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“Blue Whirlwind” Cuff Bracelet. $1,025. SOLD.

Blue Whirlwind Cuff Top Resized

A blue whirlwind links earth and water to sky, a vortex of power and a portal between worlds, a spiraling path of the spirits. The breathtaking cuff harnesses and holds a bit of its elemental force. Wings began with five solid strands of half-round wire, soldering them together into one substantial band. He stamped each individual strand entirely by hand, hundreds of individual strikes with a tiny jeweler’s hammer, to create twinned outer rows that evoke the directions and power of the winds, all aimed inward at the center strand where they whirl and wed into a line of sacred hoops. Centered at the top of the band, set into a scalloped bezel and trimmed with twisted silver, rests an oval Skystone from Turquoise Mountain, new stone that manifests in a near-indigo blue, warm patches of golden-brown earth arising from its surface. The winds meet again in alternating symbols at either end of the inner band. Cuff is 5/8″ wide; the setting, 1-1/8″ high by 5/8″ wide (dimensions approximate). Other views shown below.

Sterling silver; high-grade Turquoise Mountain turquoise
$1,025 + shipping, handling, and insurance



Side view:

Blue Whirlwind Cuff Side View 2 Resized


Blue Whirlwind Cuff Back View Resized


Alternate side view:

Blue Whirlwind Cuff Side View 1 resized



Blue Whirlwind Front Resized






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