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Taos Pueblo master drum maker Lee Lujan gives voice to the earth’s own heartbeat with this small traditional Pueblo drum. Made in the old way, it’s summoned from a single unbroken length of cottonwood trunk, whole and complete with no fitted pieces. each side is covered with rawhide, tanned, stretched, and dried in the old […]

A Pueblo drum gives voice to the heartbeat of the land. Master drum maker Lee Lujan (Taos Pueblo) created this large traditional upright drum from a length of cottonwood trunk, a whole and unbroken circle of old wood. He stretched tanned rawhide over top and bottom to create a dual-sided instrument with spectacular resonance, then hand-laced […]

This upright drum measures roughly 16″ X 20″ across and 19.5″ high. Handcrafted by master drum-maker Lee Lujan, the drum is built in the traditional Taos Pueblo drum style, with the hide stretched over a frame made from a hollowed-out tree trunk – no fitted pieces. Traditional beater included. $495 + shipping, handling, and insurance […]

This hand drum is handcrafted by master drum-maker Elk Good Water of Taos Pueblo.  Measuring roughly 14.5″ across, the hide is stretched over a wooden frame; traditional wood and leather beater included.  Hand-painted artwork, of four Sacred White Buffalo placed at the Four Directions, by his wife, Dolly Concha (Zuni Pueblo). $375 + shipping, handling, […]

Grandmother Turtle wears an ancient “kiva steps” pattern on her shell on this small dual-sided hand drum.  Perfect for either adults or children, the drum bears symbols of water and the Four Directions, and comes with a traditional beater.  Drum by Elk Good Water (Taos Pueblo); artwork by his wife, Dolly Concha (Zuni Pueblo). $125 […]

“Sacred Hoop” patterns accent Grandmother Turtle’s shell and water emanates from her feet on small hand drum.  Dual-sided with a twisted hide handle, the drum comes with a traditional beater and is sized for both adults and children.  Drum by Elk Good Water (Taos Pueblo); artwork by his wife, Dolly Concha (Zuni Pueblo). $125 + […]

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