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Born for the Fire

Carnelian Baby Bracelet

There have been times and places in which the phrase “born for the fire” would have been a curse, an acknowledgment of sure and certain death.

For our peoples, at this time, in this place? It’s prophecy.

Today has been a day better suited to water than its elemental opposite: hard rain and hail, an afternoon that is more storm than sun. But our larger context — individual, communal, cultural, political — is one in which the heat continues to rise, one in which we children of a red sun must be ready for the opportunity to fulfill our collective destiny.

Some traditions speak of it as visions, as dreams, as prophecy in the abstract or as the last vestige of hope. For others, it is as concrete as the steps of the Ghost Dance, even as the results remain as ephemeral. And for my own, it is fire: the fire of councils and of dreams; of strategy and war and prophecy and peace. And some believe that we are now in the that fire that serves as both turning and tipping point, the one that decides not merely our own survival, but that of our world, as well.

And so today, a day when we thought here to celebrate a fire of another sort, a plan denied by circumstance, today we look to our past and our future in order to find ourselves. It’s a process, a praxis, for which today’s featured work is unusually apt, one named for the children born of a red sun, for we who are of this land and its spirits. From its description in the relevant section of the Bracelets Gallery here on the site:

Born of a Red Sun Cuff Bracelet

We are peoples born of a red sun. Wings honors its life-giving, life-sustaining power with three slender strands of silver braided together, flowing outward from a fiery carnelian orb. The outer strands are formed of slim lengths of half-round wire stretched gently outward at the center and bisected by a delicate strand of twisted silver, all three soldered securely together at either end. The outer bands are stamped with tiny wingéd beings that fly to the point where the band curves around the wrist, below which and extending to the ends are chased lightning patterns, summoning the imagery of those who hold the power of the storm. At the center, a glossy oval carnelian cabochon, all blood-red translucent fire, rests solidly in a saw-toothed bezel. At five inches in overall length, the bracelet is sized appropriately for small-wristed adults, youth, and children. Band is a half-inch across at the widest point; carnelian cabochon is a half-inch long by 3/8″ across at the widest point.

Sterling silver; carnelian
$425 + shipping, handling, and insurance

It’s fitting, too, perhaps, that today’s work should have been intended, originally, for a child — and should have grown into a work for child and adult alike. We are, after all, born of a red sun, born for the fire . . . of prophecy, of an indigenous future.

~ Aji




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