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“Braided Skies” Ring. $325.

This is a land of braided skies, of a blue expanse bound up with the medicine of cloud and storm and light. Wings sets the clouds atop the light with this ring, a band of bands and braids set with lacy lines of pale blue. The bezel sits atop a wide band of heavy sterling silver pattern wire, scored rows of peaks and valleys standing out in sharp relief, adorned at intervals with Art Deco-like geometric crossed bands woven like a braid of sweetgrass. The bezel is set atop an extended backing, flaring beyond its edges even as it follows it lines perfectly. The focal cabochon is a stunning specimen of blue lace agate,, lightly domed and twice-banded across the center with cloud-like formations, atmospheric rings around a planet and a gathering storm in the lower atmosphere. The band is 1/4″ across; the setting is 1/2″ across; the blue lace agate cabochon is 3/8″ across (dimensions approximate). Sizeable.  Other views shown below.

Sterling silver; blue lace agate
$325 + shipping, handling, and insurance


Side 1:


Side 2:


Underside of band:










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