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This traditional bow and arrow set, crafted entirely by hand by Daniel Marcus (Taos Pueblo), is fully functional as a Native weapon and a stunning work of art. Bow and arrows alike are carved and whittled carefully from local wood, shaped and balanced for use. The bow string is made the old way, of dried […]

In indigenous cultures, ancient tools and weapons are still used, both as an art form and ceremonially. Handcrafted the old way by a member of Taos Pueblo’s multi-talented Concha family, this traditional stone hammer is made in the same fashion and of the same materials as the people have done since the dawn of time. […]

Daniel and Estevan Marcus (Taos Pueblo) created this slingshot in the old way: carved and whittled by hand from a branch of local wood and strung with sturdy rubberized bands knotted around a soft deerhide pocket. The Y-frame is hand-painted in vintage style, with repeating bands in the color of the local landscape — the soft green […]

Give a young friend one of the traditional toys of childhood, or revisit your own, with this old-style slingshot. Crafted by hand by Daniel and Estevan Marcus (Taos Pueblo), the characteristic Y-frame is whittled from local wood. A flexible white deerhide pocket is tied to the frame with rubberized bands. Painted accents evoke the colors of […]

Be a kid again, or give a little bit of childhood history to a young friend, with this traditional slingshot. Made by hand in the old way by Daniel and Estevan Marcus (Taos Pueblo), it’s fully functional: whittled by hand from a a natural Y-frame branch of local wood, with a soft white deerhide pocket […]

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