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Blue Skies and Silver Rain

The Four Corners of the Sky Ring

Today’s skies were a fierce blue, the kind that preside over the brightest, hottest days of summer. It was a bit of shock to see the clouds burn off so thoroughly with the dawn; last night, as was the case the night before, we were blessed with a long, steady rain, and the veiled sunrise initially seemed to promise more of the same.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the monsoon season here without an elemental form of shock and awe: surprise changes in conditions from one moment to the next; extreme swings of temperature and weather that occur with equal speed. After an intensely blue early part of the day, on in which the heavens seemed to stretch to their full four corners, the clouds that gathered only at the horizon have now begun to move over head, a feathery webbing at first, now broad flat expanses of gray and violet. And where this morning our world here was awash in diamond drops, every bit of green spangled and bejeweled, now we wait to see whether the evening will deliver gems of another sort, long delicate strands of silver rain.

It reminds me of today’s featured work, one of my favorites among Wings’s current inventory of rings. From its description in the Rings Gallery here on the site:

The Four Corners of the Sky Ring Side View

The Four Corners of the Sky Ring

In some traditions, the people reckon their world by the four corners of the sky. Here, Wings has captured the image of such a world in microcosm: the hoop of the world holding up a perfect turquoise square of Southwest sky. The band is formed of two elegant strands of solid sterling silver triangle wire, soldered seamlessly together. At the center of the band, the bezel flares into a flat setting cut freehand in a square with softly rounded edges. The stone, cut and filed into a slightly smaller square, is left with a freeform surface that hints at the rolling movement of the heavens, traced with bits of black and gold-colored webbing like fine wisps of thundercloud. The band is 3/8″ wide; the setting, 1/4″ square; the stone, 3/8″ square (dimensions approximate). Sizeable. Other views shown above and below.

Sterling silver; Sleeping Beauty turquoise
$475 + shipping, handling, and insurance

Now, the skies are indecisive: dark clouds scattered everywhere, electric blue insistently showing through, refusing to be blanketed fully or to give way to the rain.

The Four Corners of the Sky Front View

But in the end, the season tells, and the forecast predicts a chance of rain more than doubled from a few short hours ago. In a land such as this, the water is always a gift; the trick lies in learning how to manage it. For now, we have nothing more than a drop here or there, but before dark falls in full, we’ll have both blue skies and silver rain.

~ Aji





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