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“Blue Worlds” Earrings. $475. SOLD.

The outside world calls Mother Earth the Big Blue Marble, but our cosmologies contain worlds that transcend space, time, form, or color. Blue worlds are places of magic and mystery, medicine and power, holding the color of the sky and the waters and the hottest of flames simultaneously. Wings summons their likeness into being with these earrings, a pair of perfect spheres wrought in lapis lazuli in shades of pure cobalt, large round orbs like planets in bold orbit around an invisible sun. Each cabochon is set into  saw-toothed bezel, them trimmed with twisted silver. The backing of each sterling silver bezel is hand-milled like marbled molten earth, like the sandstone and slate of this part of our world, like the ebb-tide beaches of the larger waters. Each hangs suspended from delicate sterling silver wires. Earrings are 1-1/8″ across, including settings; visible part of cabochons are 15/16″ across (dimensions approximate). Reverse shown below.


Sterling silver; lapis lazuli
$475 + shipping, handling, and insurance








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