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“Between Water and Sky” Earrings. $575. SOLD.


Life is born in the rain, between water and sky. Wings and his people have always known that water is life, that the rain is a gift, that the lake is a sacred space, and he honors all three in the traditional design of these new earrings. They take the form of mirrored lodges, sacred spaces descending from the sky and reaching upward from the earth’s surface, each stamped with long cascading scores like the fall of the water and the poles of the lodge. They meet in the center at indigo squares seated in the embrace of the light: cobalt cabochons of lapis lazuli shot through with silvery matrix, each its own simulacrum of the sacred lake touched on the surface with raindrops and shimmering sunlight. Each earring hangs 2″ in overall length (excluding wires) and is one inch across at the widest point; each cabochon is 3/8″ square (dimensions approximate).

Sterling silver; lapis lazuli
$575 + shipping, handling, and insurance






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