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It finally feels like spring. There is still an icy edge to the wind, still an embrasure of heavy clouds all the way around the horizon. But the air has that unmistakable feel of incremental warming, and yesterday’s rain, sleet, and snow have fostered lush new green everywhere this morning. Today’s forecast is listed as […]

As of this hour, not yet two full days into spring, and winter has already returned, hovering at the edges, making strategically short-lived forays inward to deliver a slushy mix of rain and snow. And still, a nascent green spreads like wildfire across the surface of the land. In this place, irrespective of calendar or […]

Yesterday was a travel day for us, an arduous one that required leaving before dawn and returning not long before dusk. It was a journey in more ways than one, or rather, one segment of it. Fitting, perhaps, that it should occur on a day that saw the last moments of winter and the first […]

The first day of spring, and of other firsts, too. Technically, of course, the vernal equinox will not occur until 3:58 PM our time, which means that, for most of our day, at least, our travels will take us through the final moments of winter. Yesterday’s storms have moved through; this day will dawn bright […]

Spring begins tomorrow, or so the calendar tells us. It will be the vernal equinox, true, but that’s a very different thing from “spring” on any practical level. In climates such as ours, the line between the seasons is hardly so clearly defined; spring weather has visited us for weeks now, even as winter’s return […]

Today has been all spring: highs well into the mid-fifties; capricious winds and an unsettled sky. The snow in the image has long since mostly vanished, with only a few small patches remaining in those shaded places where the sun’s gaze never lands. No rainbow today, either, given the lack of precipitation, but should we […]

At long last, our world is warming: clear skies, bright sun, and at the moment, no wind to turn the air wintry again. After so many weeks of intermittent extreme weather, it’s a relief to know that once the sun if fully up, today will be mostly shirt-sleeve weather. It’s early, yes — too early, […]

At long last, the snow has ceased; the clouds are gone, save for a few wispy bands well behind the peaks. The mountains are once again capped with snow, but nearly everything here at their feet has melted already. In this place, these last few days of formal winter are much like those at the […]

The last storm has not been quite so eager to leave us, perhaps feeling the pressures of an impending change in the calendar. Yesterday’s clearing became hail-like sleet in the evening, and turned eventually to soft flurries; this morning, the flurries continued in a sparse, spare, almost diffident way. Even now, as the skies clear, […]

It snowed most of yesterday — only repeated dustings, the real danger not from accumulations but from the horizontal winds driving it. By evening, the sun had broken through the clouds, lighting up the evergreen lower slopes to the east. So much for the breathless declarations of network meteorologists that this could be a “historic […]

Late winter is as much a Trickster as spring. After highs well into the fifties yesterday, we have a blizzard today. Unlike those parts of Turtle Island where all of March is already fully spring, this will do our nascent green no damage. True, there is a full blanket of white across the earth this […]

Yesterday’s rain, one that fell nearly uninterrupted all day, has brought our earth alive. The birds are everywhere, and everywhere a spreading green is well in evidence. It’s not just a few stray blades of grass at regular intervals, either; the temperatures are now so warm, and the rain so consistent, that there is as […]

Today we have something not much seen in this place: a steady, pouring winter’s rain. Despite last year’s deepening of our long-term drought, rain is hardly unknown here; we have an entire monsoon season devoted to it — a season known elsewhere, simply, as summer. Winter storms are likewise familiar, but those tend to be […]

There is a dissonance today, a disjunction between the clock on the wall and the light in the sky. I am known for my contempt for so-called Daylight Savings Time. It saves no time for me; I am usually up before dawn anyway, and working well past dark even in the longest days of summer. […]

Snow overnight — just a dusting, but driven hard on the horizontal of a harsh end-of-winter wind. A small flurry this morning succeeded it, but now, with a few hours of steady sun, all evidence of the storm is gone. In its place is a slowly warming earth, and an intangible, barely articulable void, the […]

In this corner of Turtle Island, the word “checkerboard” has a very specific meaning, and it has nothing to do with children’s games. It’s one of the products of colonialism itself: a method of “dividing up” undivided land between jurisdictions so that — and this, really, is key, thought the colonial powers that be and […]

Today has dawned beneath the gray of heavy, low-hanging clouds. Normally, these would be the kind to bring rain, but the forecast predicts extreme winds of the sort that will blow the clouds out beyond the peaks. They will also, if the meteorologists are to be believed, usher in rain and snow from the west, […]

The weather “experts” have pushed the forecast rain back a day, or maybe two. Meanwhile, the air is warming in the light, the catkins are in bloom on the aspens, and the muddy red earth is already nurturing green shoots. Winter may not be done with us yet, but we walk already upon an earth […]

In a matter of days, we will be passing this mesa again. Whether it will look like this remains an open question; nearly all of our snow has melted, but the weather is already changing again. Rain is forecast for the next three days, with possible snow, and snow again for most of next week. […]

Neither moon nor peak is visible now, albeit for partially different reasons: the new moon is only two days off, meaning that the moon, when it rises, will be barely more than the tiniest sliver tonight. That is, of course, if it’s visible at all; the crags of El Salto are entirely hidden at the […]

Last night’s rain has washed nearly all the remaining snow away. Today, earth and sky are mirror images, resembling positive/negative imprints of beribboned gems: heavens a cloud-ridden gray adorned here and there with strips of turquoise; earth a muddy brown fringed with remnant white. the snow has mostly failed to materialize so far, save for […]

A too-early spring, and the land has donned its ceremonial dress: a braided earth in a ribbon shirt, long strands of brown and white bound together and fluttering apart. That will change soon as she wraps herself in a shawl of clouds with a fringe of water, fulfilling the day’s forecast for a one-hundred-percent chance […]

The weather began its inexorable shift yesterday. The mercury remains, for the moment, at unseasonably high levels, but last night’s winds blew in a heavy bank of stormclouds to the east, the kind that unquestionably hold snow in their embrace. And despite the warm air, yesterday’s forecast predicted a 100% chance of rain turning to […]

Our high reached fifty-four yesterday — far too warm for the waning weeks of winter here. What only days ago was nearly two feet of snow had been reduced in most places by last night to only two inches. Even that will be largely gone by this day’s end, leaving only piles of shoveled snow […]

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