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Blessings Come From All Directions

From All Directions Earrings

We may find blessings by looking all directions, but they also come to us unbidden from the same quarters.

So, too, does tribulation, making us feel beset from all sides. But sometimes what seems at first a trial is really a gift.

Today began as trouble, and blossomed into accomplishment: dark and lowering stormclouds on all sides; a small shower that really amounted to no more than sprinkle given the evident snow touching the peaks all around; brilliant golden sunlight in mid-afternoon; and a return to more typical November skies with evening. In the midst of it all, Wings and I managed to work through an extraordinary number of tasks, sometimes together and sometimes in tandem.

That, too, is a gift.

Today’s featured work was already long planned for this day, but it turns out to have been apt, at least here in this place. From its description in the Earrings Gallery here on the site:

From All Directions Earrings

Sometimes we need protection from the winds that seem to buffet us from all directions. Sometimes, great gifts and blessings arrive on those same winds. Wings captures the dichotomous nature of our journey around the hoop with these earrings, jet-black onyx and silver polished so highly it’s nearly white, that embody the power of the winds and the sacred directions: gifts simultaneously of wild unharnessed power and of shelter from the storm. The settings are representations of the Sacred Directions, those reaches of our world guarded by the winds, that here encompass both cardinal and ordinal points. Each is cut freehand from sterling silver, with the spoke at each cardinal point gently curved on the end to imply the arcing shape of the hoop and impart a sense of motion around it. At the center of each, the vortex: a large round onyx cabochon, like a pool of liquid jet, resting gently in a scalloped bezel and trimmed with twisted silver. Settings are 1.75″ high by 1.75″ across; cabochons are .75″ across (dimensions approximate). Earrings are a companion work to Dance of the Whirlwind Spirits, in the Necklaces Gallery.

Sterling silver; onyx
$725 + shipping, handling, and insurance

The forecast insistently predicts no real chance of weather, but wind and skies appear to give the lie to that assertion. Whether the low and heavy clouds, blue-violet and iron gray outside the windows, hold any snow for us remains to be seen; at the moment, the air remains too warm for snow to form, although darkfall will change that. But the storm, distant though it may yet be, circles us on all sides, and with the sudden whirling changes in wind direction, it could descend from any side, or all.

If it does, we are ready.

Because we know that blessings come from all directions.

~ Aji







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