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The promised rain of yesterday never materialized; a strong east wind blew the storm apart before it ever reached us. Today is a mix sun and puffy white clouds, air warm enough to go sleeveless, but with autumn’s unmistakable edge leading the way. This is the time of year when the temperature changes drastically within […]

It’s the old origin story of turquoise, as some of the peoples of this area tell it: the Skystone, pieces of bright blue sky fallen to earth as rain, hardened by the land’s fiery heat into a jewel of value far beyond its worth as a gemstone. And despite fall’s early arrival, the rains are […]

The skies are clear for the moment, although rain is forecast again for the next two days. We have had days of clouds and turquoise skies, dancing together in an air newly sharp.  Gold is spreading across the landscape rapidly now, and yet, in these final few days of official summer, there remains more green […]

Today, the peaks remain clear, such snow as may have dusted them yesterday having vanished shortly after the clouds finally lifted and drifted eastward in late afternoon. It’s a bit early for the white stuff, but our weather has been sufficiently extreme this year to grant some to the highest ridgelines at some point in […]

We awakened once more to a day shrouded in shades of gray, rain and fog and lowering clouds seemingly having pulled the light and color from the land. Normally, this is a time of brilliant sun, skies the shade of cornflowers and air of crystalline clarity, but our seemingly departed monsoon season has returned, at […]

So much to do before winter; so little time left before the snow flies. This is our dilemma every year, but we feel the urgency unusually early now. Mid-September, following a decent rainy season, and there are so few blossoms left. All that remains is a little green, a little gold, and we know much […]

Autumn is moving rapidly now, in every conceivable way. Amber harvest moon last night and this morning; emerald now paled to jade, leaves turning and fields browning fast. The autumn birds are here, and occasionally one that previous patterns would suggest does not belong here at this time, but they know this space is sanctuary […]

On Tuesday, as I walked back along the drive to the house after shutting the gate, I found myself wondering where the siskins were. The west side of our drive is bounded by a grassy wildflower-filled verge, and the ditch’s bank is lined with wild sunflowers — going to seed a bit early this year, with […]

Yesterday, first thing on a cold wet dawn, I had to chase our hound out to the very edge of the land. The fields were muddy, the overgrowth wet, and pretty soon, the legs of my pants were soaked, too. But the air smelled impossibly clean, felt just as impossibly clear, and while she bounded […]

It rained last night, long and hard — and the only reason we know that is the mud and the water pooled everywhere this morning, such are the soundproofing qualities of adobe construction. For a time this morning, it seemed as though we might get more, but the lowering gray clouds have retreated now to […]

We had to run errands all across town yesterday, and what struck me most was the amount of gold in our broader world now: gold on the earth, gold in the light. It’s nowhere near what shows in the image above, of course — not yet. There is still more green than gold, and will […]

We have had days of errant forecasts, not so much mistaken as flatly false. The day on which there was said to be no possibility of precipitation whatsoever, we were granted high winds and heavy rains. On the day when the chance was ten percent, hail. And on the day (yesterday) when the experts told […]

Late morning, and already, the clouds are encroaching. After more weather yesterday, we awakened to a bright clear dawn, an earth seemingly a brighter green than only hours ago thanks to the revitalizing gift of the rains. Still, it’s much cooler today. The sugar maple outside the window is now almost wholly orange. Three snow […]

No one knows what to make of our world right now: not the meteorologists paid to predict the course of the weather; not the wild creatures whose migratory patterns are charted by it. After weeks of bright clear autumnal skies, albeit hazed by wildfire smoke, the clouds have returned, and the rains with them. Thursday […]

With fall’s inexorable encroachment on our small world still mostly green, we are dogged by the inescapable truth that time is short. Shorter now, in fact, than it would have been only a few years ago; our summers are now their shortest in living memory, and autumn seems to put in a first appearance ever […]

Our small world here is now changing fast. We have not yet reached that tipping where that landscape speaks more of winter than of summer, but it is not far off . . . and autumn as the calendar reckons it is still nearly three weeks away. Time was when the leaves would not have […]

Twice in as many days, we’ve had to make an early-morning journey a few dozen miles north of here — still well within the state line, but along a highway lined with forest land, elevation mostly increasing as we went. It’s a chance to see the seasons change in real time, in a place where […]

Another clear fall day, cloudless at dawn but skies now studded with white. Most of the clouds are wispy, ineffectual, but those to the east hold the promise of late rain, albeit likely only for the peaks. Down here, the air is hot and dry, the still-green landscape tinged with a little more gold than […]

I learned yesterday that my childhood self was not wrong after all: Yesterday really was the first day of fall. It’s a thing, a concept known as “meteorological fall” — or, collectively, meteorological seasons — and it’s the way by which meteorologists and climatologists divide the year, as opposed to the “astronomical” method that does […]

September first: that day that childhood me thought was the first day of fall. In practical terms, our first day of fall has long since come and gone here, despite daily highs reaching ninety. And this dawn held all the beauty of those first autumnal mornings, skies palest turquoise to the east, a single white […]

The new moon’s absent light left last night’s skies impossibly dark. Now, a turquoise sky sends silver light to earth, and for the moment, the whole world shimmers. It may, in fact, send silver of another sort later on today in the form of rain: The forecast lists the possibility of a “stray thunderstorm,” and […]

Now that the early hours of these summer days have ceded space to fall, each new day breaks clear and cold upon a glowing Earth beneath a dawn-lit sky. The heavens are lit with peach and coral and rose; the earth shimmers with gold as bright as the new-turned leaves in the willows. These are […]

Our small world here does not quite know what to do with itself. The skies are a clear hot turquoise, small clouds light and white, in a week when our usual patterns would predict harsh heavy rains in the afternoons. And even as the leaves have already begun to turn, the grass is newly adorned […]

Dawn broke this morning in the colors of this place: a pale orange glow radiating across a turquoise expanse, the shades of the Pueblo earth and sky. On this day, though, color and clarity didn’t last; with the sun ascendant came the descent of long low bands of clouds, falling over the peaks, then turning […]

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