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Born of Earth and Light

Earth and Light Cuff Cabs 2

We awakened this morning to heavy clouds overhead, clouds that have since parted to let the light through, although they remain firmly in place around the horizon. It is a bright hot humid day, quintessential August: not quite hot enough, and nowhere near arid enough, to dry up the mud, yet warm enough to wilt a little of the greenery. Forecast notwithstanding, the afternoon holds out the hope of cooling rain without ever actually giving voice to the promise of it.

On this day, our whole world glimmers and shimmers, a marriage of minerals in the earth with heat waves upon the light.

It puts me in mind of today’s featured work, one of Wings’s newer pieces — a cuff that glows with the earthy colors of August and shines with the silver of the summer sunlight. From its description in the relevant section of the Bracelets Gallery here on the site:

Earth and Light Cuff Top View

Earth and Light Cuff Bracelet

The earth warms and grows beneath the light. Wings honors both with this cuff made of sterling silver triangle wire, slender but solid. The apex of the band is accented with dozens of small stamps, rows and rays flanked on either angled side by a chased pattern of rising suns. At either end, the band is hammered into a smooth oval disc angled gently inward. At the point where the apex begins to slope downward, each side is set with a tiny round cabochon of soft green jade, the color of new grass, nestled in a saw-toothed bezel. Beneath each jade cab rests a brilliant oval cabochon of tiger’s eye, also set into a saw-toothed bezel, each stone the warm rich brown of the earth, shot through at the center with a chatoyant line of golden light. Other views shown above below.

Sterling silver; tiger’s eye; jade
$825 + shipping, handling, and insurance

This entire work is light, express and implied: the rays of sun and moon conjoining at the apex of the arc of the light, arising from and returning to the green atop the summer earth, and beneath it, the rich deep striations of soil and mud. In this place, both earth and light are living things, spirits animated by their own powers, their own breath of life. Yet as spirits go, they are not always easily separated, for in this place, the earth holds its own light, too: the gleam of mica and quartzite, the shimmer and shine of the water that flows upon and under and through it.

Earth and Light Cuff Cabs 1

And when the rains come, as they surely will, they will both wed the two and midwife their offspring: diamonds made of water, tiny jewels spangling the world’s robes, the children of the late summer’s moon who are born of earth and light.


~ Aji






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