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Cascading Gold That Scribes the Earth

The weekend is here, and with it, a clear day at long last. A faint smoke haze still hovers over the horizon to west and south, but elsewhere, the air is perfectly translucent and shimmering with the October’s golden light. It’s a bit of a revelation once again to see the cliff face of El Salto, all the crags illuminated in sharp three-dimensional relief.

It’s a relief, too, to see the colors of the season clearly once again. Just this morning, the aspen line ambered along the slopes in the valley between the Spoonbowl and Pueblo Peak, as thought the mountains have captured the sun’s own radiance and have opened themselves, wing-like, to offer the glow back to the skies that birthed it.

In truth, I had not expected to see such clarity before tomorrow at the earliest: The mercury is overdue for a drop, and the forecast predicted that it would occur overnight this night. But we’ll gladly welcome it a day sooner than expected, albeit with the knowledge that the temperatures will not fall enough for this season, and that they hold no hope of rain or snow. For now, the only precipitation is a raining sun, awash upon the land in shadow and light . . . and in a drying warmth, as well.

For real rain, we must wait . . . and pray. A cascade of golden light is a gift, but we need the water too.

Today’s featured work embodies the former even as it holds out the hope of the latter. From its description in the Earrings Gallery here on the site:

Raining Sun Earrings

We live in the land of raining sun, where the thunderheads of monsoonal storms play hide-and-seek with the brightest orb in the sky. Wings gives form and flow to rays and drops alike with these earrings, hand-wrought of sterling silver and fiery banded simbircite in the brightest shades of the dawn. Each dangling, dancing drop is formed of a large hand-cut triangle like a silver-edged butterfly’s wing, interior excised to create a space for the falling drops of a radiant sun robed in a monarch’s royal hues. Each teardrop-shaped cabochon of simbircite is set into a scalloped bezel soldered securely to the angled sides. The stones are whorled in shades of flame orange, banded near the bottom by a gracefully scalloped line of ivory-colored matrix. At the apex of each triangle, beneath sterling silver wires, sits a hand-made ingot sunburst, the central orb from which all light flows, while the sides of the triangle are hand-stamped in an alternating flowing-water pattern on the front and repeating directional arrows on the reverse. Earrings hang 3″ long (excluding findings) by 1.75″ across at the base; visible area of cabochons is 1-1/8″ long by 3/4″ across at the widest point; ingot conchas are 1/4″ across (dimensions approximate). Designed jointly by Wings and Aji.

Sterling silver; simbircite
$825 + shipping, handling, and insurance

These are a personal favorite, a pair to coordinate in substance, but yes, in symbol and spirit, too, with the Butterfly Maiden that was Wednesday’s featured work. That work is a pollinating spirit, but that alone is not enough to make the world flower and thrive; water and light are required, too.

Today’s featured work manifests (and is manifest as) both. These are, after all, the first medicines: the water in which we are born; the light that warms the world enough to keep it and us alive.

in this place, autumn is the season that reminds us of the importance of both: the former by its absence; the latter by its presence — in its most beautiful, mysterious, magical form, cascading gold that scribes the earth and charts our paths in storm and shadow, rain and light.

~ Aji








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