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Spring here wears many robes: those more properly belonging to winter, those of summer, and occasionally even the sharp clear air of autumn; those of storm and smoke; those of clear hard skies and a trickster wind; those of water and those of fire. It’s not that the season cannot decide who or what it […]

The day has dawned mostly sunny, although the clouds still loom, close and low. Yesterday’s snows have departed, but they have left their chill behind, and the wind holds a sharp edge more suited to early winter than to a summer ostensibly just around the corner. It’s a day for keeping the fire going. It’s […]

No, the title is not a reference to the British rock band of the not-quite-homonym name, although there are aspects of its identity that fit, I suppose. Although much of popular culture misunderstood their name as a reference to the Devil of colonial Christianity, it was more a reference to then-current geopolitics, the notion of […]

Okay, so the red-tailed hawk is misnamed slightly — a reddish tint, true, but less crimson than copper. From the distance of earth relative to sky, though, the sun turns its feathers a mystical shade of red. You wouldn’t know it by the view outside the window (a slushy rain that has turned now fully […]

Cloudy and cold. I don’t mind the clouds — would not mind the rain, were we to get any today — but now that May is on the wane, everyone is weary of the cold. Fortunately, the wildflowers here are hardy, and have much to teach us about resilience in bloom. The lilacs are a […]

The second half of May: The lilacs began to bloom yesterday . . . and it is snowing here this morning. Not much, to be sure — only the tiniest of flurries, widely spaced, melting nearly as fast as they fall. But it is snow all the same, crystallizing for a brief moment on windshields, […]

Th wind is rising; the day is cold and gloomy. This is not unusual for spring at an elevation such as ours. Weather and mercury alike swing with the wild abandon of a pendulum unmoored from its mechanism. It is, though, a perfect day for staying indoors, warm and safe by a low fire. Not […]

Sometimes, Wings adds flowers to the work; sometimes, the work is the flower. Today’s featured throwback is one from not quite two and a half years ago, one created as part of a commission of multiple pieces by a very dear friend that she intended as holiday gifts for family members. On a day like […]

Now that spring is finally here, the world seems infused with magic: ethereal light, fast-flowing water, blue-winged teals in the pond, and an earth in free flower. The blue-winged teals were a surprise, their visit last night a bit of spirit medicine at a time when my own spirit was feeling especially low, a casualty […]

Sunny skies, clear air, water in the pond, and flowers everywhere. Spring finally feels real, and summer more than mere distant hope. Our highs are back well into the seventies, as of yesterday, and here at Red Willow, the earth is loving the warmth and light. It’s a chance to flower anew, one that we […]

Bright sun again today, and no rain in sight. The weather people have revamped the long-range forecast to reflect it, too. And while the rain is always welcome, so, too, at this point is a chance for our small world here to dry out a bit. For days, everything has been wet: ground, grass, firewood, […]

Finally, a day that has dawned in full sun. We have been so grateful for the rain, but it’s a bit unusual here to have clouds mostly uninterrupted for so long. Last night was the first time since the new moon that I’ve been able to see the orb itself, now half-full already. And, some […]

A day that began in rain and fog has at last allowed a little sun through the clouds. The air is clear for the moment, but the thunderheads reforming to the west call into question the forecast’s new prediction of a full clearing. And in truth, we are not concerned with clearing now. The rains […]

More snow this morning; more rain, too. It’s unseasonably cold now for May, but it’s temporary — the forecast insists on more rain for tomorrow, but also projects that the mercury will begin to rise again. And despite the heavy wet snow of yesterday, and the snow and roughly-freezing temps of last night, the green […]

It rained last night — soft, steady, intermittent, exactly the sort of precipitation that is ideal for an earth squarely in the throes of spring rebirth. We awakened this morning to a world covered with white. There is still snow on the ground, heavy, wet, and melting fast now. But at dawn, and for several […]

It’s a beautiful, warm, sunny morning . . . and the forecast is for snow. Not a little flurry, either; for five hundred feet upslope from us, a prediction of anywhere from six to sixteen inches between this evening and Friday evening. Approaching mid-May, and an official winter weather advisory has already been issued. This […]

It’s a still, gray day, a hint of dampness hovering — perfect for cleaning the remainder of the ditches. The rain is not supposed to arrive before tomorrow afternoon, and the snow not before tomorrow night, but the low clouds and leaden sky call the forecast into question. Meanwhile, the absence of any wind allows […]

We awakened this morning to a pond overflowing. The water came last night — and came and came, a veritable miniature river boiling and burbling down the ditches to spill into the pool to the west, a pool now so full and large that it could almost more properly be called a small lake. Almost. […]

It’s easy to forget that spring here is still, well, spring — as likely to be chilly as warm, marked by a wan yellow sun and a wind with a razor’s edge. Today is sunny and warm, in relative terms, and yet the air feels cold compared to yesterday. The skies are webbed with an […]

We awakened this morning to a beautiful day: a pond full of water; wildflowers blooming along the west side of the house. It finally feels safe to say, aloud, that spring is here. There will be much more cold, of course — probably more snow, too. But nearly all the trees have begun to leaf; […]

Today is ditching day here. There is an “official” one for the village, a day on which all boys and men are expected to participate in reclaiming the water systems from winter: cleaning, clearing, digging, routing (and those unable to do the physical labor help in other ways). But today is the day here, on […]

Today dawned sunny and bright, seeming to hold all the promise of spring . . . until the wind kicked up and kicked in, lending what was steadily-warming air an icy edge again. Such is spring in this place. May is the time of dandelion blooms and leafing trees, but it is also still a […]

Late morning, and at last the sun is breaking through the clouds intermittently. It has still not managed to file the edge off the chill wind, though; winter is determined not to loose its grip entirely yet. Despite the cold, the grass is green and lush; new leaves stud the stalks of the raspberry bushes, […]

The day began in rain and will end in sun, but the wind remains constant. That is typical for this season at Red Willow, of course: The most salient marker of spring here is not temperature change or weather, but wind. It’s true all over this region, particularly to points south and east, where the […]

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