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“Beneath Sacred Mountain Stars” Pueblo Pin. $355. SOLD.

When night falls, the village sleeps beneath sacred mountain stars. Wings creates a Pueblo in miniature with this latest entry in one of his oldest signature series, the Pueblo pin, presented here with updated detailing for a new twist on an old architectural spirit. It’s a work wrought from solid eighteen-gauge sterling silver in the shape of the village’s iconic North House, cut freehand in the structure’s historic multi-storied form and shape, layers stacked atop each other and parapets clearly defined. Tiny hand-stamped divots create the classic vigas, while chisel-end scoremarks do likewise for the old-style windows; the doors are negative space, excised with a tiny jeweler’s saw. The traditional pine ladder, left angled against the front wall, is formed of sterling silver wire and overlaid against the front; to its right, at the very center, the night sky hangs low, lit by a refractive aquamarine cabochon as icy as stardust. The pin’s surface area is 2.5″ wide; domed for wear, it measures 2-3/8″ wide by 1-1/4″ high from base to ladder’s uppermost tip; the aquamarine cabochon is 3/16″ across (dimensions approximate).

Sterling silver; aquamarine
$355 + shipping, handling, and insurance








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