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This miniature rendering of Buffalo, carved in the old style, stands on a shelf or fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Evoked from a thin slab of local Pilar slate by Randy Roughface (Ponca), he appears by turns charcoal gray and soft brick red. Vintage-style carving like this is scant on detail, allowing […]

Carver Randy Roughface (Ponca) normally specializes in vintage-style horses.  For the first time, he’s carved a deer for us, a being that represents powerful Medicine.  This beautiful spirit animal is carved from a solid block of brown slate, changeable in the light from golden bronze to deep ombre, with an almost ore-like texture and finish.  About […]

This little dog by Randy Roughface (Ponca) greets you with tail wagging every day. He’s carved from pink alabaster in the old vintage style, coaxing form and flow and a sense of motion from the stone, without imposing extraneous detail. Like many of the chow dogs in the old village, he has a luxuriant ruff, […]

Once in a while, a carver finds a piece of true white alabaster yearning to take form.  Randy Roughface (Ponca) rescued this stone, and out of it emerged this joyous little vintage-style horse.  Like actual white mustangs, his coat is shot through with a delicate gray matrix, and the carving is so smooth that it feels like soapstone. […]

Randy Roughface (Ponca) has carved this sweet little vintage-style mustang from orange alabaster so vivid it looks like Mexican onyx.  Cool and smooth to the touch, but shot through with brilliant fiery reds, this little horse emerges out of the bands and lines of the stone itself.  Carving measures roughly 3″ X 2″. Orange alabaster […]

Vintage-style wild mustangs race across the mesa.  Each is 4″-5″ in size, rough-hewn the old-fashioned way, straight from the stone, by Randy Roughface (Ponca) in his signature style. Pink sandstone on pink sandstone base $35-$55 + shipping, handling, and insurance SOLD                 All content, including photos and text, are […]

Taos Pueblo sculptor/potter Martin Romero has created a miniature Pueblo house with horno (oven), in the shape of the Pueblo’s iconic multi-story architecture. House and horno are the people’s own local micaceous clay, glowing with warm metallic flecks of sunlight. The arbor and ladders are real wood, pieces cut and meticulously stripped by hand, then […]

This little storyteller is fashioned from the local micaceous clay by Wings’s cousin, Aaron Mirabal (Taos Pueblo). Here, it’s a grandmother with three grandchildren on her lap, all dressed traditionally and colorfully. Grandmother’s hair is coiled into two Hopi-style butterfly rolls, in Aaron’s trademark style. She stands 3.5″ high (dimensions approximate). Micaceous clay; paint $155 + […]

Aaron Mirabal (Taos Pueblo) has formed this traditional storyteller out of the Pueblo’s micaceous clay. Grandmother holds two children on her lap while one peers over her left shoulder. All are shown in traditional dress, while Grandmother herself wears her hair in Aaron’s trademark Hopi-style butterfly rolls. Height is 3.5″ (dimensions approximate). Micaceous clay; paint […]

This tiny storyteller figure fits in the palm of your hand. Created by Aaron Mirabal (Taos Pueblo), it consists of Grandmother with two children in her arms. All “wear” traditional dress, but grandmother herself also wears her hair in Hopi fashion, in two large butterfly rolls, a feature that is one of Aaron’s trademarks. Figure […]

It’s a storyteller figure sized to fit in the palm of your hand (or take her place on a shelf or mantel), coaxed from local micaceous clay by Aaron Mirabal (Taos Pueblo). Grandmother holds two children on her lap as she passes down the old stories and lessons to them. All “wear” matching traditional dress; […]

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