of the calendar year, and the weather remains a trickster: capricious, stubborn, defiant. It wants to bring us snow, but this artificially-overheating earth prevents it. And so we are treated to a brilliantly sunny morning, light silver and bright against an early blue but with the dark slates shades […]

The only thing this weekend’s forecast seems to have gotten right is the prediction of today’s extreme winds. The snow projected for Friday into the weekend spun out on all sides of us, only the faintest dusting falling shortly after 4 AM yesterday. In truth, the mountains have not fared much better; there is a […]

To the outside world, Christmas Day. What was forecast as a white Christmas has proven to be nothing like it. We received a faint dusting sometime after four o’clock this morning, virtually all of which has long since melted. There is, thankfully, a slightly more robust dusting on the peaks, and we will take that […]

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