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Beneath an Indian Summer Sky

After a spate of recent mornings that have held the look and feel of full-on fall, I stepped out this morning into a world newly clear and bright. The day dawned beneath Indian summer skies, the bluest turquoise backlit by sheer silver light.

By midday, that has begun to change; the outlier among the day’s various forecasts, the one that predicts actual rain, might be the one that comes to pass after all. But despite the blue-black bank of clouds amassing steadily in the northwest, the rest of our small world here is pale blue, matrixed only with small puffy white clouds. Were it not for the edge on the wind and the turning of the leaves, such clears blue warmth could be still the early days of summer.

It is, in other words, still an apt environment for today’s featured work, one manifest in the colors of midsummer even as an early Indian summer seems to be all that remains to us before the autumn chill settles in for good. From its description in the Rings Gallery here on the site:

Summer Sky Ring

Feathered clouds hold up the summer sky. Wings captures their magic in this new solitaire, a classic design in silver and Skystone. The wide sterling silver band is hand-milled in a subtle pattern reminiscent of the long feather-shaped clouds that arrive on warmer winds to dance beneath the heavens’ brilliant blue. At the top, a perfect square cabochon of robin’s-egg blue Kingman turquoise, lightly domed and beveled on the edges, rests in a plain low-profile bezel flanged at each corner. The band is 9/16″ across; the cabochon is 7/8″ across (dimensions approximate). Another side view of band, with millwork visible shown at the link. Sizeable.

Sterling silver; Kingman turquoise
$475 + shipping, handling, and insurance

The calendar tells us that two weeks of summer remain. Not so long ago, such weather would have continued for a time, the winds mostly warmer than not up until the first snow falls in the latter half of October.

We have no such assurances this year, not of warm winds or blue skies, not of autumn colors nor even snow. Climate change is teaching us many things, but perhaps the most valuable among its lessons is that we must take each day as it comes, must appreciate it as it is and be grateful for the gifts it brings us on its own terms.

For today, we walk beneath an Indian summer sky, and the world remains beautiful.

~ Aji








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