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Leatherwork, Antler, and Bone

In the old way, serious contemplation or conversation was often accompanied by the ceremonial smoking of a pipe. This small personalized version, expertly hand-carved in vintage style by Joseph “Joe T” Trujillo (Taos Pueblo) is infused with the meditative and spiritual qualities of the old ways. Bowl and stem are all one piece, wrought by […]

Sharpen your traditional hunting skills or simply learn to communicate with the herd with this hand-made elk whistle. Carved of deer antler entirely by hand by Joseph “Joe T” Trujillo (Taos Pueblo), this vintage-style whistle is fully functional for use in the back country. The deer antler is treated with a clear stain to seal […]

These beautiful baby moccasins take the colors of the medicine wheel: white, yellow, red, black. Hand-sewn of lightweight white deerhide by Anespah Bernal Marcus (Taos Pueblo), each is beaded carefully by hand around the edge of the sole. Two bars of beadwork in traditional patterns in gold, dark red, and black accent the top of […]

Tiny feet can dress just as traditionally as adults with these little moccasins hand-made by Anespah Bernal Marcus (Taos Pueblo). Hand-sewn of lightweight white deerhide with soft soles, they feature the classic Pueblo-style tongue and ankle laces. Pink and red beads trace the outer edge of the sole and form three accent patches in the […]

These traditional little mocs are made of regular-weight tanned white buckskin, with firm soles.  All hand-sewn by Estevan Marcus (Taos Pueblo), they feature the classic tongue and ankle laces that tie in front.  Sole length 4-3/8″ (dimensions approximate). Buckskin $50 + shipping, handling, and insurance SOLD               All content, […]

These tiny little mocs are made of tan (and tanned) buckskin, of regular weight and with firm soles. Hand-sewn by Estevan Marcus (Taos Pueblo), they’re made with the classic tongue for on-and-off ease, laced traditionally around the ankle to tie in front. Sole length 4-3/8″ (dimensions approximate). Buckskin $50 + shipping, handling, and insurance SOLD   […]

Keep your keys close at hand, secure on one of these unique little keychains by Anespah Bernal Marcus (Taos Pueblo). Made from lengths of cholla cactus, harvested locally, each is thoroughly defanged and smoothed. She then wraps them securely at both ends in tanned leather thongs. One end is attached to the ring with a loop; […]

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