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Blue, to Every Corner

It is hot, hotter than the weather service declares. Their forecasts are nearly always wrong anymore, since climate change has taken this land by the throat, but their real-time readings are increasingly off, as well. The mercury will rise near the century mark before this day is out.

There are fires burning all around us, most of them at a sufficient remove to be no direct threat, save for the effects of the smoke on lungs and sinuses and eyes. For now, the wind has shifted enough to blow most of it past us, and while both clouds and smoke plumes drift by at the edges, our sky remains blue, to every corner of the world.

It’s a sight that finds expression in today’s featured work, one that brings the four corners of the sky down to permanent, wearable form. From its description in the Rings Gallery here on the site:

The Four Corners of the Sky Ring

In some traditions, the people reckon their world by the four corners of the sky. Here, Wings has captured the image of such a world in microcosm: the hoop of the world holding up a perfect turquoise square of Southwest sky. The band is formed of two elegant strands of solid sterling silver triangle wire, soldered seamlessly together. At the center of the band, the bezel flares into a flat setting cut freehand in a square with softly rounded edges. The stone, cut and filed into a slightly smaller square, is left with a freeform surface that hints at the rolling movement of the heavens, traced with bits of black and gold-colored webbing like fine wisps of thundercloud. The band is 3/8″ wide; the setting, 1/4″ square; the stone, 3/8″ square (dimensions approximate). Sizeable. Other views shown above and at the link.

Sterling silver; Sleeping Beauty turquoise
$475 + shipping, handling, and insurance

For weeks now, we have prayed for rain, but at this pass, we must take our blessings where we find them. A break in the haze that has haunted our days is a gift, and we are grateful for it.

To be able to see the heavens again, clearly, and to breathe air that is relatively clear seems almost novel after recent days. Perhaps the week’s forecast, for once, will be on target and bring the rain we need so desperately. For now, we again see the blue, to every corner, and the day is beautiful.

~ Aji









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