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Spirit birds fly on wings of light. It’s true of this tiny version, not an eagle but a spirit bird of a more ordinary sort, yet with extraordinary color and texture. Hand-carved by Delvin Leekya (Zuni Pueblo), this wingéd being emerges from Zuni rock, the Pueblo’s nickname for a particular variant of yellow travertine. It’s […]

The spirit bear wears a coat of winter white year-round. Here, he’s rendered by Jeremy Gomez (Taos Pueblo) in beautiful spiderweb alabaster, the color of snow delicately traced with lines of shimmery gold and dark brown. He takes the form of a medicine bear, holding on his back a bundle of feathers in colors mirroring […]

The medicine bear takes form this time as a ghost bear, a mystical being, hand-wrought from spiderweb alabaster by Jeremy Gomez (Taos Pueblo). In keeping with his medicine obligations, he carries the bundle on his back, made up of feathers that evoke the colors of his marbled body and a topped by a miniature Skystone […]

This mysteriously marbled spirit bear is hand-carved by Jeremy Gomez (Taos Pueblo) of gorgeous spiderweb alabaster. In keeping with his status as a medicine bear fetish, he holds a bundle on his back, one composed of delicate feathers and a tiny piece of turquoise. He stands firmly upon a red cedar base; base and stone […]

Jeremy Gomez (Taos Pueblo) has coaxed a tiny spirit bear out of beautifully wintry spiderweb alabaster. As a medicine bear fetish, he carries a bundle of feathers topped by a turquoise nugget. He’s balanced atop a red cedar base; both stone and base are oiled to preserve the materials. Bear stands 3-3/8″ long (excluding feather length) by 2-3/4″ […]

Spiderweb alabaster forms the body of this miniature ghost bear fetish by Jeremy Gomez (Taos Pueblo). He’s a medicine bear, carrying a bundle of feathers that mirror the colors of the stone topped by a tiny turquoise nugget. He stands atop a simple red cedar base; both cedar and stone have been oiled for protection. […]

This beautiful little medicine bear is carved in the bold, square style that is the hallmark of Taos Pueblo’s talented Gomez family — in this case, by Jeremy Gomez. Coaxed from orange alabaster in striated tones ranging from apricot to rose with an icy surface effect, he looks cool and warm simultaneously. He carries a […]

It’s another perfect little hump-backed bear by Justin Gomez (Taos Pueblo), this time gazing skyward. This bear has been coaxed from boldly-striated orange alabaster with colors so intense that the lacy bands are nearly brick red, interspersed with lines of icy white. He stands firmly on a rough-cut slab of palest orange alabaster, beneath a medicine […]

This little hump-backed medicine bear by Justin Gomez (Taos Pueblo) is rendered in delicate orange alabaster, mottled with lacy striations that give it the look of orange sherbet. He stands firmly on a base of rough-cut orange alabaster, more translucent than the stone from which he has emerged, peering out beneath a medicine bundle of feathers […]

This perfect little hump-backed bear, carved out of dove-gray [white] alabaster by Justin Gomez (Taos Pueblo), fits perfectly into the palm of your hand. The stone from which he emerges is smoky and smooth, with a delicate tracery of fragile white lines in the matrix. He stands, calmly but alertly, atop a rough-cut base of […]

This classic little Southwestern-style hump-backed bear is rendered in pink alabaster by Ned Archuleta (Taos Pueblo). The bear’s clean, spare lines allow the cool beauty of the stone’s matrix to take center stage. His only accent is a tiny offering bundle of colorful parakeet feathers, tied on with sinew. Three inches long, he stands 1-7/8″ […]

Ben Romero (Taos Pueblo) has coaxed Buffalo into taking shape out of the Pueblo’s own micaceous clay. The strong and solid little animal gleams in the light, his stylized shaggy head gazing out beneath a colorful medicine bundle of feathers, quills, a fabric rosette, and vintage-style beads. Buffalo stands 1.5″ high by 2-1/8″ long (dimensions […]

Here in Northern New Mexico, Beaver seldom shows his face to others, but he leaves plenty of evidence of his substantial presence among the trees lining the lakes, rivers and streams of the area. Jeremy Gomez (Taos Pueblo) has coaxed a hump-backed version of his image from a smooth, silky piece of smoky white alabaster. […]

Beaver, normally shy, shows himself to the world in this silky, touchable fetish. Hand-carved of cool white alabaster by Jeremy Gomez (Taos Pueblo), he keeps his features subtle except for his proud cross-hatched tail. Turquoise beads and colorful earth-toned feathers make up his medicine bundle. Stands 4.75″ long by 1.25″ high (dimensions approximate). Alabaster; beads; feathers; sinew $45 […]

This brown slate beaver fetish is carved vintage-style, coaxing the larger shape of the animal spirit from the stone, by a member of Taos Pueblo’s Gomez family of carvers.  Not visible in the photo is the cross-hatching detail on the top of the tail. Brown slate $45 + shipping/insurance SOLD           […]

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