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Another day of heat and haze, skies nominally clear, yet air clouded by a muddy miasma of smoke. It gives the day a muted feeling and appearance, as though our small world here has decided that the summer doldrums are a safer bet now. Perhaps our world is right: These are days to stay indoors […]

Our skies are hazy here today, a pale dirty blue overhead that’s red around the edges. Wildfire smoke is a feature of the season, but not a welcome one. The forecast says no rain — not today, and not for the next couple of days, either. That is also not a welcome development. Fortunately, longer-range […]

It’s a brilliant day: hot, hazy, humid. Approaching noon, and the sky is palest turquoise. The first traces of cumulus clouds newly birthed drift in search of aggregation; to the west, a few cirrus remain. mare’s tails feathered across the sky. That will change, and likely soon. The forecast predicts only a 20% chance of […]

Midsummer. These are hot days, and cold ones, too, days of sun and storm, skies in every shade of blue from ice to gray-violet. They are also the long days of heavy labor, of stewardship and care for the land. The time of ceremony is coming soon, and after it, of celebration, but for now, […]

They are the two constants here in summer, the powers of water and sky: elemental forces that reflect each other, that work together to keep the land alive. We got plenty of water overnight, several straight hours’ worth of rain. No blue skies in evidence, of course; the dark took care of that. But the […]

After a week’s worth of buildup by the weather service, yesterday’s “rains” amounted to two momentary episodes, each consisting of only a smattering of sprinkles. Today’s forecast remains much like yesterday’s, and while the air is hot, heavy, and humid, experience teaches us to regard the rain as a hope, not a promise. Still, we […]

Dawn broke across a peach and silver sky, heavenly territory now ceded to violet thunderheads that may yet deliver the promised precipitation. Unbeknownst to us until this morning, we had a small shower last night. The only evidence was the dappling of the dirt on the driveway, a clear indicator of rain, brief but steady. […]

Despite the constantly shifting forecast, no rain fell yesterday, and it’s unlikely any will today. The weekend is a toss-up; predictions change more rapidly than the winds, and we find ourselves returning to the skepticism that has plagued our faith in the seasons in recent years. In a clear indicator of just how different weather […]

The forecast changes almost by the moment: After altering the long-range forecast yet again to preclude any real chance of rain before Saturday night, now the weather experts are predicting thunderstorms for this afternoon. You wouldn’t know it by the sky. At the moment, it’s hot and hazy, the only “clouds” the faint veil from […]

We have granted another clear day, or mostly so — for now, at least. Yesterday’s crystalline air had turned to a heavy brown haze by sunset, the result of the smoke plume from a new fire southwest of here, carried on the afternoon winds. This morning, the air is not quite so sharp as this […]

After days upon days of stormclouds bearing a promise of rain mostly unfulfilled, today has dawned utterly clear and blue. Now, at midday, the thunderheads should be building, preparatory to moving overhead, but there is not a single, solitary cloud in the sky, on any side. It makes for a beautiful day, full of bright sun […]

Despite a forecast for the week that is virtually free of rain, the clouds persist. On this morning, they are relatively thin, huddled together around the tops of the southeast end of the peaks as though seeking the warmth of the early sun. Here at the mountains’ feet, the world is a bit greener than […]

After an afternoon and evening of steady rain, dawn broke this morning shrouded in soft gentle gray. Now the clouds are breaking, ceding the western skies to the blue even as the sun still filters silver light through their banks over the peaks to the east. Half a day of rain, and our small world […]

We awakened this morning to a sight rare here in summer: near-full cloud cover, skies the color of pewter and iron shot through here and there with shafts of wan yellow light. Over the last twenty-four hours, today’s forecast has gone from a 40% chance of rain down to 20%, back up to 40 and […]

To the east, the clouds are merging together, stretching, climbing, expanding overhead. And not a moment too soon: There is a fire on the mountain. It was probably caused by a lightning strike during our last real storm many days ago; such events are common here, and its location makes it unlikely that it was […]

For once, this day shows no signs of dissolving into rain. It’s a running joke here; the fourth, the powwow, and the fiestas, all in the first three weeks of July, also fall in the heart of the monsoon season, and the weather treats them accordingly. It never bothers us, of course; we don’t celebrate […]

There is, supposedly, now a zero percent chance of rain for today and tomorrow. In an ordinary year, such a forecast would be laughable, but last year taught us that there is no “ordinary” now. Still, it’s been a local running joke, and an article of faith, as well: The three big public events of […]

It feels as though we are now suddenly down to the business of summer: mercury in the nineties, periodic cloudbursts, and a sense of time slipping away all too fast. This time of year is our busiest; the pressure is always on to get as much done as possible before the weather turns cold. That […]

July first — Wings’s birthday, and, as it happens, the fifth birthday of this blog — and monsoon season has arrived, late and with a vengeance. It’s cooler today, but oppressively humid, and the forecast predicts an eighty percent chance of thunderstorms for later in the day. Last night’s storm hit with such force that […]

Dawn broke gently this morning, islands of coral altocumulus adrift upon a sea of pale turquoise lit with silver. Now, at mid-morning, the light has grown hazy, the sky hot and nearly leached of color, but the forecast predicts much darker blues before the day is out. At dawn, it’s easy to be believe in […]

Such tourists as are in the area today likely regard the forecast with disbelief. At the moment, it is clear and sunny, cornflower skies with puffy white clouds amassing to the east. Dawn was a fragile yet powerful thing, thin strands of rose and coral backlit by pale gold and silver light against the blue […]

After an unseasonably cold start, summer here is ramping up the heat. According to the weather experts, we have not yet hit ninety, but our thermometer disagrees. What we have not yet gotten is any real monsoonal rain. Oh, there’s been plenty in the larger vicinity; it simply continues to pass us by on all […]

The day cannot decide whether to cede credit for the haze to smoke or storm. For the moment, we have both, and and a pale heavy sunlight, too, none of which has thus far managed to accomplish anything beyond turning the air mildly oppressive. That air is hot enough to bleach the sky, a turquoise […]

Hazy today, a mix of the smoke of various wildfires and prescribed burns coupled with misty bands of altocumulus clouds fanning out behind the peaks. What began as an unseasonably cool morning is now hot and dry, but the air feels heavy, as though the distant rains have sent their weight but not their water. […]

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